Scholar Who Walks the Night Episode 5 Brief Recap

Episode 5 Brief Recap

Despite the pain, Sung Yeol cut his hand again to heal Yang Sun as the villagers are panicking over the yellow flyers about the vampires living in the palace. Meanwhile, Lee Yoon recalls his father’s intention to find the secret plan to kill Gwi and his message to look for Seo Jeongdo & Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary. His father advised he should never trust anyone except his dad’s teacher.

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It was Crown Prince Sadong’s last message. He, his teacher and his friend (Lee Yoon’s friend’s father) were all killed three days later for treason. The young Lee Yoon confirmed his father’s death himself where he found they were killed by vampire attack.

The chief eunuch quickly hid the devastated young Prince before his grandfather and Noron party came. It was the time he heard that his father had Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary & he vowed to find this diary. Following his father’s advice, he sent the chief eunuch to Seo Jongdo however they couldn’t find it.

Because Choi Chul Choong is currently looking for the Lustful Student, it means Gwi is also trying to find this diary. Lee Yoon’s friend think Choi Do Gab may know about it while Lee Yoon is wondering if his friend Jin who disappeared, has it.

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Lee Yoon’s bodyguard has been killed by Sung Yeol who found out he’s Lustful Student’s bodyguard because of a tattoo on his hand is Crown Prince Sadong’s pen name. He and his assistants think this guy was Crown Prince Sadong’s bodyguards but all of them were killed 10 years ago. If any of the guards survived, it’ll help them to find Lustful Student.

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As Yang Sun is looking for her notes which disappeared from the basement bookstore, Sung Yeol burns it. Of course people don’t know because they start speculating about the strange events happened lately. Maybe the night scholar and vampires really exist. If it’s true the vampire reigns over the King, it means the ruler of this country is… a vampire!

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Yang Sun’s dad who overheard this conversation, advises his daughter to quit her job as a Scholar Eum’s bookseller because he knows how dangerous Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary is although he’s never seen it. He was looking for that diary whilst working as Crown Prince Sadong’s bookseller however everyone related to this diary were all captured hence he had to hide for several years until Crown Prince Sadong’s death because he and Wae Son are the only ones who know. He apologizes for slapping her when she said she’s looking for this diary. He makes her cry as he says he’s a bad father who can’t do anything for her. He looks very devastated, begging her daughter to quit her job because the whole family will die if it’s found out he was Crown Prince Sadong’s bookseller.

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200 nyang to be Scholar Eom’s personal bookseller or protecting her family. She’s confused and conflicted but her family’s safety comes first so she decides to follow her father’s advice.

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Soo Hyang and Sung Yeol receive list of local government’s slaves from the defense minister who takes side with Prime Minister Choi Chul Choong. Sung Yeol ignores Yang Sun who came to return his money because she won’t be able to finish the job assigned to her. So she gives the money to Soo Hyang but she tells her to keep it in case she needs her help to find a book later. She initially refuses however Soo Hyang’s sharp remark makes her realize she’s not in a position to complain so she promises to work hard for this 200 nyang they generously gave her.

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Two loansharks who’re continually pestering Yang Sun are on the wanted list (thanks to Crown Prince Lee Yoon who pretended to be a scholar the other day). They’ve been giving their boss (aka loanshark aka Defense Minister) a lot of money so they think they’ll be saved. When Yang Sun comes to pay off 200 nyang, they’re in fear knowing she has heavy-weight supporters.

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Lee Yoon is relieved the citizens finally know about the vampire controlling the King and the officials despite most of the flyers have been destroyed. It’ll help him to chase the vampire. When he spots Yang Sun, he smiles. He hasn’t smiled like this for a long time. She came to return 200 nyang he paid for her debt.

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He finds out she’s actually a woman when he saves her from officials’ horses. He analyzes her face teasing that she’s not the type who listen to other people as he refuses the money. She doesn’t know how to repay his kindness hence he tells her to be comfortable & call him hyung nim instead of scholar from now on. It’s disrespectful, she is having a hard time calling him hyung nim so he has to say it out loud… hyung nim! 😀 He finally accepts the money after she very carefully calls him that, then he teases to give him an interest. A good excuses to take her shopping.

