[Style] Han Groo (Joo Jang Mi) Bags ~ Marriage, Not Dating Episode 7

Joo Jang Mi owns a lot of handbags ~ sometimes she uses three – five different bags on one episode. Maybe because she’s working in a department store, she can purchase the bags using a staff discount. ^-^

 photo HanGroo_JangMiBag_MNDEp7_bc1_zps88eb3b0f.jpg

L’inouï Helen 2 Premium Monroe (1,080,000 KRW [~ $1050])

 photo HanGroo_JangMiBag_linoui_MNDEp7_bc1_zps7f631029.jpg


Alviero Martini 1ª Classe Tote Bag (1,098,000 KRW [~ $1065])

 photo HanGroo_JangMiBag_alvieromartini_MNDEp7_bc1_zps8aa77d5d.jpg

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