Scholar Who Walks the Night Episode 7 Brief Recap

Living a vampire is not easy, one wrong move will put them in a predicament. For Kim Sung Yeol, he has been living miserably in the past 120 years to free himself from this tormenting life. Thanks to the three Crown Princes, he’s finding clues to kill Gwi however there’re many prices he needs to pay. He’s tormented between his feeling for Yang Sun and the bigger picture on the horizon. Many lives need to be protected and sadly many innocent lives will be lost. He was struggling to protect Yang Sun so his power alone isn’t enough. But can he survive without Yang Sun by his side?

Episode 7 Brief Recap

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Sung Yeol must drink human’s blood before the moon rises and it’s full moon tonight! Soo Hyang believes he’ll return soon because after watching him for more than few decades, he never forget the hunting day. Yang Sun is shocked to see Sung Yeol is badly injured but refuses to see a doctor. So she picks orostachys in the woods to hopefully stop his bleeding. When she wraps his injury with her undergarment, she spots the stabbing scar on his shoulder.

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Hours passed, the full moon has risen. Sung Yeol wakes up with a burning sensation inside his body. His fever went down but his body is really cold and Yang Sun can’t feel his heartbeat. As she cries out hugging him, suddenly he is awake. His red eyes are looking viciously at her neck. Fortunately he can control his vampire crave as he strugglingly walks back home. He orders Ho Jin & Soo Hyang who bump into them in the wood to take Yang Sun home. Of course Soo Hyang who’s already prepared a victim for Sung Yeol, follows him around. Yang Sun hears the hungry vampire’s sound biting his victim but Ho Jin lies that it’s only a beast animal in the forest.

A man who is paying his respect on his father’s grave is surprised to see a coffin nearby. He opens it to find Gwi there who brutally bites him because he needs his blood.

10 Years Ago

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Jin’s father hid Jin and ordered him to stay there no matter what happened. Then he gave Crown Junghyun’s diary to Yang Sun’s stepfather, pleading him to take care his child. Jin clutched the gift that Crown Prince Lee Yoon gave him.

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Back in the present time. Yang Sun’s stepfather is going to burn the diary to protect Yang Sun but forgoes it when his wife abruptly comes & asks if he’s hiding anything.

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Gwi confidently believes despite the citizens know about his existence (because of Lustful Student’s flyers), they can’t kill him. If anyone dares against him or follow the Lustful Student, he’ll torment them all. Hye Ryeong put magic potion on his injury, miraculously he’s fully healed.

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Sung Yeol made it safely to his place and thanks to Soo Hyang, he’s already feeling better. Nobody tells Yang Sun about his condition though so she’s very worried.

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The next morning, after Hye Ryeong told Gwi about the movement following Lustful Student has already started from Sungkyunkwan, he (orders his people) to arrest Sungkyunkwan professors and students. Sung Yeol takes this opportunity to intervene, introducing himself as the Lustful Student and victoriously defeats the military guards. Then he tells them to follow Ho Jin who’ll take them to board the waiting ship.

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The families of the dead booksellers who barely survive are shocked to find silver & farmland left by Lustful Student. This news has reached Crown Prince Lee Yoon who’s wondering about this fake Lustful Student with amazing ability. Then he’s also told that the same person took the arrested Sungkyunkwan professors & students away. “Lustful Student’s” generosity has changed citizens’ mind but it won’t be long before Gwi starts killing innocent people again. Soo Hyang believes Crown Prince Lee Yoon won’t just sit still watching people getting hurt.

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Ho Jin is curious he found undergarment that’s used to cover a woman’s chest when he did Sung Yeol’s laundry. Soo Hyang glares at both Ho Jin and Sung Yeol but Sung Yeol doesn’t say anything to answer their curiosity. Though Ho Jin senses Sung Yeol’s eyes speaks whenever they talk about Yang Sun, it’s like he’s worried about his lover. He even put his life on the line to protect her.

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Meanwhile, Sung Yeol remembers her tears of joy when he finally regained his consciousness last night.

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Where is Yang Sun? She wants to give medicine to Sung Yeol but Dam doesn’t want her to get in trouble with military guards again. But as Hanyang’s flying squirrel, she can disappear in a blink of eye so don’t worry too much. She just wants to see his face just once, to ensure he’s okay. Dam then asks if she likes this scholar.

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Wae Son feels very guilty, blaming himself. Just then, Crown Prince Sadong appears in front of him. He tearfully apologizes for not repaying his immense generosity but the Crown Prince peacefully reminds he didn’t die because of Wae Son who in turns promises to tell the sin he did 10 years ago to Crown Prince Lee Yoon. Then he will come back to him. After he made his promise, Crown Prince Sadong disappears but he sees Sung Yeol who came with Yang Sun to find the diary last time.

