Scholar Who Walks the Night Episode 4 Brief Recap

The plot moves fast, this episode we’ll find out who Lustful Student is and the secret about Yang Sun’s uncle.

Episode 4 Brief Recap

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When Kim Sung Yeol saw a woman who looks like Myung Hee, he forgets everything including his immortality. The only thing on his mind is his lover is alive! Puzzled Hye Ryeong wakes him up from his dream by slapping him. He grabs her wrist as she’s leaving but her guard knocks him down until he let go her hand then faints on the ground.

Sung Yeol: If I could see you again, at least once, there is nothing I wouldn’t do. I would even give my life.

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Flashback to soulless Sung Yeol could only stare at Myung Hee’s dead body after he drank her blood. Gwi sarcastically consoled him, wiped his unstoppable tears, welcomed him to the world of the beasts. He’s shocked to see his long nails ūüôĀ Then he ran to the forest but he couldn’t stand the glaring sun because he didn’t wear the black robe so he returned back to Gwi’s place where he was preparing to burn Myung Hee’s body.¬†He hid as he watched his lover’s body was swallowed by fire ūüôĀ

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Back in the present time. Sung Yeol is having this nightmare. Yang Sun holds his hand because although she doesn’t know his tragic past but it’s clear he’s having a hard time. He wakes up when two drops of her tears fall on his face but instead of thanking her for taking him back, he turns her over to bite her neck. But he soon¬†controls his thirst of blood after she said her name and she’s not the person he’s looking for.

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Calling for a revenge and is thirsty for blood, Kim Sung Yeol chases someone in the forest. It looks like he’s biting him but no… this guy is alive. Sung Yeol actually eats an animal. The guy faints when he saw the dead animal in front of him.

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Yang Sun asked her friend to find Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary in Gang Hwa island, the place where many scholars are exiled. Her uncle accidentally mentions they wouldn’t have it because this diary is a dangerous book. So he lied when he said he doesn’t know anything about this book.

After witnessing Sung Yeol’s heartbreak, Yang Sun goes¬†home¬†but on the way there, she heard her uncle talking about Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary with someone. He’s scared they’ll be arrested for selling books to Crown Prince Sadong especially because nowadays Lustful Student causing chaos by trying to reveal Crown Prince Sadong’s death. He’s told to hide the truth when she asks about this diary again.

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She’s surprised to find out her dad and uncle Wae Son were the booksellers and knew about this diary! Her dad slaps her to shut her up, she should never talk or look for this diary again. The whole family will be dead if it’s found they¬†were Crown Prince Sadong’s book-seller.

Yang Sun needs to make very important decision now. Protecting her family or¬†be¬†Scholar Eum Seok Gol’s (aka Sung Yeol) personal bookseller. He gives her 200 nyang to find the diary and be his personal bookseller because there’s nobody else he can trust. She doesn’t say no or yes so he assumes she’ll do him the favor.

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Curious Yang Sun has great memory. After finding out from Ho Jin that Lustful Student uses the same pen name Crown Prince Junghyun used, she’s wondering if the diary and Lustful Student are connected and if it’s a record from a person who existed before. He refuses to tell the truth. She then requests him to keep Uncle Wae Son’s secret from anyone.

Crown Prince Lee Yoon suggests his grandfather to focus on repairing Gyung Hwa Palace in Hwa Sung instead of spending money to build a new palace. There’re many people starving outside the palace due to bad harvest and drought so it’s difficult to collect tax to build new palace. Moreover, loan sharks are getting richer because people are¬†borrowing money from them.

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But the King doesn’t care. Even though¬†Lee Yoon arrested the head of education institution in Joseon, he should never lectures his grandfather about this topic. He gives him two important tasks: catch the Lustful Student so he’ll be free from The Son of Conspirator nickname.¬†And to host Crown Prince Sadong’s death anniversary.

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A mysterious man¬†captured¬†Uncle Wae Son (aka Choi Do Gwab). He’s been looking for him but he hid well so it took him a while to finally find him. Introducing himself as the Lustful Student who wrote the book he’s selling and he knows Crown Prince Sadong had Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary, Sung Yeol straight away asks if Do Gwab knows about the book. Of course he shakes his head.¬†After this mysterious man heard about the party to commemorate Crown Prince Sadong’s death, he pledges to stop this party from happening.

The party preparation is well under way. The first thing they do is cleaning up Sadong palace because nobody has lived there in the past 10 years. It takes too much time but Crown Prince Lee Yoon believes it’s the perfect place to hold this party.

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Just then, someone shoots an arrow leaving a message from Lustful Student If you sin to the heavens, you will have nowhere to repent, written in red.

