Song Jong Ho joins KBS weekend drama “All About Mom”

There’s a new addition in All About Mom family. Actor Song Jong Ho joins this KBS2 weekend family drama as JY Group’s design team leader Yoon Sang Hyeok. He’s the perfect KDrama character – handsome, popular and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Yoon Sang Hyeok had a crush with his former schoolmate Lee Hyeong Kyu‘s (Oh Min Sook) sister Lee Jin Ae (Eugene).


His appearance is needed for the drama’s plot development so I’m okay with love triangle and most likely his fierce competition with Hoon design. Will he give our OTP and Hoon Jae hard time or will he be the good considerate guy? Considering his past unrequited love, looks like he’ll do anything to win Jin Ae’s heart. Our OTP will have a rocky road ahead.


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