Scholar Who Walks the Night Episode 6 Brief Recap

Are you ready for a roller-coaster episode which will take you from the craziness of Gwi’s killing rampage, Yang Sun’s bitter-sweet farewell, Hye Ryeong’s secret to one of the most intense battle in the Kdramaland?

Episode 6 Brief Recap

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The bookseller who was bit by Gwi is now reborn as a vampire. His whole body is burning with the thirst of human blood, Gwi helps to satisfy his thirst by throwing him to the very scared group of booksellers. Meanwhile, Sung Yeol is panicky looking for Yang Sun who was last seen handed out books to the kids. When he picks up her amulet, he assumes Soo Hyang has something to do with her disappearance.

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But she’s not. He finally finds her lurking around in the bookstore, trying to find the diary for one last time because she’s leaving soon. He gives her amulet back, advising her to be careful & don’t lose it again. When asked how did he find it and if he was looking for her, he stays silent.

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He leaves first, she quickly catches up. So cute to see her following him behind silently, matching his footsteps (strangely the OST is growing on me, I love it ^^). When he turns back, she finally asks the question she wanted to ask earlier. It could be her hallucination or her dream but it didn’t feel like a dream but it has to be a dream! lol.

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Unfortunately she’s not wearing the leather shoes (the evidence), she’s not sure it’s hers but it’s her size. She asks if he put the shoes on her feet himself. Then her heart starts beating so fast as she recalls that dream. He gazes her with his poker face until she concludes it was indeed just a dream.

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He walks her home, tonight is possibly the last time they meet each other because she’s leaving to Tamra Island for a long time. She wishes him well in finding Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary & his long-lost friend. He is grateful for her, thanking her for trying to help him. But she’s thankful too for the short memory they had.

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The King expects his grandson to arrest Lustful Student without the government officials’ help to prove he’s worth it to be his rightful heir. And to find out the person responsible for the disappearance of the flyers. If he fails, he’ll have to give up the throne. A very daunting task for Crown Prince Lee Yoon aka Lustful Student. But he can at least trying to find who hid flyers and if there is / are spies. He promptly accuses Gwi because they couldn’t find the massive amount of flyers anywhere. However, those flyers disappeared after the sun rose so he’s not the culprit. Lee Yoon assumes there’s someone else who has the same identity as Gwi, a vampire!

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Yang Sun reminisces the sweet short memory she had with Sung Yeol as she peruses the drawing book. It’s fascinating those pictures came alive as if she experienced those herself. She sleeps with her friend for the last time, her heart aches (and I’m crying with her :'()

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Soo Hyang who for the first time saw how devastated Sung Yeol is tonight, offers to stay by his side as his friend. She’ll look for another way if he doesn’t want to send Yang Sun away. He suddenly pours out his heart to his new friend, gushing how beautiful Yang Sun is and how hard she tries to survive while living a life without hope, she never loses hope. She reminds him about his forgotten past living as a human when he had hope & persistence. Those memories which he can’t go back to. Soo Hyang knows those memories include his love. For Sung Yeol, it’s such a good dream and everything disappears when he wakes up. But for Yang Sun’s safety, he needs to send her away.

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He’s not the only one who’s worried about her safety. Crown Prince Lee Yoon is relieved finding out she’s safe, assigning his guard to be her guard. He’ll be held responsible if she’s in danger / get arrested. Lee Yoon brought her leather shoes back. Hye Ryeong deliberately drops her handkerchief after she saw Crown Prince Lee Yoon from afar. He returns it back to her maid.

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He inspects local police station where the mass vampire murder happened last time. As expected, they’re trying to hide it giving excuse they’re still in the middle of investigation. Lee Yoon cooperates with the minister, ordering him to investigate this thoroughly to prevent a rumor that the vampire [mentioned in Lustful Student’s flyers] ate the booksellers. Remember, the citizens are already worried about this rumor.

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Sung Yeon can only watch from afar, the officials throw the booksellers’ body to the huge hole then burn them to hide the evidence. Crazy.

After Lee Yoon is told the booksellers fought with swords and got killed, he becomes more suspicious. He’s already curious about the Royal Concubine’s death! He can’t suspect Gwi without any clear evidence so they need to confirm it asap.

Fearless Yang Sun still has one more day before she’s leaving to Tamra Island so she disguises as a man to find a present for Sung Yeol. Thankfully the guards didn’t see her during their regular patrol.

