The Blade and Petal Episode 2 Mini Recap

Episode 2 Mini Recap

Princess Moo Young grabs an apple, put it above her head and her hero, the sharpshooter Yeon Choong with his eyes covered shoots his arrows. Two arrows land on her left and right’s side. The crowd cheer for  him.

Now, the dangerous performance. Can he precisely shoot the apple?

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If he can, then he will share half of his earning to her.

He shoots another two arrows and both land extremely close to Princess Moo Young.

The crowd, even Princess Moo Young hold their breath. It’s either do-or-die.


Bulls eyes! Precisely, the arrow pierces through the heart of the apple.

As promised, Princess Moo Young receives half of his earning. She gives it back to Yeon Choong because she believe he needs it more than her. But Yeon Choong has made a promise and for him, a promise is a promise. So you can keep it, Princess. And farewell.

But Princess is not going anywhere. She asks why Yeon Choong is using his good talent for a mere street performance. He can use his skill for good cause (ie. a bodyguard).

The palace is currently recruiting new palace guards. Anyone over 15 years old with good martial art skills, regardless of their class may try. Slaves? Of course they can. Yeon Choong remembers his first face-off meeting with the woman who made his heart flutter. And he remembers Jang called her “Princess”.

Back in the palace, King Yeong Nyu is going to send Crown Prince to Tang to calm them down, to let them know that they don’t want war and to express their grief about the attack. The ministers are perplexed that they are going to send a delegation (royalty delegation) to Dynasty who attacked Goguryeo.

But King Yeong Nyu advises them that reaching out in peace to an enemy is not disgrace.

In the midst of this discussion, Yeon Gaesomun doesn’t say anything.

The 49 people who have passed the first test for the palace guard are receiving their briefing about the next test. They will be divided into 7 teams of 7.

Only 1 out of 7 teams can go through to the final test. And the only person who’ll pass the final test will be selected as a palace guard.

Princess is peeking at these 49 men and she’s happy when she catches a glimpse of Yeon Choong there.

Back in the palace, the ministers are blaming the weak Prime Minister and inisit to elect the new Prime Minister. But King Yeong Nyu shuts them up by telling them that he’s still going to send Crown Prince to Tang to prevent war. He’s trying to buy time here.

Obviously none of the ministers knew the deal between King Yeong Nyu and Yeon Gaesomun.

The key preparation for their confrontation with Tang is to hurry the construction of wall between their borders. And the best person to oversee this construction is none other than Yeon Gaesomun.

This makes the great leader Yeon Gaesomun to speak up. He tells the King that he can’t make the decision himself. He has to wait for the decision from the ministers and the Prime Minister.

In the prison, all groups of palace guard’s candidate are fighting against the prisonners, so their group can proceed to the final round. But it’s not easy as the prisonners are given a prize that if they win against these candidates, they’ll be freed.

King Yeong Nyu is told by his loyal adviser that if they elect new Prime Minister, this Prime Minister will definitely try to start war with Tang. Hence, to prevent this, they must protect the current Prime Minister and install the Crown Prince. It will be good to send the newly crowned Crown Prince as Goguryeo delegation to Tang.

Meanwhile, the ministers whinge about King’s decision to send General Yeon far away. They believe Tang’s attack is the golden opportunity for them and obviously, these stubborn ministers want a new Prime Minister. Everything will be solved with the new Prime Minister. They can easily send a different general to oversee the wall construction.

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While the ministers are talking, Yeon Gaesomun keeps his silence. He’s sitting (lying) sideways, doesn’t even bother to look at the ministers. Like a boss who’s listening to his employees’ whinges.

When he finally opens his mouth, he doesn’t really give any advice. He just tells them that if that what it takes to keep Goguryeo standing. And he goes to sleep.

Somewhere in the mountain, Yeon Choong is part of the only group who’s passed the second round test. He just needs to pass the final test and he’ll become King, Crown Prince and Princess’ personal guard.

The test:

1. Shoot the bow with the same color (that’s given to them earlier) while crossing the cliff

2. Swim the ocean

3.  Raise the flag

The first person who raises the flag of the same color will win.

Yeon Choong is having a hard time as the wound on his arm is still not fully healed. But he remembers his mom’s last words to live his life to the fullest, to become a military officer, not a slave.

Someone on his group hits his wounded arm and he falls down. Princess Moo Young is looking from far away.


But Yeon Choong perseveres, he keeps running until he arrives at the cliff. They have to jump and climb on the cliff across from where they’re standing now. Everyone on his group hesitates. Nobody wants to jump across and grab that rope. That’s crazy.

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Brave Yeon Choong jumps and successfully grabs the rope. He holds on tight and starts to climb up. Everyone else follows his action. This endurance test is not an easy one as his groupmate holds on to Yeon Choong’s foot and drags him down.

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Someone successfully shoots the arrow and it has red flag on it. Yeon Choong is now leading. Now he just needs to grab the red flag and he’ll win.

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He finds the red flag; but gosh this test is really difficult as he needs to release the red flag which is located deep underwater. So he dives, but when he almost reach the red flag, suddenly his body can’t handle all the pressure anymore, he faints and sinks deeper.

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But someone is swimming towards him. That’s Princess Moo Young. She grabs the red flag and takes the unconscious Yeon Choong with her.


She raises the flag for him. Victory!

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Princess Moo Young is able to take the unconscious Yeon Choong back to the shore and Shi Woo is wondering why she did that. Does it because, she likes him?

