[Spoiler] Screen Captures Goddess of Marriage Episode 26

Goddess of Marriage episode 26 screen captures (all taken from news articles ^^)

Episode 26 Nationwide Rating: 11% [↓ 0.2%]


Tae Wook saw the text message Hyun Woo sent to Ji Hye. He decided to delete that text message, so when he gave this mobile phone to Ji Hye with the rest of her stuffs, Ji Hye was not aware that Tae Wook knew that she’s still keeping in touch with Hyun Woo.


Kang Man Ho asked his son Tae Jin to gently persuade Hye Jung to come home


Tae Jin came to Hye Jung’s apartment to convince her to return home. Hye Jung insisted she’d divorce him, they talked about the custody of their daughters.


The witch, Man Ho and Tae Jin were surprised when they watched the news that Hye Jung has filed in the divorce paper and she asked for 5000억 KRW divorce compensation.


The start of Eun Hee and Pil Ho flourishing romance?


Pil Ho finally knew that Seung Soo is Eun Hee’s husband as he kept following them like a stalker and Eun Hee accidentally yelled at her husband



Se Kyung’s mum didn’t allow Hyun Woo to meet Se Kyung.  She forbade Se Kyung to marry him.


Tae Wook called Hyun Woo and asked him to meet him


Hye Jung explained the reason she wanted to divorce Tae Jin and leave Kang’s household


The showdown between Ji Hye’s two men


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