[Spoiler Pictures] Goddess of Marriage Episode 28


Nam Sang Mi (Song Ji Hye), Kim Ji Hoon (Kang Tae Wook), Lee Sang Woo (Kim Hyun Woo) and Go Na Eun (Se Kyung) together at one place, their first face-to-face meeting, that will be aired on 29 September 2013 (episode 28).

Song Ji Hye comes to Se Kyung’s bridal shop to pick a wedding dress for her niece, Min Jung. I’m curious if Se Kyung will maintain her “coolness” and treat her like a customer or if she can’t contain herself and ask Ji Hye’s relationship with Hyun Woo. 

Coincidentally, Hyun Woo is at the bridal shop and it’s an awkward meeting between them as Hyun Woo keeps touching his forehead. Se Kyung carefully analyzes their gestures and everything. Meanwhile, Tae Wook also arrives at the shop to persuade Ji Hye to return to their villa!


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