[Spoiler] Screen Captures Goddess of Marriage Episode 24

Goddess of Marriage episode 24 screen captures (all taken from news articles ^^)

Episode 24 Nationwide Rating: 10.5% (↓ 0.7%).

Song Ji Hye asked for a divorce, but Kang Tae Wook refused to end their marriage.


Hyun Woo met Se Kyung’s grandparents who’re really sweet. Se Kyung’s mom still not satisfied with Hyun Woo’s background. She sensed that Hyun Woo doesn’t love Se Kyung as much as she does.


Se Kyung went home after her engagement party although her mom has reserved a hotel suite for her and Hyun Woo. Her mom told her that Hyun Woo’s mind was elsewhere (probably on his work or maybe another woman).


Se Kyung went to Hyun Woo’s room, she found picture of her fiance with another woman (Ji Hye)


Min Jung accepted Ye Seul’s marriage proposal and took him home to see her shocked parents and grandparents.


Seung Soo was able to negotiate his salary, and is now working at an English academy; teaching none other than his wife and Pil Ho. He’s jealous at his wife’s warm and polite treatment to this handsome cute guy.


Big crisis in Kang’s Household – their daughters-in-law rebellion. Ji Hye who’s been unwell due to over-stressed because of Tae Wook’s firm refusal to get divorce, must help the helpers to prepare meal. She looked really pale and then fainted. Meanwhile, Hye Jung told her father-in-law that she wanted to divorce Tae Jin.


Pic cr: Nate

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