[Spoiler] Kang Chi the Beginning (Gu Family Book) Ending – My Rant

The first half of Gu Family Book’s finale is not bad, and I’m one of the rare fans who actually wanted Yeo Wool to die. (yes, I’m quite sadistic :D) I prefer sweet tragic love story like Wol Ryung & Seo Hwa.

So Yeo Wool’s death is not a huge surprise for me. And it’s done beautifully.


Things go really insane when they suddenly time-jump to the modern world (422 years later!). Lee Seung Gi looks really handsome in suits and so does Sung Joon; but the reincarnation plot is such a lazy writing, writer-nim. I get it that Kang Chi is still half-man half-beast who looks hot with his green eyes; and he still loves Yeo Wool even after more than 400 years; but *sigh* speechless. But I love it that they meet under the peach tree with the crescent moon. It’s the beginning of a new fate for them. =)



There are so many things that need to be explored / brought to closure here. Like clearing Lord Park’s name. Chung Jo and Tae Seo’s reclaiming their noble status back and they reclaim 100years inn. Admiral Lee Soon Shin’s plan and his turtle ship. Tae Seo and Yeo Wool’s engagement which anyone has never mentioned anything about this again. And obviously, the mysterious Gu Family Book. I get it that Kang Chi doesn’t care about the book anymore since Yeo Wool is no longer with him; however, the writer can at least give a simple closure about the book. Like, narration from Kang Chi / the monk that the book never exists or whatever.

—End of Rant—

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