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Sung Yeol is currently at the gambling fighting place where Crown Prince Sadong’s surviving guards have been sold as slaves. Soo Hyang gave him this info. He’s here not to purchase the slaves but to ask about three slaves’ (Yang Seong Joo, Kim Ik Hoon, Choi Kwang) whereabouts. He’s told they ran away together last year.

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Sung Yeol grows suspicious about this place and the people who run it after he spots a rare book. He then looks around, with his ninja skill he’s able to dodge the guards until he finds a secluded hut where he finally finds Wae Son and the man he just met earlier. He also spots the same yellow flyer which Lustful Student used to spread the rumors about vampire in the palace. He’s even more shocked finding out Crown Prince Lee Yoon is there! They’re planning to distribute another flyers tomorrow.

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Without wasting any time, Sung Yeol sneaks in to Lee Yoon’s room & finds a secret passage!

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Hye Ryeong coldly throws a huge chunk of fish food to the pond, causing the fishes to die. Her father scolds her but she bitterly reminds him for giving away his own daughter as a food toy for a vampire for his own ambition & success. She never sees him as her father again.

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Yang Sun is forced to write a contract to Lee Yoon to repay her 200 nyang debt. Included in the contract, she must keep him updated twice a month. And… [never get sick or hurt. Please eat & sleep well] (of course these are on his mind only, he can’t say it to her) come back soon safely. She can promise most things but coming back quickly will be incredibly difficult. She’s going far away and because of her sick sister, she’ll have to stay for a long time. He promises to find a way so she can return soon.

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Meanwhile, Sung Yeol’s assistants are baffled Lustful Student is Crown Prince Lee Yoon. Is he trying to crush his grandfather? Soo Hyang is aware all the government officials who wanted to de-crown him, are no longer working in the government (either their positions were stripped away or they got killed). She suggests they should work together with Crown Prince Lee Yoon & tell him everything they know. But the first thing they must confirm now is to find out if Wae Son has Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary.

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The person who has it… is… Yang Sun’s foster father! He will never give it to the Crown Prince to protect Yang Sun and so she’ll forever live as his daughter.

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Yang Sun leaves her farewell gift (a cute lamp which will accompany his night reading) & letter on the balcony, bidding her farewell because she’s leaving at dawn tomorrow morning. Trying to hold back her tears, she quietly leaves Sung Yeol’s place. Of course he spotted her.

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Because Gwi didn’t find her amongst the bookseller, he’s roaming around the village wondering if Sung Yeol ate her already. He passes Yang Sun but can’t smell her scent until he spots the Chinese hawthorn she’s wearing on her neck! He quickly turns back, trailing this fearless woman. Thankfully Kim Sung Yeol arrives and hides with her.

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She clearly doesn’t realize her life is in danger because she figures out this is not a dream! She’s here now with Sung Yeol and she will never forget this. When she calls out his name, he covers her mouth because Gwi is getting closer. They hide until he finally left, then Sung Yeol tells her to go to the woods, never step outside until daytime comes. He’s luring Gwi while she’s running as fast as she can to see Eum Seok Gol.

Gwi is elated to finally meet with Kim Sung Yeol again. Their first fight in 120 years start now. Gwi assumes the owner of the bag he’s been looking for, is the Lustful Student because Sung Yeol protects her with all his might. Sung Yeol then asks if he’s very worried this person holds a secret plan to kill him. But he argues that secret plan doesn’t exist!

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So why did he chase Sung Yeol like a dog only because he wanted his food toy (aka the owner of that bag)? No matter what, Gwi will catch this food toy! Both their fangs appear. But although Sung Yeol received Hae Soo’s skills, Gwi is more powerful than him. He’s tossed around like a weak fly because he hasn’t drank human’s blood in a while. He loses his power. With his amazing agility, he grabs Yang Sun’s bag (letting his long hair down) then fights back until they arrive on the cliff. Sung Yeol throws him off the cliff as far as he can but in a moment later, Gwi is back!

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Before Gwi can rip him apart, he squats revealing the sunrise behind him. He then stabs him when Gwi is struggling with the sunlight, warns him that he will never be able to leave this place until he kills him. It’s soo hard to watch this fighting scene because Sung Yeol is weaker than Gwi 🙁 Because he loses so much blood, he faints. Gwi runs as fast as he can in the forest to go home but he still can’t stand the sun.

