[Spoiler] The Blade and Petal Ending – Screencaps (I)

The Blade and Petal ended its run with 5.3% viewership rating; a disappointing rating for this beautifully directed & acted (except NMW and PSJ, imho they tried hard, but still not good enough) drama. The ending…. it’s predictable…

Lousy ending? Yes!

Too many questions on my mind, so I’ll stop here. I’m not going to complain about NMW who stole the last very important scenes where the King, the ministers, his father and the others stood there like stones as they watched him did all these cruelty without doing anything!

Thank you The Beautiful Flowers team for subbing this drama. You’re the best!

BladePetalFinalEp_bc1 BladePetalFinalEp_bc2

BladePetalFinalEp_bc3 BladePetalFinalEp_bc4

BladePetalFinalEp_bc6 BladePetalFinalEp_bc7

BladePetalFinalEp_bc8 BladePetalFinalEp_bc9  BladePetalFinalEp_bc10-1 BladePetalFinalEp_bc11

BladePetalFinalEp_bc12 BladePetalFinalEp_bc13 BladePetalFinalEp_bc14 BladePetalFinalEp_bc15

BladePetalFinalEp_bc16 BladePetalFinalEp_bc17 BladePetalFinalEp_bc18 BladePetalFinalEp_bc19


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