Scholar Who Walks the Night Episode 9 Brief Recap

This episode put Yang Sun, her father and Lustful Student’s followers in very difficult situations. Torture, far-fetched request, more torture; it seems like their lives are worthless. But they are not worthless because even when their lives are on the line, they know where their loyalties lie. To protect the Crown Prince and the nation, they are more than ready to sacrifice themselves. And even he’s only a step-father, Jo Saeng keeps the promise he made to Yang Sun’s father.

Episode 9 Brief Recap

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Yang Sun is told that by confessing she’s the Lustful Student, everyone else including her father will survive. The minister who knows Crown Prince is the Lustful Student, advises her to sacrifice herself because 1 death is better than countless deaths, right?

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Meanwhile, Sung Yeol realizes Jo Saeng (Yang Sun’s step-father) saw him biting Seo Jung Do 10 years ago hence he mistakenly thought he (the vampire) killed his best friend. It’ll be impossible for him to give the diary but Soo Hyang believes he’ll do anything for his daughter’s sake. But will Sung Yeol be okay to see Yang Sun being hurt? He admits it’s hard to watch her dying but if everyone else will be saved, then he’ll let this worst case scenario to happen. Moreover, he can do worse thing to kill Gwi who’s currently craving for Yang Sun’s sweet blood. He’s told the palace has captured Lustful Student but the Prime Minister isn’t sure that it’s the real one because they can easily use a scapegoat to protect the real Lustful Student.

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Later that night, Dam tearfully begs Sung Yeol to save her father and sister again although they may not have the diary he’s desperately looking for. Because her sister likes him! She then hands him Night Scholar novel Yang Sun wrote which recorded the moments they spent together.

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Yang Sun, her father and Lustful Student’s followers have been transferred back to the interrogation bureau so Sung Yeol pays Jo Saeng a visit to find out what Jo Saeng saw 10 years ago and to let him know that the King who purposely turned Yang Sun as a scapegoat to protect his Crown Prince will interrogate everyone today. To save Yang Sun, he must trust him & let him know where he hid the diary. But before he can think about anything, the guards arrive so Sung Yeol quickly disappears.

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The King points out that although he lost his son but he protected his grandson and the court but what can he protect now? Lee Yoon is pondering about his failure, turning his followers as traitors and they’ll be tortured in front of him. They may get killed today. His late father appears in front of him, asking if he will only watch? He begs his father to help him, this powerless man to save his innocent followers, Yang Sun and her father. Crown Prince Sadong holds his son’s shoulder but he disappears when Lee Yoon wants to touch his hand.

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The torture minister advises his brave grandson Hak Young that he should never pretends to be Lustful Student. If he confesses again, he will reveal Crown Prince Lee Yoon is the real Lustful Student. He says the same thing the King told Lee Yoon, that he may have lost his son but he will never let his grandson to leave him too.

Sung Yeol who gathered lots of Chinese Hawthorn powder, sprinkle the powder around the place Yang Sun was locked to remove her scent.

Despite the torture, everyone protects Lustful Student. Crown Prince Lee Yoon who is forced to watch the torture recalls Yang Sun’s thought that although he may causes pain, Lustful Student brings hope to people.

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Suddenly, Yang Sun confesses! She expresses that living without any hope nor dream was exhausting so she planned the whole thing herself. Her father knows nothing about it. To save her daughter, he admits he is the Lustful Student! He also confesses he was Crown Sadong’s personal bookseller to convince everyone he’s indeed planned everyone. Bravely he begs the King to kill him and save his daughter who disguised as a man to make ends meet.

The King declares Lustful Student and his followers mocked the King & government with false statement so they will be executed tomorrow morning. Jo Saeng tearfully pleads the King to save his innocent daughter.

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Later that night, Sung Yeol pours blood on Yang Sun’s body & gets rid of her amulet to protect her. When Gwi arrives to check the Lustful Student and his daughter, he praises her beauty. He’s suspicious because he can’t smell her scent so he tastes her blood but it’s not the sweet blood he’s craving for. Gwi then realizes Sung Yeol sprinkled Chinese Hawthorn powder to protect her hence it’ll be interesting to watch if this woman is the Lustful Student or a woman Sung Yeol loves.

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Gwi kinda suspects Sung Yeol is hiding nearby. As soon as he left, Sung Yeol checks on her. Gently caresses her bruised face. Suddenly she wakes up, telling him she’s in so much pain & want to go home.