Thanks to her blabbering, he finds out about the fake Lustful student’s bookm fake guards and the place where everyone was escorted to that day. Unfortunately that old house has been demolished.

Lee Yoon is proud when she speaks up her mind as a bookseller, praising Lustful Student’s writing. He encouraged many people to learn Korean characters to read his book. Then, they start reading other books and learn many things, leading them to think about a way to make a better world. Although she admires his work but she still can’t trust Lustful Student’s flyer about a vampire living in the palace.

After he spots a mysterious man trailing them, he runs away with her until his guards capture this guy who was sent by Soo Hyang.

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Yang Sun interrogates Soo Hyang wanting to know the reason why she ordered this guy to follow her. Instead of answering her, she slaps the poor guy in front of everyone. Yang Sun is mad because he didn’t do anything wrong! The person who gave him the order is the wrongful one. Soo Hyang is furious she’s trying to teach her what’s right and wrong before trying to reveal that she’s a woman. Sung Yeol comes at the right time to save both women, lying that he sent that guy to find out what Yang Sun knows because she’s acting suspiciously lately. Moreover, he’s also trying to find Wae Son’s whereabouts.

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Can’t say the real reason, she lied she feels guilty couldn’t find the book although he paid a large sum of money. She’s going to return the money but it’s missing! Thankfully Lee Yoon saves the day. Meanwhile, Sung Yeol who saw Crown Prince Lee Yoon before, is wondering how did he know Yang Sun. Ho Ji tells him the first day these two people met at the gisaeng place.

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It’s so cute to see Yang Sun keeps complaining about Scholar Eom to Lee Yoon who promises to give him a lesson or two tonight. She backhugs him, begging he shouldn’t do it because Scholar Eom is her lifesaver. He teases it’s weird she wraps her arms around his waist while talking about another man. His teasing makes her feel much better about Sung Yeol.

As she drinks, Lee Yoon keeps staring at her like he did earlier in the market. When asked if she really resembles his friend, he says she’s not (because Jin is a man).

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Awww Sung Yeol is jealous.

Yang Sun boasts she’s an unbeatable drinker as she challenges Lee Yoon for a drink battle. She initially tried hard to drink to prove she’s a real man but she’s a master now hence nobody would know when she’s drunk. Unfortunately, Lee Yoon has to go now so let’s do the battle another day.

Even after he left, she’s still drinking until the last drop. She recalls the time Sung Yeol asked about her disguise as she admits it’s very tough. She works incredibly hard to be her family’s breadwinner but their debts keeps accumulating. She’s very scared, she may have to let go everything.

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Thinking she’s hallucinating when she sees Sung Yeol sitting in front of her, it looks like she’s gone crazy because she saw him everywhere and heard his voice so many times (on her dream). Although she’s upset with him but she’s worried about him. What’s going on with her heart? Does she like him?

She’s already left when Lee Yoon is back with new shoes for her. Wondering if she went home safely.

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Gwi is trying hard to control his thirst for Hye Ryeong’s sweet scent because of all the efforts he put in to protect her. She brought the yellow flyer about him.

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After hearing her confession, Sung Yeol orders a very apologetic Soo Hyang to find a safe place so Gwi won’t find her. Suddenly he feels a stabbing pain on his chest. A murder is happening in the palace! OMG it’s true, Gwi has just killed the King’s concubine in front of the King who’s enraged Gwi should killed him instead of her. But he still needs the King to find Lustful Student who discovered about his identity and wrote those rumor about him. The King didn’t notify Gwi about the flyer to protect his throne but for Gwi, trust isn’t made by words. He no longer trusts him so he wants the investigation right to be handed over to the Senior official now. Only if Crown Prince Lee Yoon can capture Lustful Student, then he’ll think about the throne. Sung Yeol is enraged Gwi has started rampaging the palace but it won’t stop until Lustful Student is caught.

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Yang Sun wakes up with a hangover and is shocked she’s wearing new shoes. A glimpse of Sung Yeol putting the new leather shoes on her feet feels like it’s a dream to her. He’s even smiling afterwards. When he asked if she could walk, she nodded confidently. She’s very happy with this dream because he didn’t get mad. And… she kissed him! Her heart was beating so fast so was his heart. It’s not a dream, right? Because everything feels real.

