Sweet Savage Family Episode 3 Brief Recap

Someone please give Yoon Tae Soo a big bear hug because this man really needs the assurance hug that everything will be okay. Ki Bum and an unexpected situation force him to commit a crime he’ll regret for the rest of his life. As a family man, he carries the burden alone – doesn’t want his family to be affected by this whole incident. Ki Bum should learn how to be a great family man that his family can depend on from his good friend.

Episode 3 Brief Recap

It’s a very nerve-wrecking moment for Tae Soo and Eun Ok watching the officers walking closer to their car. It won’t be long until CEO Son’s body is discovered.

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But suddenly they hear a loud gun shot! The armed soldier who went missing shoots & blows up the police cars. The officer who refused Tae Soo’s bribe enters the car, begging him to chase that crazy guy because he has a grenade and is possibly going to the supermarket where his ex-girlfriend works. Eun Ok is shocked because this supermarket is close to their children’s school!

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Tae Soo steps on the gas, speeds up to chase this guy. They overtake him by taking a shortcut (thanks to Eun Ok who knows this area really well) but refuse to stop the crazy guy’s vehicle, especially when the officer says they’ll be okay but can’t guarantee the trunk! Both Tae Soo and Eun Ok yell out – not the trunk! When the crazy guy pulls out his gun to shoot them, Tae Soo finally puts a break to stop the armed soldier’s vehicle. As expected, his car’s trunk is hit from behind but he helps the officials to arrest him who planned to go to his ex-girlfriend’s workplace.

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Brave citizen Tae Soo is hailed as a hero. His neck is sore and he tries his best to protect the trunk who can’t be closed as he’s being interviewed on the spot. He then collapses on top of the trunk as instructed by his wife.

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They go to the police station where Eun Ok begs Tae Soo to confess but he argues the timing isn’t right. They bump into police Chief who knows Eun Ok from the  neighborhood watch team and invites Tae Soo for Brave citizen award at the ceremony next week. Eun Ok lies they’re here in case more details about today’s incident is needed, earning this couple more praise from the Chief.

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They hurriedly drive to a secluded place and dig to hide the body. Because Tae Soo’s hurting his back, he can’t really do anything here. He even accidentally unwraps the plastic around CEO Son’s body when he tries to lift it up to bury it.

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Whilst looking at the picture of shocked Tae Soo and Eun Ok, Ki Bum recalls the terrifying moment when he choked CEO Son’s to death last night. His hands were full of blood.

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He then went to Do Kyung’s restaurant albeit it’s already closed – begging her to see his daughter who missed him. Do Kyung replied she’ll ask their daughter first. When he brought up about Tae Soo meeting her, she’s annoyed her ex-husband was spying on her. He mocked Tae Soo, warned her that this man’s happy life will be over soon.

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Eun Ok is worried about their kids and their bleak future – up to 7 years jail and criminals label which won’t go away for the rest of their lives. Tae Soo wants to take full responsibility if their crime is revealed, ordering his wife to wipe this incident from her memory forever. But Eun Ok wants them to confess because all secrets will always be revealed in the end. In frustration, she cries out wanting her life back after suffering living as a gangster’s wife for the past 18 years. T_T After calming themselves down at the love motel, they finally go home. Their family throw a surprise party for heroic Tae Soo but Eun Ok goes straight to the bedroom. This whole incident is too traumatic to her.

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Yoon Tae Soo’s heroic action not only saved innocent citizen’s lives, it’s also worth one billion won for his upcoming movie’s advertising. Chairman Baek is over the moon. But he notices CEO Son isn’t here to celebrate this good news with them, ordering Tae Soo to bring the CEO to assemblyman’s meeting tomorrow.

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Panicked & worried Tae Soo reveals what happened with CEO Son to Ki Bum, begging him to buy some time (for Chairman Baek to postpone the meeting with the assemblyman) until he finds CEO Son’s killer. Ki Bum agrees because they’re friends, right?

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Madam Oh praises One Heart’s team leader Eun Ok who feels another burden has been added to her heavy shoulder. Her day goes from bad to worse when Do Kyung blurts out she met Tae Soo briefly, they were each other’s first love. Madam Oh reminds her group that a relationship between a man and a woman is not always a romantic relationship and they should respect each other’s past relationship.