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Although the guards never left their posts but shockingly Wae Son vanished from that secret place. With Sung Yeol’s amazing vampire ability, he took him to a safe place. Sung Yeol introduces himself as the person who used to served Crown Prince Junghyun. He also tells him what Crown Prince Sadong told him before his death and if Wae Son doesn’t help him finding the diary, Lustful Student aka Crown Prince Lee Yoon will also get killed. Wae Son who initially doesn’t believe him (because he’s a vampire) kneels down. He doesn’t know where is the diary but he’s seen the book once & saw five names written there. On the last page, there’s dying words left for his friend, Kim Sung Yeol.

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Ho Jin escorts him to his safe room. Wae Son is suspiciously asks if he’s a vampire too but he advises he’s human and so does his master, Kim Sung Yeol, who’s taking care people who’re tormented by Gwi and is currently helping Lustful Student.

Although he still hasn’t found the diary but Sung Yeol is trying to put the pieces together. Crown Prince Sadong’s last message that the secret plan to kill Gwi is human and the fact that there’re five names written in Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary. What does it mean and who are those five people?

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To help Yang Sun to avoid the military guards, Dam told her to dress in woman’s clothes. She knows her sister loves that scholar although she’s denying it and a man risking his life not only once or twice for the same woman is called fate and love. She’s read Lustful Student’s novel too much that she’s teasing Yang Sun’s relationship with Sung Yeol like the couple in the romance novel.

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Like Dam said, nobody recognizes Yang Sun. She even boldly joins the conversation with the villagers who have just received the notice that anyone will get reward for turning in Lustful Student’s people. They have started to believe in Lustful Student’s words hence Yang Sun persuades them even more. But she’s shocked to find this man handed silver & farmland to the booksellers’ families. Lustful Student’s action is so similar with Night Scholar.

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Sung Yeol was looking at her from afar but when she turns back & spots him, he’s already looking at another direction… because he saw Hye Ryeong! She’s already promised to bring Sung Yeol to Gwi due to his promise to make her the King’s woman. She smiles at him which reminds him of his late Myung Hee so he follows her, ignoring Yang Sun who’s here to give him the medicine.

Crown Prince Lee Yoon is aware the fake Lustful Student is doing him good deeds, maybe he knows the Lustful Student’s real identity?

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Just then, he spots a very upset Yang Sun. His bestfriend is shocked to find out she’s a woman but he teases by just one glance, people should know she’s a woman. He only has 15 minutes yet he still follows her. Cutely asking for a direction before teasing her to call him orabeoni instead of hyungnim. He romantically tells he’ll make her his lover if she’s a woman 😀 He’s playing the disguise game with Yang Sun, asking if she’s disguising as a woman to avoid the military guards (because of the booksellers’ warrant). Clearly he’s confused why she’s still here because she’s supposed to leave to Tamna island so she explains she’ll leave in two days due to unexpected circumstances.
By analyzing his face, Yang Sun predicts he’ll achieve his goals & leave history of accomplishment for generations to come. He needs to make a decision about very important thing hence he’s afraid he’ll fail. She encourages him that if it doesn’t work the first time, try again. If it still doesn’t work, try again until it works out. He will not fail unless he gives up.

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Just then, they see military guards arresting people again. Yang Sun believes the citizens won’t be suffering like this if Crown Prince Sadong is still alive or people like Lustful Student is ruling this country. She did despise the Lustful Student but even before he appeared, the citizens were already suffering. His existence brings hope and she dreams of a world ruled by the power of the people. He tells her her words will give Lustful Student huge encouragement.

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After following Hye Ryeong until she reaches her home, Sung Yeol realizes she’s not Myung Hee hence he asks why did she smile at him. She replies because of his ridiculous gaze at her, thinking he’d cry calling out Myung Hee in front of her again. She brazenly orders him not to gaze at her ridiculously again nor follow her anymore because she’s not Myung Hee. He realizes her house looks familiar.

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Crown Prince Lee Yoon is enraged at his guard for lying about Yang Sun. She hasn’t left to Tamna Island yet! So he orders his guard to protect her until she safely leaves. Yang Sun is currently at the gisaeng house to give the medicine to Sung Yeol. But she overhears Soo Hyang’s conversation then finally finds the real reason she’ll be sent to Tamna Island. Soo Hyang doesn’t trust her, it’s possible she’ll tell the military guards they’re looking for the diary. But Soo Hyang shouldn’t judge about her feeling to Sung Yeol that easily (well she’s jealous). So Soo Hyang has to remind her he almost lost his life trying to save her. The only thing she can do for him… is to leave quietly to Tamna Island.

