She Was Pretty Quotes & Narration

Quotes and Narration from MBC romantic comedy drama She Was Pretty

*I’m still compiling the quotes, this page will be frequently updated with our favorite The Most-Like quotes from this drama 🙂 

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“Heroines don’t exist, only in movies & dramas. That’s what I thought” -Kim Hye Jin-

“In real life, some people are the main characters and some are the supporting casts. That’s what I thought” -Kim Hye Jin-

“I was just thinking that the main character might change depending on the point of view” -Ji Sung Joon-

“I was not confident enough to be a loser in front of my first love so in front of my first love that day, I became a hidden picture” -Kim Hye Jin-

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“I realize that having even just one friend in the world who stays by your side, making this world isn’t so lonely & that it can be this fun” -Ji Sung Joon-

“One day, let’s definitely meet again & finish the puzzle together” -Ji Sung Joon-

“At times things don’t turn out the way you would hoped but sometimes things turn out a whole lot better than expected” -Kim Hye Jin-

“I am sure bad things will happen too but it’ll only help me get successful” -Kim Hye Jin-

“Reality without any prior notice surpasses our expectations that’s why you cannot be caught off guard in life” -Kim Hye Jin-

“I don’t want to be a sock with a hole anymore” -Kim Hye Jin-

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“I am having fun right now” -Kim Shin Hyuk-

“Nothing stays a secret forever. If this secret is going to be revealed, I wish it be revealed in a Most-like way” -Kim Shin Hyuk-

“Let’s save the Most then nobody will have a reason to cry” -Kim Shin Hyuk-

“I may not be able to show you the best moment that I was thinking of right away but Hye Jin, will you still be able to stay by my side?” -Ji Sung Joon-

“Why don’t you try it instead of just being envious?” -Children book author-

“Before I met you, I did not know that it was possible to live so happily in this world. I want to make you feel the happiness that you made me feel for the rest of our lives” -Ji Sung Joon-

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