Scholar Who Walks the Night Casts Share Pictures from Last Filming

Scholar Who Walks the Night ends tonight. The casts pulled all-nighter, endured live-shooting during hot summer season and I’m grateful for all their hard work. Thank you everyone. Hopefully you can catch up on your sleep & enjoy your well deserved rest 🙂

Some pictures from the last day filming the casts shared on their IG. Going to miss them sooo much.

Lee Jun Ki thanked the viewers who watch this drama from the beginning to the end. Great news, he’ll join V app today to celebrate the end of SWWN. So if you haven’t installed this application on your phone yet, install it now 😀
 photo SWWN_IG_bc2_zpsuxano515.jpg

Two Sexy Vampires
 photo SWWN_IG_bc3_zpsz1hkrrvf.jpg

King “wannabe” & the King
 photo SWWN_IG_bc4_zpsmdvoeqkz.jpg

The Queen with her dad

 photo SWWN_IG_bc11_zpswqwtsrgq.jpg

Gwi with Yang Sun & Soo Hyang 🙂

 photo SWWN_IG_bc5_zps1upt0mb4.jpg

 photo SWWN_IG_bc6_zpsffnjgm64.jpg

 photo SWWN_IG_bc7_zps4qmkswio.jpg

 photo SWWN_IG_bc8_zps4y7xz50r.jpg

 photo SWWN_IG_bc1_zpsncxantxh.jpg

 photo SWWN_IG_bc9_zpslxm9tm6r.jpg

Power Rangers? ^-^

 photo SWWN_IG_bc10_zpsnnwrha8p.jpg

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