MBC Released 4 “Dark Mood” Scandal: That very shocking and immoral incident Official Posters

MBC released the official posters for the upcoming weekend drama Scandal:That very shocking and immoral incident (scriptwriter: Bae Yoo Mi, PD: Kim Jin Man). 

The first poster (below) shows the eight main characters who’ll have their own story to tell. 



The second poster unveiled the “dark mood” love triangle between Kim Jae Won, Ki Tae Young and Joo Yoon Hee. Kim Jae Won’s eyes are fixated to Joo Yoon Hee showing his attachment and trust; on the other hand, Ki Tae Young is looking down, probably showing that Joo Yoon Hee won’t  reciprocate his love. Although she has two men around her, however, Joo Yoon Hee’s eyes are floating in the air, probably showing that she won’t fall into any of this man easily because of the scar from her past.


The third poster: showing the complicated relationship between Kim Jae Won (Ha Eun Joong), Jo Jae Hyeon (Ha Myung Geun) and Park Sang Min (Jang Tae Ha). Ha Myung Geun kidnapped and raised Eun Joong as his own son, as he believed Eun Joong’s father killed his own son. Somehow I think Jang Tae Ha is Eun Joong’s real father and the culprit behind the collapsed building which killed Myung Geun’s son. However, Jang Tae Ha, a conglomerate, also has a son “Jang Eun Joong” (Ki Tae Young). He looks like the same age (they’re both 30 years old) as Ha Eun Joong. Can I expect makjang craziness in this drama and that Jang Eun Joong is Myung Geun’s real son? *I think I’ve been watching too many makjang drama.* 😀



And the last poster, the “secret” love triangle between Park Sang Min (Jang Tae Ha) and his two women Shin Eun Kyung (Yoon Hwa Young) and Kim Hye Ri (Go Joo Ran). But Hwa Young’s eyes show her determination to “win” this love war.


Scandal:That very shocking and immoral incident premieres this Saturday, 29 June 2013 – 21.55PM KST.

Pic cr: imbc 

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