“Goddess of Marriage” The cold atmosphere during Se Kyung and Hyun Woo first family meeting

“Goddess of Marriage” Hyun Woo (Lee Hyun W00) and Se Kyung (Go Na Eun)’s first family meeting.

Park Joon Geum is cameo-ing as Se Kyung’s mother.

When I first saw the stills below, I thought, hmmm like mother like daughter! Then I realized that I was comparing Se Kyung with Park Joon Geum’s role in Secret Garden! Maybe in this drama, Park Joon Geum is a kind-hearted mother, who knows? 😀 But from the stills, it looks like she will reprise her SeGa character; a sharp-tongue & cocky woman who will refuse any man who’s not up to par with her standard marrying her daughter.

I wonder if this will mean the end of Se Kyung & Hyun Woo’s loveline? Maybe =)

This scene was filmed on 29 August and will be broadcast on episode 19 tonight.


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