Scholar Who Walks the Night Episode 8 Brief Recap

The Lustful Student has prepared to be the hero of the day to hopefully lead him closer to Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary. But there’s another conspiracy behind this which will open up his mind that he’s still as naive as his own father despite their courageous acts.

Episode 8 Brief Recap

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Sung Yeol sarcastically asks if she wants him to show his feeling tonight as he tries to kiss her but she turns her face away. Scared because it feels like he’s no longer Scholar Eom she knows. He mocks her asking if she really thought he liked her. He’s not… (it’s clear he’s trying to drive her away). She begs him to accept the medicine she brought but he looks away before she could see his soften eyes. Yang Sun walks back home in tears 🙁


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Yang Sun’s father & little Jin saw Gwi viciously bit Jin’s father’s neck. Little Jin walked out from his hiding place to see his father whose whole body was burning with vampire spirit & he almost killed his own son when he turned into a vampire and bit his shoulder. Kim Sung Yeol arrived to save little Jin and to look for the diary, but he already gave it to his friend. Sung  Yeol then killed him with his hawthorn dagger! Yang Sun’s father saw everything as he held Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary very tightly.

Back in the present time.

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After realizing the person who is looking for the diary, the person who’s working with Yang Sun and the person who killed Jin’s father is the same person, Yang Sun’s father orders his whole family to start packing now because they’re leaving immediately. But it’s in the middle of the night so nobody took his order seriously, making him erupts in anger thinking nobody respects him because he’s a weakling husband & father.

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It was Hye Ryeong’s plan to point out to Sung Yeol that she’s the daughter of the Prime Minister by luring him to her house. Gwi is elated his enemy finally saw his lover again, who amazingly looks alike. Gwi promises she’ll secure Crown Prince’s wife’s seat soon.

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Wae Son was allowed to leave momentarily. He presents a new evidence to Crown Prince Lee Yoon – appointing letter from Minister No Chang Sun who ordered him to falsely testify that Crown Prince Sadong committed treason 10 years ago. On that letter, Chang Sun appointed him as a translator in Qing’s affair. Lee Yoon’s best friend Hak Young nods in agreement that his grandfather indeed wrote that appointing letter.


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After Sung Yeol magically captured him, Wae Son begged him to spare his life for a few days so he can repay his sin to relieve Crown Prince Sadong from his unjust accusation. In return, Sung Yeol orders him to keep his identity a secret until he personally meets with Crown Prince Lee Yoon.

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Back in the present time. Sung Yeol obtains the bodies of the King’s consort and the military guards who were killed by Gwi. He then left them in the cart in the middle of the village scaring the citizens and Yang Sun’s father.

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Meanwhile, Crown Prince Lee Yoon is ready to reveal his identity as Lustful Student, the son of Crown Prince Sadong and his mission to fight with Gwi who is currently ruling this nation. He wrote the flyers which will be spread out later tonight. Sung Yeol finds this message when he sneaks in to their hideout.

The military guards took the bodies except the King’s consort’s body who’s kept by Sung Yeol. He plans to wake up the corpse when the citizens receive the flyers about Lustful Student’s real identity so they will believe Crown Prince Lee Yoon’s words. She’ll come back to life by drinking his blood then she’ll be transformed into ash because of the sunlight. If the plan is successful, he’ll tell the Crown Prince that both of them have the same mission.

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Although the Prime Minister warns Gwi that people have started to find out about his real identity, he’s not afraid. He can just kill them all, moreover, dead people cannot talk. He orders the evil Prime Minister to capture Sung Yeol, in return, he can seat in the throne. He’s shocked, Gwi will make him the King of this nation? wow…

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Crown Prince Lee Yoon visits his mother who dedicates the rest of her life praying in the temple. Her only wish is to see her only son live longer than her. Just then, someone calls out her name. It’s Hye Ryeong whom she has cared for and has become her companion for the past year. Hye Ryeong thanks her for all the great care she received, earning her lavish praises from Lee Yoon’s mother. After watching her closely, Lee Yoon remembers he met her once when she dropped her handkerchief.

Jo Yang Sun plans to write Night Scholar’s installment book based on her personal experience with Kim Sung Yeol. But she’s too heartbroken to continue her story because she believes it’s just a dream. Everything will disappear when s he wakes up.

