[Korean Drama 2013] Secret 비밀 – Quotes and Narration

Compilation of Quotes and Narration of Korean Drama 비밀 “Secret” (Secret Love) 

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Episode 1

“I’ll stop hating you and start loving you again” – Seo Ji Hee-

“There’s no mighty man in front of money” -Jo Han Il (Jo Min Hyuk’s Father)-


Episode 2

“I will help everyone without money and power because people like that find their own way of survival” -Do Hoon-

“Step-by-step, climb to achieve your dream, it’s way too awesome. I can’t throw time away because of something unfair. My dream can only be achieved when you are with me. Delaying it for a little while won’t make it disappear.” -Yoo Jung-

“I Love you, more than I love myself. I trust you” -Yoo Jung-


Episode 3

“A man must be strong and upright before he can make his woman happy” -Do Hoon’s Father”

“Regret is only for those people who don’t have a future” -Yoo Jung-

“Let’s be sorry to that person who didn’t even have a moment to regret” -Yoo Jung-


Episode 4

“I’m learning the things I never got to try, so everyday I have new experiences'” -Yoo Jung-


Episode 5

“It hurts because while you’re still the same, I alone keep changing. Because I might forget you like this, because I might be that kind of monster … I’m scared, Ji Hee…” -Min Hyuk-

“When it rains it crawls out, and in the end dries up and die, that’s life” -Min Hyuk-

“Is the price of sin something that can be paid off like a debt? -Min Hyuk-

“What makes you angry? Think carefully, if it’s that you really miss Seo Ji Hee, or whether or not you’re trying to pass over your guilt to another person” -Se Yeon-

“The living person has to live. If you are able to surpass this adversity, there’s nothing you won’t be able to endure in the future” -Do Hoon’s Mother-

“Right now, the person that Yoo Jung needs is not a person to hold her hand & cry with her. She needs someone who’ll do anything to help her to re-focus and live again.” -Do Hoon’s Mother-

“Even if you are starving, you cannot attack your own master” -Min Hyuk-

“While I went to kill the stray dog, I discovered that the owner was a really bad man. If I only catch him, then the number of hungry people will diminish.” -Doo Hoon-

“If it’s too hard then one can give up, and if one fails then one can find other work.” -Doo Hoon-

“Whether it’s anger towards her or your guilt, it’s time for you to forgive” -Se Yeon-


Episode 6

“Try losing the most precious people without having a chance to do anything. How pathetically painful that is, shouldn’t you feel it too?” -Min Hyuk-

“What I’m embarrassed of, is what I had done to that person who passed away. I don’t think I paid off my sin, for my whole life I will never forget about it.” -Yoo Jung-

“You’re not really hurt, you’re just whining to let people see you’re hurting.” -Se Yeon-

“Don’t die. Without my permission, don’t die!” -Min Hyuk


Episode 7

“A woman dying because of me, I don’t want to see that anymore.” -Min Hyuk-

“If you give up because it’s hard, is there anything that can be done in the world?” -Do Hoon’s Father-

“The life you gave up, thanks to that… I didn’t even look any other way, I didn’t even think about anyone else, that’s how I lived. The dream you couldn’t fulfill, I wanted to accomplish it in place of you.” -Do Hoon-

“I thought about it, I tried to understand it too. If Min Hyuk you died, would I have done the same thing like you? I probably would have been like that for a while, getting angry and crying… But keep acting like this, it’s an obsession. To you and to Ji Hee, it’s a meaningless obsession that doesn’t do any good. For all you have done, even Seo Ji Hee would understand your heart, how sorry you are.
So stop it now… Taking out your anger on others.
What you’re doing to Yo Jung, it’s childish. If you make that weak woman crumble, do you think Ji Hee will be touched because you’re such a great person and she is grateful?” -Se Yeon-

“This book… Read this. The revenge started because of love… How it ends.” -Se Yeon-

“When you paint over a mistaken brush stroke to correct it, you end up not remembering what it was that you were trying to paint in the first place. In those cases, one must bravely change the canvas, but it’s difficult to do.” -Se Yeon-

“Regretting over the time spent to correct your mistake is human, it’s natural” -Do Hoon-

“Don’t talk like you know everything” -Yoo Jung-


Episode 8

“As a man, you should never run away” -Min Hyuk-

“Unlike someone, I don’t turn my back on a human life” -Min Hyuk-

“Be careful, there is a price to be paid for exceptional treatment” -Do Hoon’s work colleague-

