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We were surprised yet honor to receive nomination from Ikurate for Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Thank you for nominating us & huge thank you for continually posting our recap links in your site. We’re inspired by many KDrama bloggers who share their loves of Korean Drama to KDrama lovers like us. Because we’re not fluent in English & Korean, sometimes it’s a struggle but it’s been a fun journey =)

It took us almost two weeks to answer Ikurate’s questions – we’re so so sorry. So here are our answers (all were answered by me aka Dea) 😀

What is your go-to Kdrama?

Wonderful Life – the first KDrama which introduced me to the world of KDramaland. And Dong Yi – KDrama which brought me back to KDramaland after I stopped watching KDrama to focus on my studies.

What is your most memorable Kdrama “binge-watch”?

Torn between my first KSageuk experience Dae Jang Geum & Dong Yi. I marathoned these two dramas over the holiday and I re-watched it over & over again.

What is your favourite Kdrama scene?

King Lee Jae Ha proposed to Kim Hang Ah (The King 2Hearts). The best proposal scene I’ve ever seen in KDrama.

Which Kdrama actor/actress you would watch in anything?

Unfortunately, no KDrama actor/actress can save a bad (writing) drama. So noone. I won’t waste my precious time watching bad drama.

Which Kdrama actor/actress you cannot deal with?

I don’t have anyone on my *blacklist*, I love giving actor / actress a chance to improve their acting skill.

What is the worst Kdrama you have ever watched and finished?

Big. *sigh* I want my precious 16 hours back please.

What is the last Kdrama you could not finish?

Hyde Jekyll, I. One of my anticipated drama yet it burnt really badly. Stopped watching on episode 4.

What is your ideal Kdrama team (writer, director & main cast)?

PD Ahn Pan Seok, Scriptwriter Jung Sung Joo. I don’t mind about the casts as long as they’re good. Kim Hee Ae & Yoo Ah In were awesome in their previous project Secret Love Affair and I love Yoo Joon Sang, Yoo Ho Jeong, Lee Joon, Go Ah Sung, Jang Hyun Sung and Yoon Bok In in Heard It Through the Grapevine.

How do you choose a Kdrama to recap?

Depending on the writer, casts & how fast the English subtitles will be released. Plot plays the big part as well, the first four episodes will decide if I’m going to continue recapping the show or not.

Do you have a favourite Korean word/expression learnt after watching Kdramas?

문자 왔숑 (Secret Garden)


Our nominations (sadly some of them aren’t that active anymore, but we’re still nominating them for sharing their loves of KDrama & KVariety Shows):




– FunLifeFun



5 Questions we’d like our nominees to answer: 

1. Which KDrama introduced you to KDramaland?

2. What is your favorite KDrama OST / BGM?

3. Who is your favorite KDrama Scriptwriter and PD?

4. Twitter or Instagram or Facebook?

5. Black & Blue or Gold & White?




pictures credit: Ikurate

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