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As expected, the minister passes on the message to Gwi who mocks the King and Crown Prince for holding a party in the place where Crown Prince Sadong died. It’s a travesty. Gwi warns the easy-to-convince minister to be more cautious and do not miss every single move. He’s very curious about Lustful Student’s ability to enter in and out the palace & if he’s trying to kill him with the secret plan that (according to him) doesn’t exist although he has Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary. The minister promises to capture Lustful Student in one day, Gwi sarcastically hopes he’ll be useful this time around.

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Sung Yeol is preparing to spread fake second series of Father and Son’s Desire during the ceremony of Crown Prince Sadong’s death anniversary. It’s a dangerous plan but it’s the only way to find Lustful Student who’ll rescue the people who attend the ceremony because of his deep admiration to Crown Prince Sadong. Moreover, they can also figure out who copied the Lustful Student’s actions.

Not sure if Soo Hyang is lying or not but she informs Wae Son didn’t send any message and there’s nothing special about Yang Sun. Sung Yeol think Yang Sun is hiding something from him but Soo Hyang is still worried for sending her far away only to find this diary. He reassures she’ll be safe because she’s carrying the incense case.

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Yang Sun writes Myung Hee’s name on the paper whilst wondering if that’s love does to people – fall apart when he saw someone who looks like his lover & can’t forget her even after she passed away. She then writes Scholar nim and Yang… but she quickly scratches it off.

The ministers are trying to hide Gwi’s actions but the King knows people have eyes and ears.¬†They can’t fool the citizens by saying they were all killed by wild dogs. The rumor about vampire is way too strong.

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Yang Sun interviews the guard who fainted after he saw Night Scholar bit the wild dog sparing his life. But the citizens think he’s the same guy who killed the scholar in the forest overnight because he was bitten and died like this poor wild dog. The guard then shares he witnessed the same thing 10 ¬†years ago in front of the cave. But Yang Sun points out the Night Scholar didn’t exist back then.

The booksellers are in trouble now especially those who sold Lustful Student’s book because¬†his arrest warrant is out. And those who bought his book will also get punished. The best thing they can do is to get rid of this book. Then he asks if her uncle will pass on Father & Desire’s Son sequel. It’s the first time she hears about this sequel!

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Ho Jin is spreading the news about this sequel very secretly. Crown Prince Lee Yoon finds out from his loyal assistant that they’ll hand out copies of this sequel between 1-3PM today. He’ll go there himself despite knowing people will request to de-crown him if it’s found out because they’ll think he’s on the same side with Lustful Student. The King orders to send guards to arrest those people but he’ll join him for the memorial service.

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People including Yang Sun are dressed in white to get the copy and they go to the mountain where Crown Prince Sadong’s ceremony is held. Sung Yeol is shocked when he spotted¬†Yang Sun there, her amulet gave it away. When he found out the guards are coming, he immediately distributes the sequel. Begging the Lustful Student to appear.¬†But Yang Sun ruins it¬†by pointing out this book is fake!¬†Just then, the guards arrive to arrest them. Unfortunately, Lustful Student doesn’t come to save them.

Yang Sun realized Sung Yeol is here after she saw the scar on his palm hand so she helps him escape through a side route leading to the village. But he let go her hand and the guard drags her away, she loses her amulet.

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The King is speechless finding out when the official police arrived, nobody was there. They weren’t arrested by the official police either. What happened?

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Amazingly, Sung Yeol has prepared the fake guards so they took everyone to the safe house. They’re allowed to leave after everything is ok. But worried Yang Sun runs back to find Sung Yeol until she meets him late at night in the forest!

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She tripped on the way &¬†bleeds so Sung Yeol lectures her that she can’t even protect herself! As soon as he sees blood on her foot, his vampire instinct kicks in. Fortunately he can control it. He wraps her bleeding foot then carries her because he’s a gentleman & a kind man. She’s upset he scolded her for worrying about him, she doesn’t need him to lecture how she should feel. She refuses to accept his help so he (who can’t leave her alone here) firmly asks if they should just spend the night here because it’s clear she can’t walk with her injured leg. She can’t argue, she just let him carries her back home as the flower petals accompany their long walk home.

She’s wondering why he saved and helped her whenever she’s in danger if he doesn’t want her to worry about him. Well girl, it’s because he needs your help and he’s way older than you.

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Choi Do Gwab still refuses to spill the beans so the man who ordered to capture him arrives. It’s Crown Prince Lee Yoon who introduces himself as the Crown Prince Sadong’s son and Lustful Student! The person who wrote Father & Desire’s Son and sent the warning message to himself.

