Scholar Who Walks the Night Episode 3 Brief Recap

Kim Sung Yeol is one step closer to find the secret plan to kill Gwi and to close the unexpected vampire chapter of his life. Just like fate, he keeps crossing path with bookseller Jo Yang Sun who has a secret of her own yet can’t figure it out because of her memory lost. He needs her help & at the same time she needs his protection because she’s an ordinary person fighting with extraordinary creatures. It’s the perfect set-up for their romance!

Episode 3 Brief Recap

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It’s full moon, Sung Yeol kills the girl vampire with sunsa wood dagger then he carries injured & unconscious Yang Sun away from this scary place. He has to control his thirst of blood when he sees the blood on her head before he stabs her shoulder to protect her from Gwi who’s trailing them after tasting her delicious blood. Gwi is excited when he thought he finally finds his delicious prey, but Sung Yeol tricked him by smearing Yang Sun’s blood to a cute bunny. It gives him time to run as far as he can with Yang Sun but he’s still stuck. So he jumps to a river where drowned Yang Sun feels suffocated but she’s fighting to live because she cannot leave her father & sister alone. Frustrated Gwi realizes Sung Yeol can’t be easily caught like this. If he is, it wouldn’t be worth waiting for 120 years.

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Sung Yeol is trying to save Yang Sun by doing CPR underwater & out the water, begging her to live so he can find Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary. Fortunately she’s alive. He slashes his hand with the hawthorn knife and pour his blood to her shoulder to heal her injury.

As the dark cloud covers the full moon, Sung Yeol returns to the mountain to retrieve Yang Sun’s bag & Lustful Student’s book. But Gwi already took it. When he finds the book, he is wondering if this writer has Crown Prince Sadong’s diary.

10 years ago

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Gwi gave a very thirsty Crown Prince Sadong a bucket of water, advising him to drink his last chance of survival. But he refused so angrily Gwi dragged him out of the well asking about Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary. Crown Prince Sadong still refused to help the monster, he would never beg for his life to this monster. He made Gwi angrier when he told him the secret plan exists but Gwi would never find it. His bravery cost him his life! The only person who witnessed his death was Sung Yeol.

Back in the present time. Despite Soo Hyang’s suggestion to get rid of Yang Sun, Sung Yeol will protect her until he finds out about the diary.

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Poor Yang Sun isn’t having any break. After almost got killed by the girl vampire, stabbed and drown, she’s now having a nightmare. When she wakes up, worried Sung Yeol is concerned about her health but although she’s still in pain, she’s doing well. She’s curious if he can tell her what happened last time but he refuses to tell about all these vampires stuff, lying that she fainted because of heavy rain. He brought her here from the mountain to protect her from the wild animals. Yang Sun is puzzled, so it was just her imagination?

She was looking for him hence she went to the mountain, to find out the reason he’s looking for the Lustful Student. She can find the book but she won’t do it. Clever Yang Sun points out the Vampire Story book was written by different Lustful Student. It’s the book written more than 100 years ago. She couldn’t find the current Lustful Student but because she owes Sung Yeol her life, she’ll give him this precious book, the only one in the world. He explains he’s trying to find the trace of his old friend through this book. Fortunately, Yang Sun knows someone who has the vampire book but because he’s also selling his books secretly, Sung Yeol needs Yang Sun’s help to purchase this book.

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The ministers are pleading the King to arrest the Lustful Student and his grop whom they believe are the conspirator defending Crown Prince Sadong. He’s not pleased about their continuous request to decrown Crown Prince Sadong’s son, Crown Prince Lee Yoon, while they keep saying no to his request of building a new palace. If it’s about over budget, then the Vice Premier can start by investigating about their corrupted storage. He threatens to kill them if they can’t complete the palace construction.

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Of course the one who wanted to arrest the Lustful Student is Gwi! How did this well known Sage King change so much in the past 10 years? His only goal is to put his grandson on the throne without considering his citizens’ safety. Gwi believes it’s because of his extreme sadness of losing his son, Cornw Prince Sadong. As Soo Hyang predicted, Gwi will try to find Yang Sun through the scent from her bag as it’ll lead him to Kim Sung Yeol.

