[Spoiler] Screen Captures Goddess of Marriage Episode 25

Goddess of Marriage episode 25 screen captures (all taken from news articles ^^)

Episode 25 Nationwide Rating: 11.2%  (↑ 1.2%)

Hyun Woo drove Se Kyung home. Her mind was in disarray as she kept thinking about that picture, which she secretly stole.




Hye Jung came to Jang Hee Kyung’s (Park Tam Hee) house.


Tae Wook rushed to the hospital to see his wife, and wanted to know what happened so he called home. The helpers told him. His mother was with her friends.


Ye Seul took Min Jung to meet his grandmother.


Min Jung brought a very beautiful & expensive flower bouquet for Ye Seul’s grandmother


Tae Wook called Ji Sun the next morning, letting her know that Ji Hye’s hospitalized. She rushed to the hospital to see her younger sister.

The witch stormed in to Ji Hye’s room after finding out from her friend gynecologist that Ji Hye miscarried T__T She wanted to know why Ji Hye didn’t take a good care of herself and the baby. T__T Ji Hye who found out that she was pregnant and lost the baby at the same time, was visibly shocked and upset. *my interpretation of this scene was wrong, I really apologize for making my own assumption* after watching it with English Sub, Ji Hye wasn’t pregnant and not miscarried. But her mother-in-law thought that Ji Hye miscarried and blamed her for losing the baby. When Ji Sun told the Witch that Ji Hye didn’t have her monthly period after she got married, the witch thought Ji Hye knew about this prior to her marriage and blamed her as well. Ji Hye fainted because of extreme fatigue and dehydration.




Hye Jung will divorce her husband, although her father-in-law was trying to strike a new deal with her. Hye Jung packed her suitcases, took her two daughters with her and together they left the mansion.


After Ji Hye was released from the hospital, her sister took her to her home. (thank you Ji Sun!). She’s furious with Tae Wook and herself (for not taking a good care of her younger sister)


Se Kyung’s mom found out about Ji Hye and Hyun Woo’s picture! The start of Se Kyung and Hyun Woo’s relationship crisis…


Tae Wook found the text message Hyun Woo sent to Ji He. Ji Hye and Hyun Woo’s “secret” relationship has been discovered by people closest to them.


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