[Spoiler] Screen Captures & Video Goddess of Marriage Episode 36 Preview

Goddess of Marriage Episode 36 Video Preview

Ji Hye: This is a story about 4 married women. Who was the one that married the best? Who would be the Goddess of Marriage who married the best amongst them all? I wrote the question, each is asking and answering into a novel.
Hye Jung: Our problem was always conviction. Having a conviction is a good thing. It helps you determine a direction to your path, when you’re muddling through life’s path unable to decide. Of course it makes you pay the price as well.
Hyun Woo: [Excerpt from the poem] “Have you been well?” I’ve been filled with the thought of you. What can I do to make you happy? I’ve been thinking only of that. Please accept this thought with gentleness and warmth.”
Ji Hye: Hello?
Book title: Goddess of Marriage
The Witch: This is your ex-Mother-in-law! Do you think I’ll leave you alone? I, was released on a sick bail.

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Screen Captures:






Song Ji Hye’s novel title is 결혼의 여신 (Goddess of Marriage ^^)

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