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Sung Yeol’s assistant Ho Jin is worried sick he’s going to the bookstore outside town during the day because as a vampire, he can’t get into light at all. But Sung Yeol is living fine in the past 120 years so he knows his way around. Meanwhile, Yang Sun is so happy smelling hundreds of books outside the locked room, curious what’s inside. Worried (and maybe jealous) Soo Hyang asks her guard to trail them.

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They go through forest instead of roads because the trees protect Sung Yeol from the glaring sun. Yang Sun who’s been disguising herself as a man after she lost her memory. She doesn’t have any memory of herself from she’s born until she turned 10 yo. After barely surviving a big accident & still unconscious, a monk advised she’d need to be raised as a boy to keep her alive. After she’s put in boy clothes, she miraculously wake up. It’s not tough to live as a man because she can do more things, earn money and read books whenever she wants working as a bookseller. She loves giving people hope, courage and a way when she’s selling books to them. It makes her full just seeing that. Sung Yeol complements her pretty heart.

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Unfortunately, they still can’t find Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary. Yang Sun’s uncle doesn’t have a clue who he is, thinking he is a Prince from Qing Dynasty as he complains Yang Sun should assumes the book doesn’t exist if she isn’t sure about it. But he still allows them to look around the huge bookstore. Although Yang Sun promises to help Sung Yeol, but he prefer to look for it alone so she grumpily leaves. The reason why she’s asked to leave? So she can’t see Sung Yeol using his power.

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Instead of using the roads, this brave girl enters the forest (maybe she thought it’s a shortcut) and it’s not long until she gets lost. The vampire nightmare is haunting her, so she runs as fast as she can while a spy is chasing her. She’s almost tripped but fortunately Sung Yeol saves her. The spy turns back when he spots Sung Yeol. After calming down a visibly shaken Yang Sun, he chases the spy & finds out Soo Hyang sent him. He’s scolded by worried Yang Sun who’s afraid a vampire might be chasing him in this forest but because she can’t easily say a vampire (it’s probably just her imagination), she points out wild animals are dangerous. He gives his Hawthorn incense case which he always carries to Yang Sun to protect her from wild animals and vampires.

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After giving the amulet, it starts pouring. But instead of running to find the shelter, Yang Sun is dancing in the rain. Her cheerfulness reminds him of Myung Hee and the sweet moments they had on rainy day.

When asked about the scar on her left shoulder, she explains her father used an iron to cauterize it after she got bitten by a wild dog. She definitely had lots of traumatic fate with wild beasts.

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When she washes her face and put her head in the water, suddenly a glimpse of her underwater kiss with Sung Yeol appears. She quickly pulls her head up and gazes at Sung Yeol in confusion thinking she’s crazy now because she’s dreaming about anything anywhere. She laughs almost hysterically, she’s crazy lol. She must wake up from her dream.

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After capturing the spy who trailed him in the past three months, Crown Prince Lee Yoon punishes him by shooting 50 arrows to the poor guy. Archery practice with the spy as his target? It’s not new, Crown Prince Sadong also enjoyed it.

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The King arrives, straight away he asks what happened his son. His grandson calmly tells him that Crown Prince Sadong was trapped in a well & passed away because of hunger. But he’s not standing here to not be like the Prince and to untie himself from Crown Prince Sadong. The poor spy is set free and is forced to say who sent him because he’ll die regardless. If he tells the truth, Lee Yoon will protect his family however the people behind him will not.

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So he spills the bean that the minister instructed to follow him and report all his movement. All the secret orders and evidence he collected are kept under the floor in his house. His confession is more than enough to remove Minister Lee Pil Joo from his position and the King agrees to interrogate him himself.

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Soo Hyang is worried Yang Sun will put Sung Yeol in danger hence she sent her man to kill her. But don’t worry, Gwi won’t be able to track her scent because of the Hawthorn incense case Sung Yeol gave her. She’s a valuable & capable bookseller so he’ll keep her as his personal bookseller until he finds Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary. Soo Hyang accuses him of loving Yang Sun but his life is already difficult enough. There’s no way he’ll let a woman to shake him and his resolution. He think Soo Hyang is jealous! Tearfully she once again promises to sacrifice her life for him but he doesn’t have time for her. His main priority is to find the diary & kill Gwi so he can end this suffocating beast-like life and his thirst of human blood. Soo Hyang knows it too but why she continues trying to mess it up? He only keeps Yang Sun, Ho Jin and her to finish his goal. If she needs more, feel free to leave!