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After finding out from Madam Oh about the assemblyman’s meeting tomorrow, Eun Ok brings Chairman Baek’s favorite kimchi but he can’t have it under Madam Oh’s watchful eyes. Chairman Baek senses Eun Ok has a favor to ask so she reveals it’ll be best to let Tae Soo and the team to produce the movie without politician’s help. He’s almost convinced it’s a great idea but Madam Oh quickly changes his mind.

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Although Chairman Baek says he trusts Tae Soo, he orders his son to find out about CEO Son. From PD Bong they find out CEO Son disappeared a day after he received 3 billion won and that Seoul wasn’t the safe place for him anymore. PD Bong feels his life is in danger so he tells them the truth, including Tae Soo’s request to produce a movie for 1 billion won.

Whilst looking at the pictures of him and Eun Ok burying CEO Son’s body, Tae Soo receives a text from his daughter to buy an ice cream. He sighs but still buys it for his family who continues reminding him about his heroic act.

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Chon Boon points out she saw CEO Son with Ki Bum few days ago, she vividly remembers this good looking man whom she predicted a fortune for him on the phone. Thanks Mom! Tae Soo quickly finds out where they were and goes to the casino where they met but he’s kicked out! His underlings find the place where Ki Bum tortures people, they find a clue there! A rope that was most likely used to tie CEO Son. Kang Seong Gu is suspicious Ki Bum killed CEO Son then put the body on his trunk but Tae Soo isn’t convinced.

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Ki Bum finally meets with his daughter whom he almost couldn’t recognize as they last saw each other 9 years ago. She knows dad has been going on blind dates but will only approve a woman who’s better & prettier than her mom which she believes doesn’t exist. Ki Bum is very sorry for his daughter… for everything. But Hyun Ji coolly tells dad to write down whatever he wanted to say so he wouldn’t be nervously babbling like tonight.

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Tae Soo reminiscences their fun past together where they had no worries. But now he has his family, a heavy burden on his shoulder which makes everyday’s living so hard. He reminds Ki Bum that they’re more than friends – they’re brothers so please stop his prank now! He punches Ki Bum before throwing the rope with blood on it, telling him he should get rid of it before someone found it! He then helps Ki Bum to get up, begging him to explain the whole incident to Chairman Baek.

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Instead of confessing his crime, Ki Bum sends photos of CEO’s son body in Tae Soo’s trunk to his father who quickly calls his trusted man. Tae Soo explains it’s true CEO Son is dead and he buried his body. Ki Bum panicky enters the room as if he only found out about this incident today, advising Tae Soo to tell the truth to his father.

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Frustrated Tae Soo begs Ki Bum to stop this – he’s done more than enough and it’s now his time to pay back his favor. Ki Bum continues pretending he knows nothing while Tae Soo also insists he’s innocent. Chairman Baek is furious these two friends keep blaming each other – who killed CEO Son? So he let Tae Soo go.

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In front of his son, Chairman Baek scolds him for doubting Tae Soo. Even a doctor won’t prescribe a medicine without a diagnosis so Chairman Baek goes to see Tae Soo’s loyal, smart & sportive man Song Young Il who’s been working under him for 5 years. Seong Gu on the other hand, interrogates and beat up Ki Bum’s underling & Kyung Mi’s husband – making Ki Bum erupts in anger and warns his father Tae Soo will beat them up too. But Chairman Baek points out his son doesn’t know Tae Soo, advising him to stay put. Chairman Baek burns the pictures his son sent him later that night.

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Tae Soo walks home feeling defeated but he messes up his clothes & hair as usual before coming home to Eun Ok who’s sleeping in the living room. He wakes her up, assuring her everything will be okay. 🙁 He then stares at the praying girl’s picture, the words in that picture: keep us safe today.

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Tae Soo is escorted to see Chairman Baek the next morning. Eun Ok feels uneasy despite Tae Soo’s assuring smile. Chairman Baek reveals he trusts Tae Soo and it’s not that important how CEO Son disappeared because he still has reliable Tae Soo by his side. Tae Soo is relieved. Then Chairman Baek brings up trust and the fact he invested in the movie because he trusted him so he forces Tae Soo to sign IOU (I Owe You) for 3 billion won! Tae Soo refuses because he never even saw this money, begging CEO Baek to reconsider as he’s worked really hard serving him for years.

Chairman Baek intimidates him, are you disobeying me now?

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Tae Soo is boldly walking out but is stopped by the guards. He begs Chairman Baek to let him go but he’s stopped & forced to kneel down. Suddenly, Eun Ok bursts in!

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