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He gazed at her, stating it’s just a dream. And when she wakes up, please forget everything. He then kissed her back! OMG.

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Sung Yeol ditches his black robe to face the sunlight to remind himself he’s no longer a human, it’s the reality! He’s just a vampire that gets rejected by humans.

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From Ho Jin, Sung Yeol finds out about Crown Prince Sadong’s bookseller Choi Do Gab. By comparing the two composite pictures, it’s safe to conclude that Wae Son is Choi Do Gab aka Crown Prince Sadong’s bookseller! Nobody knows his whereabouts, that’s why many people are currently looking for him too. But he’s been missing for six days, maybe he’s captured by slave hunters? Anyway, they must find him soon.

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Lee Yoon is treating Do Gab really well, he doesn’t want to kill him, he only needs him to find the diary. He silently cries after Yoon praises the mugwort soup he cooked for him and his
father 10 years ago.

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Jo Yang Sun is baffled with the new leather shoes evidence -v- the what-could-be-a-dream kisses. After gathering up her courage, she went to see Sung Yeol however she quickly turns back when he opens the door. Then she hides behind the tree, flustered and embarrassed. Sung Yeol ignores her again.

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Following Sung Yeol’s order, Soo Hyang gives money as compensation to help Yang Sun and her family. She heard about a doctor in Tamna Island (Jejudo) who can heal Yang Sun’s sister’s leg so she made preparation to send her and family there. She apologizes didn’t tell Sung Yeol earlier but for him, the further she goes, the better. Of course he can’t say the truth, lying that it’s safer for her because Gwi is familiar with her scent.

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They need to move her ASAP because the guards have been sent to capture the booksellers and the buyers. Yang Sun bids her farewell with the kids, handing some of her books & promising to come back in three years to see them again. She accidentally dropped her amulet when she helped a young boy to run from the guards.

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The booksellers (excluding Yang Sun) have been taken to the station but there’s no guards at all because Gwi is here. He looks around to find Yang Sun, ends up biting random bookseller’s neck.


This episode seals my love for Crown Prince Lee Yoon. What a tragic childhood he had! But he grows up into a mature fine man who treats people with respect and dignity. His friendship with Yang Sun is too cute for words, she reminds him to the sweet moments he had with his best friend Jin. But after he found out her real identity, he’s smitten & started treating her like a Princess. Unfortunately, he lost his chance to give the shoes to her. Kim Sung Yeol beat him. Yes! 😀 I adore them but I prefer to see them staying as friends who trust and protect each other as friends do.

This episode I finally feel Lee Jun Ki & Lee Yoo Bi’s chemistry. My heart fluttered when he put on the shoes on her and seeing how gentle he kissed her. It’s a very brief moment where he could be human. In reality… he is still a vampire! So heartwrenching seeing him unable to walk in the broadlight of day without his black robe, he’s forever trapped. But at least he painfully starts to open up his heart and it’s a good baby step. In the past 120 years, he had almost no-one who worried about him as much as Yang Sun does. Soo Hyang is continually worried for him but he’s not attracted to her (because she’s a wicked woman :D). Yang Sun’s pure soul somehow resembles Myung Hee’s pure soul, I think that’s why he’s attracted to her in the first place. Only after he met Myung Hee’s doppelganger Hye Ryeong and got slapped with the reality, he realized it’s time to move on. Took him 120 years to finally experience a human life again after wandering helplessly trying to find the diary to free himself from this vampire world, his reciprocate kiss was shocking but tolerable. I have no idea the writer really loves kissing scenes. LOL.

I thought he would find out about Hye Ryeong’s background after he first met her but he didn’t probably because he remembered Gwi burnt her body. I put my trust in the writer but after 5 episodes, we know almost nothing about Hye Ryeong except that Gwi saved her and uses her to lead him to Kim Sung Yeol. She’s an interesting character but there’s no character development and interaction so far, hopefully episode 6 onwards, the secret behind her life will be revealed.

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