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The sun has risen but the person Hye Ryeong is waiting for, hasn’t arrived.

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Yang Sun, Ho Jin and Soo Hyang haven’t found Sung Yeol either although they’ve been looking for him in the forest and outskirts of the city. She almost slaps Yang Sun but it won’t help them to find Sung Yeol! They must find him before the sun rises even more. Both Soo Hyang and Ho Jin are very worried and angry at Yang Sun, so when she’s offered to help, she’s told she shouldn’t.

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Meanwhile, Lee Yoon is told that Yang Sun and her family boarded the ship this morning. He’s relieved she’s safe so he can focus on the problem they’re facing now – Gwi’s killing rampage which might cause the booksellers’ families to blame their death on Lustful Student & hate him more.

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The person who lied about Jo Yang Sun to Lee Yoon, is the King’s spy. He also reports that Lee Yoon assigned him to be Yang Sun’s guard after he became close to her recently.

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Despite massive blood loss and his injury, Sung Yeol almost made it to the small house in the forest. He bumps into Yang Sun in the woods and tells her to take him to that house.

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Inside, he begs her to leave him to catch her boat but she can’t leave him alone. She wants to call a doctor but he doesn’t let her. She is devastated, helpless, upset when he suddenly faints. 🙁


Oh No 🙁 He needs to drink human’s blood to save his life. Sung Yeol who drinks animals’ and vampires’ blood instead of human’s blood doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake he did 120 years ago. He needs to survive but he can’t drink Yang Sun’s blood that’s why he repeatedly told her to leave because he can suddenly turn into a vampire monster, unconsciously hurting her.

His battle with Gwi is very intense! Initially I was skeptical about Lee Soo Hyuk’s acting but he’s proven me wrong this episode. He reminds me of Choi Jin Hyuk in Gu Family Book. He has the evil dark aura which makes him the perfect actor to portray Gwi. Lee Jun Ki continues to act his heart out, he’s really made for sageuk drama. Was surprised to see the (extension) long hair, it came out of nowhere 😀

Didn’t expect Sung Yeol to win because it’s only episode 5 and he rarely drink human’s blood hence his vampire abilities are weak compare with monstrous Gwi who was vampire hunter in the past and regularly replenishes his power with human’s blood. But I didn’t expect Sung Yeol to be tossed around like a fly 🙁 That’s why he needs to find the secret plan so he can defeat Gwi. His power alone is not enough.

There’re many revelations this episode. We finally know who has Crown Junghyun’s diary and the reason why he hid it. Yang Sun is a lucky girl. She has so many people who loves and protects her. Her foster father who knows about her real identity & past life, Sung Yeol who initially kept her safe to find the diary but ends up falling in love with her and Lee Yoon’s also smitten with her & secretly protects her. The ways they deal with the impending separation are different and so like their characters. The dad refused to hand over the diary to protect her. Sung Yeol made sure all preparation is done so she’s well protected & taken care of. Lee Yoon? Cheekily told her to write a contract so he’ll get her latest updates. I love how we don’t have annoying love triangles (so far) although their relationship dynamics will change when they discover her real identity.

Soo Hyang isn’t as bad as I thought she’d be because she indirectly helped Sung Yeol to figure out Crown Prince Lee Yoon is Lustful Student. It’s about time he found out, they have the same mission and it’ll be great if they can work together to defeat Gwi. Lee Yoon also figured out about another vampire, Gwi’s enemy. Lee Yoon reminds me of Crown Prince Junghyun, he’s cheeky, sweet, compassionate & considerate. The way he protects and cares for Yang Sun is adorable, I almost have second lead syndrome everytime they’re together. But falling in love doesn’t mean he can let his guard down… spies are everywhere. Of course his guard would spill the beans to the King.

Hye Ryeong’s secret is slowly being revealed. Can’t believe her dad gave her to Gwi, no wonder she revolts and is cold-hearted. She refused to drink the medicine from Gwi I think she’s just pretending to be obedient in front of Gwi so she can live because she knows how powerful and cruel he is. When she dropped her handkerchief in front of Lee Yoon, it seems like she has feeling for him. But please don’t hurt Lee Yoon, Hye Ryeong ah.


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