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Crown Prince Lee Yoon is meeting with his people to reveal his plans. He will start living as Lustful Student (not Crown Prince Lee Yoon anymore) and he’ll tell the world that he is Lustful Student. They oppose his plan because they prefer to expose Gwi’s identity and people who are serving Gwi (the King, Noron) as planned. Citizens have began to know about Gwi and Crown Prince Lee Yoon will be his next target if he’s rushing it.

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But Lee Yoon who’s had enough of Gwi’s killing rampage knows the sad reality that many more innocent citizens will die. As the grandson of the King who follows Gwi and the son of Crown Prince Sadong who was killed by Gwi, he has to do this very dangerous task. He’s the only one who can convince the citizens in order to make them trust them and hopefully someone who has Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary will hand it to them. Even if he loses his life, it’ll be worth it if they can kill Gwi & earn people’s hearts.

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Kim Sung Yeol promises to protect Crown Prince Lee Yoon & help him to prove that Lustful Student is telling the truth. His agenda: to show people that a vampire does exist. Soo Hyung is clearly against his idea to reveal his real identity but Sung Yeol reminds her that the person on the line to be the next King is ready to sacrifice his life to fight with Gwi. Just like Crown Prince Junghyun and Crown Prince Sadong, he will never leave Crown Prince Lee Yoon alone. Many people will lose their lives but Sung Yeol is more than ready to risk his life to save them which will reveal his identity but the survivor will tell their family & friends making them believe & follow the Lustful Student. If the followers multiply to hundreds, thousands of people, they will definitely find the diary. He’s lived miserable life long enough, he needs to do this.

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The news about Lustful Student’s amazing abilities have reached Gwi, the King and his annoying Prime Minister. The King believes those couldn’t be done by a human. Gwi realizes the King is threatened by this man who covers up Lustful Student so he needs to bring Lustful Student soon. The King plans the capture Lustful Student before Gwi does.

Sung Yeol orders Soo Hyang to find out about Prime Minister’s household and his daughter

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Even after Soo Hyang warned Yang Sun to leave for the sake of Sung Yeol, she knows she can’t do it. She run into Sung Yeol who rescues her from a drunk man.

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He grabs her wrist, tells her be quiet before he takes her somewhere safe. Yang Sun’s step-father is shocked to see both of them together.

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She begs him to let go her wrist because it hurts, then he finds out she got hurt to get his medicinal plant. He walks away, refuses to listen to her feeling when she brings up Tamna Island but she wants to know if there’s any other reason why she has to leave – his real feeling to her.


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The last scene is so beautiful! Feels like I was watching the romance fantasy world that Yang Sun created for herself & Sung Yeol.

Jo Yang Sun, thank you for your curiosity! Thanks to the romance novels she read, she becomes someone who’s bold enough to ask a man his feeling. She was with him when he almost died but there’s no single word of gratitude from him. Yet he continues to be her hero who rescues and protects her. If he doesn’t like her, why he keeps risking his life for her? It’s about time Yang Sun finds out his real identity and the reason why he can’t be with her.

This episode reveals Jin’s father entrusted his child to Yang Sun’s step-father. Is Yang Sun – Jin? If it’s true, I don’t understand why she’s dressed up as a boy since she’s young. Maybe the protect her? She suddenly got into a huge accident when she was 10 years old which forced her to disguise as a man to save her life. So if Crown Prince Lee Yoon grew up together with Jin, he’d know that he’s a boy not a girl, right? This scene confuses me, maybe the next few episodes will give us more clues about Jin and young Yang Sun.

Mysterious Hye Ryeong’s main agenda is to be King’s woman. I think the King on her mind is Lee Yoon, I’ll be very surprised if she wants to marry the current King only for power. But maybe she has another hidden agenda – to share Gwi’s secrets so they can get rid of him? It’s torturing for her to serve him like a king, so she’s most likely trying to find the way to free herself.

It’s awesome we’re getting closer to see Crown Prince Lee Yoon and Kim Sung Yeol working together as Lustful Students. One to protect his citizens, another one to protect the real Lustful Student & citizens. So cool to see them looking at the big picture to accomplish their goal. The roads ahead aren’t easy but with their determination, smart tactics, Yang Sun’s encouragements and loyal people by their sides; they’re one step closer to achieve their missions – find the diary & kill Gwi.

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