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Because Yang Sun hasn’t paid the debt, the loan shark plans to sell his sister and father until he realizes Yang Sun is a much better deal. Crown Prince Lee Yoon heard the commotion so he pays off his good friend’s debt as he warns he’ll soon be punished for being a loan shark and do not distress Yang Sun & her family again. Obviously nobody knows he’s the Crown Prince so the loan shark just laugh it off even but he gets cold feet when Lee Yoon points out his friend is the Minister’s grandson & Crown Prince’s best friend.

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After watching her closely, Lee Yoon talks to himself there’s no way Yang Sun is Jin. He’s hurt Yang Sun hasn’t thought of him as her friend although they’ve often met and she helped him with his obscene materials.

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Gwi orders the King to arrest the Lustful Student and call his grandson back to the palace. But the King advises Father & Son’s Desire is a trash book and he shouldn’t need to care about it. When Gwi threatens him, he’s not scared of death because after he dies, the citizens will know about the vampires. He’s well prepared. Before his son’s death, he disclosed he secretly hid Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary & there’s a secret plan to kill Gwi. Are you scared, Gwi? Why don’t you try to kill the King?

But he can’t kill him now because he needs the Lustful Student. Failure to bring the Lustful Student, he’ll punish him by killing him and the Crown Prince.

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Sung Yeol watches Gwi’s looking at the deep well from afar and recalls what happened with Crown Prince Sadong. Gwi threw him to the wall after he bit his neck, furiously asking about the secret plan Crown Prince Junghyun wrote. He threatened to kill him and all his bloodline. But before he killed him, he’s distracted by Kim Sung Yeol’s presence. Fortunately he couldn’t see him because of the black robe. In the midst of this, Sung Yeol met Crown Prince Sadong but he passed away only after he said a person (human).

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The next morning, Yang Sun screams out she found the diary. Ho Ji accidentally reveals Lustful Student was Crown Prince Junghyun’s pen name before Sung Yeol shuts him up by asking to prepare for a horse.

Yang Sun and Sung Yeol are waiting outside, the sun is glaring right in his eyes and he doesn’t look well at all. So Yang Sun offers to stay back and wait but this diary is his priority so he’ll wait as well.

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Suddenly he spots a familiar face.

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He walks towards her, surprised to see his lover in front of him! Tearfully he calls her Myung Hee yaa then he hugs her.


There’re so many mysteries in this fantasy drama that makes it very captivating to watch. Kim Sung Yeol is trapped in his mission to find Crown Prince Junghyun because it’s the only way to free himself from the vampire world. His world is dark and scary because he went through many hard times, witnessed many tragedies & death, closed his heart forever. It doesn’t help that he’s struggling during the day light.

It’s understandable Kim Sung Yeol hides Jo Yang Sun’s encounter with vampires because she already suffered from the big accident which caused her memory loss and forced her to dressed up & acted as a boy. She doesn’t need another trauma in her life. The scar on her left shoulder looks like she was stabbed by a unique knife / dagger, it can be the key to recover her memory. But does she want to leave the fantasy romantic world she created in her own imagination to face this dangerous world?

This episode marks the start of their romance. The underwater CPR kiss is weird (hmm I don’t know how to describe it). She could’ve swallow more water if he’s not careful but this is a fantasy drama so I’d just let it go. My favorite scene is Yang Sun dancing in the rain, she’s such a joy to watch. Kim Sung Yeol couldn’t help but smiled when he saw her enjoying the rain. She has a soft and innocent soul with pretty heart. Just like his lover, Myung Hee.

His reaction when he saw someone who looks like Myung Hee breaks my heart. The pain, the guilt, the tears, the joy, the confusion; how come the woman he lost 120 years ago appears in front of him? I’m intrigued how will Choi Hye Ryung mess up our OTP’s love journey and if she can help him to accomplish his mission.

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