[Spoiler Pictures] Goddess of Marriage Episode 17 & 18

Spoiler Pictures

Hyun Woo arrives at Se Kyung’s place after her received her tearful phone call. Commotion outside her place as two policemen are arresting one mysterious guy.


Bruised, Injured & Hurt, Se Kyung, what happened?


GOM_Ep17_Spoiler_bc3 GOM_Ep17_Spoiler_bc4

Hyun Woo’s Warm Embrace & Shoulder Hug

GOM_Ep17_Spoiler_bc5 GOM_Ep17_Spoiler_bc6 GOM_Ep17_Spoiler_bc7 GOM_Ep17_Spoiler_bc8

Episode 17 Preview

Hye Jung confronts her husband in front of Mi Ra’s Gallery – Finally the three of them in one place, what will happen? This will be aired on Episode 18


Sang Soo’s “three different kinds of humiliation”


Episode 18 Preview

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