[Spoiler] Screen Captures Goddess of Marriage Episode 31

Goddess of Marriage episode 31 screen captures (all taken from news articles ^^)

Episode 31 Nationwide Rating: 13.9% [↑ 2.7%]


Hong Hye Jung tells Ji Hye (one of) the reason she came back to the mansion – for her daughters’ sake. Ji Hye asked what made her changed her mind. Hye Jung asks her for not blaming her.


Because she’s lost against her powerful daughter-in-law, now she’s luring her maknae daughter-in-law – asks her to give birth to a son, the heir of Shin Young Group. She wants Ji Hye to be on her side.


Se Kyung arrived at Hyun Woo’s office just as he’s been arrested by prosecutor Seong Jin. She almost collapsed, and then she begs her mum to help Hyun Woo.


Tae Jin is shocked when he found out his wife has been appointed as SY Group Vice President.


Tae Wook is frustrated with his useless, powerless elder brother who hides in the hotel, as he tells him that Hyun Woo’s company is now entangled in his slush fund case.


Nam Mi Ra is shocked, angry, upset when she found out Hye Jung has been appointed as Shin Young Group’s Vice President. So she picks up her phone, and calls Prosecutor Seong Jin.


War declaration between Hye Jung & Seong Jin – Seong Jin is also shocked when he heard the news about Hye Jung’s appointment, but he still wants to pursue Tae Jin’s corruption case until the end. He believes Hye Jung has made a big mistake as she will also be entangled in this case.


Pil Ho’s proposal and surprise kiss – he invites her to go to San Francisco with him as he’s just been promoted (ironically, it mirrors the conversation lesson they had at their English class). Truthfully, he tells her the reasons why he likes her and what he can do to her and her son.

Pic cr: Nate


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