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Lee Yoon tearfully admits he still hasn’t changed at all. Ever since he begged someone to release his father from the deep well until today someone sacrificed herself to protect him, he still doesn’t have any courage to protect someone else. Gwi is wondering why King’s Chief Guard is currently with Crown Prince Lee Yoon, is he protecting or watching over him?

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Gwi drags him to his dungeon. Minutes later, the traitor confesses Lee Yoon is indeed the Lustful Student. He promises to serve Gwi but he clearly can’t be trusted because he just betrayed his own master to save his life. Gwi kills him.

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Sung Yeol cradles Yang Sun on his arm, regretting what he said to her in the bridge as he begs her to endure this pain. Jo Saeng finally remembers Sung Yeol turned back to heal little Jin (Yang Sun) 10 years ago.

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The Prime Minister is forbidden to see Crown Prince Lee Yoon tonight. He’s currently pleading to his grandfather to save his followers but for the King, his grandson’s life is more precious than servants’ lives. The King discloses he’s been preparing to fight for Gwi after Crown Prince Sadong’s unjust death. He purposely never told Lee Yoon in order to build his mental strength through his hatred towards his grandfather. He must live to fight Gwi & protect the nation so his father’s death will be meaningful.

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After watching Sung Yeol closely, Jo Saeng is wondering if kind-hearted vampire like him exists because he doesn’t even eat him nor his daughter. He’s really worried for her. Does he love her? Sung Yeol is surprised to find out he saved Yang Sun, Seo Jung Do’s daughter 10 years ago!

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The minister gives Jo Saeng a medicine that will kill him after half day passed. He promises to save Yang Sun if he bears all responsibilities pretending as Lustful Student. Trembles, he eats the medicine begging the minister to keep his promise. He then breaks the news to the others that they’ve been released. But Yang Sun and her father are dragged to another scary place. On the way there, father let Yang Sun knows what the scholar looking for is hidden in the sanctuary at the Buddhist temple.

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Father gets off alone, leaving his confused daughter in the cart. Inside his mind, he apologizes for being a bad father who made her suffer. He starts bleeding but he still bravely walks in. He begs the guards to send his daughter back first as he promises he won’t do anything else to harm her. Knowing that after he walks through the door he’ll be dead, he doesn’t want Yang Sun to remember that painful moment forever. They escort Yang Sun back then closes the door.

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Crown Prince Lee Yoon is tearfully reunited with his late father in Gwi’s dungeon. He denies the evidence from the traitor guard, challenging them to present concrete evidence that he’s indeed the Lustful Student. If they can show prove it, they can kill him. So he asks them to bring Lustful Student they arrested so he can check if he’s real or fake. The well prepared King announces he’s here already.

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Jo Seong recognizes Gwi, the vampire who bit his friend 10 years ago. He courageously mocks him and states he has the diary but Gwi will never find it because he already gave it to someone else. He’d rather die than telling him where the diary is, he even tells everyone there to watch how he dies. Because the Kingdom is hiding a vampire, many people will die like him.

As Gwi is preparing to bite his neck, Lee Yoon stops him. If this Lustful Student dies in Gwi’s hand, how will they explain it to people? He’s killed by a vampire? Then people will figure out that Lustful Student’s words about vampire’s existence were true. King decides to kill him in front of everyone.

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Sung Yeol turns the King’s consort into a vampire, she’s now roaming around and causing panic. Sadly he doesn’t know anything about Jo Seong and the wicked minister’s plan because half day has passed & Jo Seong passes away in front of the King.

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Gwi realizes Sung Yeol is trying to lure him away from the Lustful Student. Meanwhile, Crown Prince Lee Yoon finally figures out that the person who wanted to work together with him & visited him in the palace was Sung Yeol. He comes to see him but Sung Yeol quickly hides & sees Jo Seong’s body 🙁 Unfortunately, Lustful Students’ followers committed suicide 🙁

As the guards drag Yang Sun to her cell, she walks by the guards who carry her father’s body but she doesn’t see it. Sung Yeol arrives to free her but she doesn’t want to leave without her father. Then she tells him where the diary is.

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He put his arm up so Yang Sun won’t see her father’s body but she cries out wanting to see. Tearfully she begs her father to wake up, to go home to see mom & Dam. 🙁 Meanwhile, Lee Yoon is painfully accepted the fact that his loyal followers have passed away 🙁


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