[Spoiler] Screen Captures Goddess of Marriage Episode 23

Goddess of Marriage episode 23 screen captures (all taken from news articles ^^)

Episode 23 Nationwide Rating: 11.2% (↑ 2%).

Se Kyung’s Mom & Hyun Woo’s Mom Conflict – The reason why Se Kyung’s mom insisted Hyun Woo and Se Kyung must live in Cheongdamdong area & the villa which she’s prepared for them. And about the future generation’s education.


Hyun Woo’s Mom complaint about Se Kyung’s family. Why Se Kyung, Hyun Woo? She couldn’t believe a woman like Se Kyung’s Mom existed. She doesn’t believe Hyun Woo will be happy if he marries a woman from that kind of family.


Se Kyung’s plea: Hyun Woo, I will die if you leave me.


Ji Hye’s best friend Yun Soo who is 7 months pregnant, ran away from Jejudo after she fought with her husband who wanted her to abort the baby. She had nowhere to go, so Ji Hye invited her to stay at her house. The witch stormed in after she found out about it from the maid (who accidentally spilled the bean). Yun Soo decided it’s best for her to leave Ji Hye’s place although she has nowhere to go. The witch also found out from her friend that Ji Hye has secretly started working again, yelled at Ji Hye. Ji Hye yelled back at her mother-in-law, asking her to stop yelling and listen to her.


Tae Wook, sorry, but Ji Hye has enough. She asked for a divorce.


It seems like Hye Jung and Tae Jin won’t be able to save their marriage. There’s no more love, only bitterness and anger. He wanted to divorce her, but knew now is not the right time. He knew that his brother-in-law aka Hye Jung’s brother will go to prison instead of him. He told Hye Jung that she’s most foolish woman. Now, everyone in Korea knew about her past & “naked pictures”.


Hye Jung found out the secret about her ex-lover, Sang Hoon. He attempted suicide and is paraplegic. Mi Ra contacted her 8 years ago, begged her to visit Sang Hoon. But Hye Jung told her she didn’t know Sang Hoon.


Hye Jung’s heartfelt apology to her ex-lover


Eun Hee told Min Jung that Ye Seul’s grandmother is a wealthy chairwoman. He’s the owner of this coffee shop.


Seung Soo begged Eun Hee to give him the house’s deed. He told his wife that he’s now working at Ji Sun’s house for $5/hour. Eun Hee brought up his infidelity.


Ji Sun made her brother-in-law Seung Soo as the housekeeper, because he couldn’t pay living expenses as he’s now unemployed. He prepared breakfast for the family. Jung Soo was upset with the new arrangement and Ji Sun’s treatment to her brother-in-law.


Pic cr: Nate

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