“Secret Love Affair” Breathtaking Passionate Intense Teasers and new set of posters

JTBC released 3 different teasers for their upcoming melodrama Secret Love Affair.


Beautiful piano pieces playing in the background.

Kim Hee Ae & Yoo Ah In exploding on-screen chemistry.

Yoo Ah In leans in to kiss Kim Hee Ae, I mean Lee Sun Jae leans in to kiss Oh Hye Won *OMG…. too hot… glad SLA is a cable drama! 

A short but intense teaser. Enough to “teaser” the viewers that this is going to be a very passionate intense melodrama.

Yoo Ah In & Kim Hee Ae posing  in 3 different poses. Too sexy… Intriguing… Does genius pianist Lee Sun Jae entice Oh Hye Won with his piano skill or with his powerful gaze & charisma?

New posters:

Secret Love Affair premieres 17 March 2014 on JTBC. It follows Can We Love.

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