Sung Yeol hands back Yang Sun’s amulet when they arrive safely in the village. He requests her to find and report the findings about her Uncle to his assistants because there’s no reason for her to meet him again.

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Just then, pamphlets start spreading around the village. Pointing out about the vampire who reigns over the King in the palace. At that time, Crown Prince Lee Yoon reveals what he knew about the two Crown Princes who were killed by that vampire. The fact the Kings & his officials hide and support this vampire means they’re no different that this evil guy.

Yang Sun is shocked to read this breaking news & that Crown Prince Junghyun did exist. But he’s not even in the history! Before she asks more question, Sung Yeol tells her to leave.

Choi Do Gwab still insists he’s not the person Lee Yoon is looking for so he continues sharing the story about his father. He knew Do Gwab lost his arm because of Crown Prince Sadong’s fault. Crown Prince Sadong¬†stepped in when the King ordered to kill Do Gwab and his¬†family. He helped to heal his child and opened a bookstore¬†for him.

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Crown Prince Sadong, Scholar Seo Jung Do and Crown Prince Lee Yoon’s friend’s father were all executed due to treason due to false testimony. The person who killed them was Gwi. That’s the reason why Lee Yoon is looking for the diary to find the secret plan to kill Gwi! So speak up now, Do Gwab! He bites his tongue, still refuses to say anything.

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The pamphlets about vampire ruling the palace has reached the palace. They need to react fast before Gwi sees it to prevent bloody battle.

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Sung Yeol faces off with the man who spread those notes. He knows this man was sent by Lustful Student so he asks to pass on the message that he has Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary and he want to personally meet him. But he refuses so Sung Yeol has no other choice but to kill him.

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Gwi admires Sung Yeol’s bravery acting as a fake lustful student to protect the real one but it really bothers him. He orders Hye Ryeong to step in.¬†OMG,¬†it looks like she’s under his spell to thank him for healing her.¬†Thankfully she lies saying that she has never met Sung Yeol before.

Gwi tells her she returned as a woman in the time he hasn’t been able to save her. He brings her closer, as if he’s going to bite her but he needs her help now. So he orders to¬†take the man who calls her Myung Hee to him. Because that’s the only reason he kept her alive.

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Sung Yeol visits Yang Sun but because she’s sleeping, he doesn’t want to wake her up. He glances to her injured foot, then reads¬†the message Yang Sun wrote: please don’t look for me again. Mean scholar, bad boy. Lol.

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Yang Sun wakes up and walks very carefully because of her injured foot. But she’s no longer in pain! When she takes off her socks, she’s shocked that she’s fully healed. Sung Yeol is putting a medicine for his hand, he keeps slashing it with a knife to heal Yang Sun. He took home Yang Sun’s message and can’t stop reading bad scholar.


Crown Prince Lee Yoon is Lustful Student.¬†It’s the worst kept secret, isn’t it? From the first episode, it’s obvious he’s the famous novel writer. He’s as curious and brave as Crown Prince Junghyun and his dad hence it’s a relieve that the diary went to the right person. He has the same mission as Kim Sung Yeol but his main motivation is slightly different. Seems like he wants to revenge for his father’s unjust death.¬†I was worried about Changmin’s acting but surprisingly he’s doing a decent job. He’s quite natural and his eyes acting work well here.

So Yang Sun’s family has a history with Crown Prince Sadong. Her uncle and father were his booksellers and they were probably asked to keep the secret forever. Yang Sun’s accident and her memory loss clearly is related to Crown Prince Sadong and his death. It’s getting very interesting.

Yang Sun is such a joy to watch. I love her curiosity and never-give-up attitude. But she loves to put herself in danger, doesn’t she? Feel sorry for Sung Yeol who has to keep protecting & saving her from danger plus sacrificing himself to cure her injury. Yang Sun is still living in her own fantasy novel world but her constant worry about Sung Yeol is really sweet. Their steady pace romance is refreshing to see.

Seems like Gwi brainwashed Hye Ryeong to help him accomplishing his selfish goal. She’s clearly not Myung Hee’s reincarnation, I’ll be very shocked if she is. I’m confused why Gwi let Sung Yeol escaped 120 years ago, he could kill him right there then but he let him live. And for 120 years he couldn’t see him nor capture him. With his amazing ability to make people even King bow down to him, why he can’t handle one Kim Sung Yeol? Very curious.

After 4 episodes, this fantasy drama exceeded my low expectations. The music is still distracting but it doesn’t take away my enjoyment of watching this drama. Lee Jun Ki is doing marvelous job but his chemistry with Lee Yoo Bi isn’t as strong as his chemistry with Kim So Eun. I feel siblings vibe instead of lovers but hopefully it’ll get better when their love story starts to develop.

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