[Spoiler] Screen Captures Goddess of Marriage Episode 32

Goddess of Marriage episode 32 screen captures (all taken from news articles ^^)

Episode 32 Nationwide Rating: 12% [↓ 1.9%]


Kang Tae Wook visits Hyun Woo, apologizes on behalf of his family, especially his brother. He tells him that his family will definitely pay the price for all the mistakes they committed. He believes Hyun Woo will only receive a light punishment. Throwing away his pride, Tae Wook confesses he feels sorry for his wife who has everything (her freedom, her family & friends, the job she really liked, and the man she really loved) taken away from her after she married him.


Eun Hee tells Ji Sun (who listens with envy and jealousy) about Pil Ho’s proposal and his surprise kiss.


No longer the obedient, perfect daughter-in-law since she returned home and appointed as the Group’s Vice President, now Hye Jung blames her mother-in-law for the slush fund case. Hye Jung believes the witch brought down the whole group because she over-protected Tae Jin.


Se Kyung’s Mum and Hyun Woo’s Mum finally erupted – it looks like their children will never walk down the aisle. Their engagement will end on their mothers’ hands


Yeon Joo has just given birth to a pretty daughter, the hospital called her husband Dae Han and he comes to Seoul. He’s scared that his daughter will grow up like him (a rocker, smoker, etc). He initially doesn’t want to see his baby daughter, but Ji Hye encourages him to meet his daughter, telling him that she’ll grow up into a fine woman.


Pil Ho tells Seung Soo about his marriage proposal, Seung Soo confronts Pil Ho, telling him that Eun Hee legally is still a married woman.


Hye Jung tearfully begs her husband to come back to her – to stay with her again – to return to their kids.



Tae Wook is panicked & shocked when he found out about Ji Hye’s accidental overdose on sleeping pills as she’s been suffering from insomnia; anti-depressants & tranquilizers because of her worsen panic attacks. Ji Hye has secretly visited psychiatrist who prescribed her these anti-depressants pills.

Pic cr: Nate

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