“Time cannot turn back what I did wrong, but as much as I want to avoid it, I can’t run away” -Yoo Jung-

“Seeing her hurting, why do I hurt more?” -Min Hyuk-

“I crossed a patch of thin ice. What would happen if the ice cracked? What would happen to my parents who are watching me fall through the ice? I shake uncontrollably and wonder if I could ever go back. I came this far after crawling here one step at a time.” -Do Hoon-

“Worth is not absolute” -Se Yeon-

“Depending on the perspective of the observer, one can be an amazing or a useless person” -Do Hoon-

“Rather than there being none, isn’t it better if there is (love)?” -Kwang Soo-


Episode 9

“With your life on the line, try to keep that secret, Do Hoon. Because I will reveal it with my own hands” -Min Hyuk-

“If I was going to regret it, I would not have started it in the first place” -Se Yeon-

“I’m curious whether there is a secret in this world that can be kept forever (if there is)” -Min Hyuk-

“I didn’t avoid you out of fear, but because I didn’t want to see you” -Yoo Jung-

“It’s driving me crazy because you worry me so much. That’s why you must stay right next to me! -Min Hyuk-


Episode 10

“No one is born picking their parents. When a family is made, there is no picking” -Do Hoon-“


Episode 11

“I am sorry to see loved one pass.. I know it doesn’t happen only to me.” -Yoo Jung-

“We both gave up lots of things, but we began with different things in our hands. Since when was the world fair?” -Do Hoon-

“The world is not fair. But if you end it just by complaining (about it), then you’re the one who’s foolish” -Se Yeon-

“Regrets… will start from this moment. I will make it so that your heart is torn with regrets.” -Yoo Jung-

“I will not regret, I will not look back anymore” -Do Hoon-

 “If you take things away so easily, you won’t comprehend how precious these things are.” -Yoo Jung-

“I have debts that I need to pay to Min Hyuk, and debts that I must receive from Do Hoon” -Yoo Jung-

“You told me to do what you tell me. Until you tell me to leave, I will not go” -Yoo Jung-


Episode 12

“Don’t treat me like a worthless person” -Yoo Jung-

“The one who made me worthless is you, shackled by your great sacrifice, the one who is struggling is me!” Do Hoon-

“Don’t pull me down to your level. Are you afraid since you have so much to lose? -Yoo Jung-

“I won’t misunderstand… if you tell me not to” -Min Hyuk-

“There is no one who is really strong, who pretends to be strong” -Min Hyuk-


Episode 13

“The look in Min Hyuk’s eyes when he looks at that woman… it is love” -Se Yeon-

“If you are hurt more than the scar, then just say you are hurt” -Do Hoon-

“Because even if I see you like this, I feel like I could live” -Min Hyuk-

“You came all the way up here by your own will. Therefore you must take all the consequences and the responsibilities yourself. Don’t act like you’re the victim.” -Yoo Jung-

“A person who was going to leave, will eventually leave” -Yoo Jung-

“From now on, don’t kneel down anymore. If someone has to do it, it will be me” -Min Hyuk-

“One day, even if it’s only one day, I wanted to accept the boss’ heart. I wanted to hold that hand.” -Yoo Jung-


Episode 14

“That woman… I don’t want to lose her” -Min Hyuk-

“Even if I let go of everything else, I won’t let go of you.” -Min Hyuk-

Don’t think about anything else, just stay by my side… that’s all” -Min Hyuk-

“Rather than public recognition, isn’t the heart of the person you will be with, is more important? -Yoo Jung-

“I don’t regret breaking up with him. That I didn’t let him go earlier, is all I regret. Even while knowing that he didn’t love me, yet holding on stubbornly, is what I regret.” -Yoo Jung-

Holding onto a heart that has already left is not love, it’s obsession.” -Yoo Jung-

“Still that person… at least has sincerity” -Yoo Jung-

“I believe him. You… who can’t believe, are pitiful” -Yoo Jung-

“Isn’t betrayal too obvious”? -Kwang Min-

“Instead of looking for the way I can live, I wanted to protect people I wanted to protect. Not in a chivalry book, but in reality.” -Kwang Min-

“Nobody else made your life like this, so don’t blame the others so easily” -Yoo Jung-


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