[Drama 2015] Sweet Savage Family


Title: Sweet Savage Family 달콤한 패밀리
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: 18 November 2015 – TBA
Air Time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 22:00 KST
PD: Kang Dae Sun (Golden Rainbow, I Do I Do, My Princess)
Writer: Son Geun Joo (Mom is Acting Up)
Official Website
Production House: Taewon Entertainment

Brief Synopsis

Outside his home, Yoon Tae Soo is an entertainment gang boss. But at home, he’s a normal husband & father living with his nagging wife, mother and troublemaker son.


Teaser 1


Sweet Family Jung Joon HoSweet Family Moon Jeong HeeSweet Family Jung Woong InSweet Family Yoo SunSweet Family Kim Eung Soo
Jung Joon HoMoon Jeong HeeJung Woong InYoo SunKim Eung Soo
as Yoon Tae Soo [42]as Kim Eun Ok [42]as Baek Ki Bum [42]as Lee Do Kyung [42]as Baek Man Bo [70]

Yoon Tae Soo’s & Kim Eun Ok’s Family

Tae Soo's MomSondaughterSon Ga Young
Oh Mi YeonLee Min HyukKim Ji MinSon Ga Young
as Lee Choon Boon [65]as Yoon Sung Min [18]as Yoon Soo Min [15]as Kim Eun Sil [27]

People Around Baek Mon Bo

Ji Soo WonJo Dal HwanKim KwonChoi Min ChulKim Shin
as Oh Mi Ran [50]as Bong Jin Wook [39]as Lee Jun Seok [30]as Kang Seong Gu [38]as Song Young Il [30]

Lee Do Kyung’s Family

as Baek Hyun Ji [18]


Relationship Chart

 photo 76751675-3323-42d9-a26a-0569273aee89_zpsyjth0xrs.jpg

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