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In confusion, Yang Sun’s father pays his respect to Jin’s parents asking what should he do with the diary and Jin’s brush case. He can no longer handle the huge pressure.

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The next day, Lustful Student’s people are ready to spread the flyers. They’re disguising themselves as the market sellers. Ho Jin and Soo Hyang are also ready to execute Sung Yeol’s plan. Ho Jin is a scary cat because he’s sitting on top of the King’s consort’s body.

Yang Sun couldn’t find the leather shoes she received from Sung Yeol. Despite mom’s objection, she went back home to retrieve it with her father.

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Meanwhile, the big reveal is coming closer. Hak Young is aware of the risk hence he convinces Lee Yoon again to let him be the Lustful Student. However, courageous Lee Yoon knows he must do it. Nobody can replace him just like Crown Prince Junghyun and his late father Crown Prince Sadong.

He wants to be assured that One Arm (aka Wae Son) will be safely brought to him as the sole witness however, he and the men who’re protecting him are attacked by a group of men.

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Just then, a wind blows through as if someone is here. He then hears a voice from behind the throne, it’s Sung Yeol who reveals his plan to wake up the King’s consort as a vampire to make people believe in his words. Suspicious Lee Yoon asks if this person who admits he has the same mission as him, is the person who did all the good deeds lately. Sung Yeol admits it. His reason: he is also searching Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary to kill Gwi. Lee Yoon walks closer to the throne because he can’t trust his words unless he knows his real identity. Unfortunately, it’s not the right time yet because the King is here. Meanwhile, there’s chaos in the marketplace. Royal military guards capture Lustful Student’s people.

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The King brings a good news – they finally captured Lustful Student and his people! He is bookseller Jo Yang Sun! Lee Yoon eyes widen, what??? The King wants his grandson to receive the credit so he announces Lee Yoon has just arrested the Lustful Student!

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One Arm (Wae Son) barely made it to Yang Sun’s house. Thankfully she and her father are still there after retrieving her leather shoes. He apologizes for dragging this family into another mess but he begs them to pass on the note to Crown Prince Lee Yoon (aka Lustful Student) to reveal his late father’s unjust conviction. Suddenly, royal guards arrive to capture Lustful student’s group. They take Wae Son’s note then raid her house, accusing her as the Lustful Student!

Sung Yeol orders Soo Hyang to prepare the boat for Tamna Island while he’s trying to bring Yang Sun and her father to the port immediately. Meanwhile, Lee Yoon can’t leave his quarter by the King. Things get really worse when he then finds out Professor No Hak Young has been arrested as Lustful Student’s people.

Yang Sun and her dad are thrown into the prison where he pleads that they should never tell anyone that Crown Prince Lee Yoon is the Lustful Student. They must pretend they don’t know anything because the minute they spill the beans, they’ll die anyway. Dad will try to find the way out although they’re falsely accused now.

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Kim Sung Yeol knocks the guards silently & breaks the prison’s lock but as soon as Dad sees him, he starts screaming out asking for someone to save him. He can’t stop screaming although her daughter is trying to calm him down. She tells him that Dad was Crown Prince Sadong’s personal bookseller. He panics as if he just saw a ghost. Sung Yeol magically escaped before the King arrives to the prison.

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He then tells very worried Mom and Dam about the reason they’ve been arrested and there’s a way to save them: Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary. Based on Mom’s reaction, he knows she saw the diary before hence he asks her to draw whatever she remembers. She wrote the characters on the cover’s book which proves that it’s Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary.

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In tears, she promises to hand this diary as long as Sung Yeol can save her husband & her child. 🙁 As they’re trying to find the book, they have another trouble. The people who were arrested magically disappeared, including Yang Sun and her dad. Sung Yeol spots Yang Sun’s leather shoe nearby.

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The King is negotiating with Gwi knowing he has the upper hands here: Lustful Student and found out the existence of the vampire that Gwi mentioned before. To ensure their safety, he kept them in a very secret place unreachable by any vampire to make them confess. If they don’t confess within two days, he’ll hand them over to Gwi who can find Crown Prince Junghyun’s diary if they indeed have it. The King put his grandson as a collateral to make Gwi trust him. That’s the reason he locks Lee Yoon in his quarter. It’s very convenient to have magic robe because Sung Yeol was there overheard their conversation. Sung Yeol realizes the King went all these troubles to protect Crown Prince Lee Yoon.