She says that she’s worried and pity him; and if want to help means she has a feeling for him, then yes. *such a vague answer* 😀

Shi Woo asks what does she know about him that she keeps him deeply in her heart.

Princess asks him back if he has kept someone in his heart. And if he keeps her inside his heart because he knows her well. She tells him that people’s heart can move first even before they get to know that person. *love at first sight, spot on!*

And she also mentions that she wants Yeon Choong by her side, because he has great martial art skills.

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Yeon Choong is giving up his prize because he believe he cheated. So he’s leaving.

But do you think the Princess will stay put? Of course not.

She’s chasing after him.

Her persistence melts his heart so he decides to stay back.

When asked why he gave up the palace guard’s position, he tells her that he didn’t claim the victory on his own.

Princess asks if he’s done any dishonest things in the past. He doesn’t answer her question, but he tells her that he appreciates her kindness, but he can’t accept it. As it feels like he tried to take advantage of her kindness.

Princess tells him that he only cares about himself, his own feelings. He doesn’t consider feelings of the other person who show him kindness.

Back in the palace, King Yeong Nyu is addressing the rumor about Tang preparing for war. He believe someone pillaged with Tang. And he’ll investigate this culprit who pillaged with Tang.

A messenger informs the King about this culprit. He tells him that the culprit is someone who’s going to gain profit from the pillage.

He dismisses the ministers, but asks Prime Minister to stay back. When the Prime Minister apologizes and asks him to take his life, King knows that he doesn’t want to die, yet. So he’s giving him another chance. To take control of the current problems.


Prime Minister knows the root behind all these rumors and troubles. So he sends spies and killers to Yeon Gaesomun’s chamber.


But General Yeon is one-step ahead from the Prime Minister. Farewell, Prime Minister Hae Tae Soo.

So now, they are forced to elect the new Prime Minister.

The ministers who’re on General Yeon’s side obviously want the Prime Minister who’ll be on their side, because if not, King can easily join hands with the newly elected Prime Minister and send General Yeon to Cheolli Jangseong (wall between Goguryeo & Tang)

Yang Moon (politically neutral faction) is close to King Yeong Nyu, so these minister plan to bring him to their side at all costs. But Yang Moon is against Yeon Gaesomun. So King Yeong Nyu also needs to take action and bring him to their side.

Princess Moo Young offers to visit Yang Moon who’s confining himself at his home.

She asks General Yang to reconsider. She is aware that General Yang thought King Yeong Nyu and Yeon Gaesomun killed Prime Minister.

But as the Princess is now at his place, he knows that King Yeong Nyu didn’t do it. However, he did join hands with General Yeon to appoint Crown Prince. Although King Yeong Nyu didn’t have any choice, but he still broke the principal and crossed the line.

Princess asks is there any line that shouldn’t be crossed in politic?

And when General Yang links hand with General Yeon because he’s disappointed with King Yeong Nyu, he also break the principle. It’s the same, right? So what will he choose.

In the palace, Yeon Choong greets Princess Moo Young and gracefully tells her that he accepted her kindness and now is her personal guard.


She pours her heart out to Yeon Choong. He asks why she’s very interested in the political affair. She tells him because it’s linked to her family.

It makes her asking him about his own family. He tells her that his father is alive, but it doesn’t mean they are family. In his heart, he no longer has father.

Princess Moo Young then tells him about the person who’s objecting her father, Yeon Gaesomun. She really hates this person who brings ordeal to Goguryeo and he needs to be killed to bring peace to this country. She believe her father will handle Yeon Gaesomun himself.

General Yeon is trying to talk to General Yang, but he refuses his visitation.

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Finally, the day everyone’s been waiting for. The election for the new Prime Minister. 78 noblemen are eligible to cast their votes.


The candidates are Yeon Jung Ro (Yeon Gaesomun’s side) and Seon Hwa Young (King Yeong Nyu’s side).


The votes so far are neck and neck. Everyone is anxiously waiting for General Yang to cast his vote. Princess Moo Young asks Yeon Choong to go to the hall.

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He chooses King Yeong Nyu’s side. However, everyone behind him (his “supposed to be” loyal followers) choose Yeon Gaesomun’s side.

Flashback to General Yeon’s and his followers threatening General Yang’s followers (noblemen). All their secrets will be spilled out if they choose to be on General Yang’s side.


After a very intense election, the newly Prime Minister is General Yeon Jeong Ro.


As the Prime Minister is delivering his acceptance speech, General Yeon leaves the hall. But his steps stop when newly elected Prime Minister tells him that he must oversee the wall’s construction.


Ha, daebak. The new Prime Minister is a traitor!

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Yeon Choong arrives at the hall. His second meeting with his father. Nobody speaks anything, as usual.

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King Yeong Nyu is congratulating Prime Minister. He knew that Prime Minister’s family broke so many national laws and King warns the Prime Minister doesn’t qualify for this position. But his secret is safe as long as he’s sided with the King.


Back in the hall, Yeon Gaesomun asks why Yeon Choong is in the palace. He says that it’s his own decision and he’ll faithfully fulfill his duty. Yeon Gaesomun offers his advice that in this world there are two paths, one we should take and the other one is the path that we shouldn’t take. But Yeon Choong coldly tells him that he thought he doesn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore.

Princess Moo Young enters the hall and is surprised to see Yeon Gaesomun and Yeon Choong there.

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