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Yang Sun and her father have been moved to a scary place where dad rebukes Yang Sun’s words that Sung Yeol is a good man who saves people. For him, this person kills people! (because he saw him killed his friend, Jin’s father, in front of him). Just then, the royal guards brought more people to join them – Hak Young and other Lustful Student’s people.

The interrogation begins. Yang Sun admits of selling Lustful Student’s books but she didn’t write it and she knows nothing about the flyers. Moreover, her father doesn’t know anything about the note Wae Son left behind. They get beaten up because they can’t confess what they didn’t do.

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Sung Yeol can’t find Yang Sun despite he’s looking for her everywhere. He also uses the scent from her clothing to try to trace her. But he arrives home without her. Where did the King hold them that even a vampire can’t locate this place?

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Mom is desperate for her husband and her daughter to be released so after she remembers seeing her husband brought the diary to the temple the other night, she tells Sung Yeol who’s surprised to see the memorial rites for Crown Prince Sadong’s advisor there.

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It’s heartbreaking to see those people blinded by power and wealth are torturing the innocent. Yang Sun insists she’s not Lustful Student, she wants to speak up about this unjust accusation but her father signals she shouldn’t. Hak Young screams out that the people who gave the lives of innocent citizens to a vampire, the King and Noron people and the one who gave his father to the vampire, his grandfather who’s sitting there, are the ones who’re supposed to be punished! 

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Hak Young’s grandfather orders the guards to strip their clothes & burn their bodies with hot iron. OMG 🙁 Dad wails, you can’t do this to my child 🙁 Hak Young tries to confess he’s the Lustful Student but nobody cares. In desperation, Dad cries out his child is a girl so please spare her just as the guards start to brutally strip her down.

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Crown Prince Lee Yoon confesses in front of his grandfather that he is the Lustful Student. He advises him to shut up, if not, he’ll throw him to the well and experience the same painful trauma like his father in the past. Lee Yoon boldly replies then you will serve me to that vampire just like what he did to my father. But at least he finds the truth that his grandfather was indeed behind his father’s death.

The King promises to protect Lee Yoon as what he did in the past. He also knows about his hidden identity as Lustful Student but he tried to give him the opportunity to find out whether he can fight against Gwi. But unfortunately he’s as naive as his father. So he has to put a stop now.

Just then, the King finds out Yang Sun was disguising herself as a man. Even though she’s not the Lustful Student but she’ll still be punished for breaking the laws. Lee Yoon’s eyes are brimming with tears.

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As the others are still being tortured, Yang Sun and her dad have been thrown back to the prison. Sung Yeol decides he will not save Yang Sun but instead, he’s going to use her as a collateral to make a deal with her father!


Sung Yeol, what are you doing now? Are you tired of the repetitive saving Yang Sun whenever she’s in trouble because you’ve been doing that ever since you saved her from her own father? After trying to drive her away unsuccessfully, you are planning to make a deal with her step-father because he knew you killed Yang Sun’s own father? The plot is getting very complicated but it feels like a classic I-can’t-be-together-with-you-because-you-killed-my-dad. I hope he’s smart enough to figure out that both Yang Sun and the diary are equally important so he can’t throw her away only because of his ambition to retrieve the diary.

It’s not surprising the King knew about his grandson’s hidden identity all along, he’s the King, the master of negotiator who has his people everywhere. Of course he’ll protect his own grandson, most likely not because he cares for him but because he wants to pay the guilt and sin for killing Crown Prince Sadong. So sad to see both Lee Yoon and his best friend Hak Young witness the same horrible acts from their own grandfathers who’re blinded by power & wealth. They fed their own sons to a vampire! Crazy.

Hak Young suffers the same painful trauma as Lee Yoon and Jin (aka Yang Sun but she still hasn’t recovered her memory yet so she doesn’t know the sad truth that the scar on her shoulder was caused by her father). Although he’s not as powerful as his best friend, he knows he can’t just stay silent because the whole world needs to know the truth. No more cover up. Like Crown Prince Lee Yoon, he also wants to revenge for his father’s unjust death hence he’s more than ready to put his life on the line to uncover this whole conspiracy where the powerful and wealthy people are just Gwi’s mere pawns.

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