The Legend of the Blue Sea Quotes & Narration

This page will be frequently updated with quotes & narration from SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama The Legend of the Blue Sea


Episode 1

“They said mermaids only erase memories that they want to erase. However, it would be better not to take that hand because the worlds that a human and mermaid live in are clearly different whether it’s good or bad destiny. What use is it to form ties with it?” -The wise old villager-

Wait is a word that means something good is going to happen. A word that even when, like a wave, I go somewhere far away for a bit, my friend will find me. A word that even when there is something scary like a shark swimming around, you don’t have to be scared or look around” -Shim Chung-


Episode 2

“It was a fated bond that shouldn’t have been made but since it’s already been made, that fated bond will definitely continue. They will meet again.” -The wise old villager-

“You told me not to be afraid but are you not the one who’s afraid?” -Shim Chung-

“Do you know what I hate the most? Leaving without saying goodbye!” -Heo Joon Jae-

“My hand… you could’ve left me but you held it several times. You are a good person” -Shim Chung-

“I have taken and ran away many times but this is the first time I’m giving back something I’ve taken” -Heo Joon Jae-

“Let’s go together… to the end of the world” -Heo Joon Jae-

“If you love someone… that means you surrender – you lost. In other words, if you love someone then you believe whatever he tells you” -Heo Joon Jae-

“There is a legend that people who separated from here will surely meet again. Probably because even though this is the end of the world, this is also where another world begins.” -Heo Joon Jae’s Mom-

“If I’m not strange and have a name, if I were such a person, I could continue to be with you” -Shim Chung-


Episode 3

“I don’t want to leave you. I don’t want to protect & like another girl” -Young Kim Dam Ryung-

“He (that child) knew the mermaid would definitely appear to save him who can’t swim. But he did not know an important detail: mermaids have a special ability – that by kissing a human, they can erase memories of themselves from that person. Just like that… the mermaid disappeared like sea foam from the child’s memories”

“If all you do is earning money from morning to dusk then when do we live happily?” -Shim Chung-

“Even through the windy rainstorm, even though the sun may be burning down on me, though I am lonely and without anyone by my side and even if it’s somewhere I have never been before, I will endure it all and be sure to go to you. I love you” -Shim Chung-


Episode 4

“The mermaid who can only love once in her lifetime stakes her life on that one love”

“Protecting others comes after protecting yourself” -Heo Joon Jae-

“Usually good & pretty things disappear quickly so with your eyes, look at it well & then keep it in your heart.” -Joon Jae’s Mom-

“A name comes from the feeling when you look at that person – the image of that person” -Jo Nam Doo-


Episode 5

“Flowers in this world have their own special meanings behind it… something that you have but I don’t – it is memories” -Kim Dam Ryung-

“I had a dream. Inside that dream, I’m living in a strange world where you are also there. I painted you & me from what I saw in my dream. I don’t know exactly if that’s just a dream, a hallucination or if I’m seeing the future of another world. But one thing is certain that the things that are happening now will also happen at that time, just like that… strangely – the fact that this fate is repeating again” -Kim Dam Ryung-

“Before you worrying about others, worry about yourself! Take care of your own body first” -Heo Joon Jae-

“How can there be a ‘take’ when there’s no ‘give’?…. The world doesn’t work like that” -Heo Joon Jae-

“I will wait until ‘next time’ because I’m good at waiting” -Shim Chung-

“A parasite is sponging off someone else while marriage is living with each other because you want each other” -Cha Si Ah-

“A promise exists to be kept”

“I traveled such a distance with my eyes on one guys – I’m not asking for much. I just want to live with him, loving each other & being there for each other not sponging off of him” -Shim Chung-


Episode 6

“A friend is a person who ends up believing whatever nonsense were told. If he has a lover, this friend will save her together as well” -Dam Ryung’s friend-

“So family are like red-bean fish-pastry :D. They look alike, just like fish-pastry and they’re warm & sweet” -Shim Chung-

“Give & take – this man gave another man a kick in the leg so I gave him a kick in the leg!” -Shim Chung-

“I will keep her in my heart no matter how much it hurts because I can love her even if it hurts. More than not being able to love and remember my daughter, I’d rather love & remember her even if it hurts.” 


Episode 7

“In my dream, we’re born again – we met again & were together. You came from far away ocean to meet me. Although I couldn’t remember you, you were already in my heart” -Kim Dam Ryung-

“Jealousy is the fastest path to love” -Mermaid Yoo Jeong Hoon-


Episode 8

“There’s no human on earth who can accept our existence the way we are. The guy you claim to love would be the same hence get a hold of yourself & never be found out” -“Mermaid Yoo Jeong Hoon-

“People who lie either cannot meet your eye, stutter or touch their ears. At times, they touch their lips or cross their arms to take a defensive posture” -Mermaid Yoo Jeong Hoon-

“How long my heart will last?” -Shim Chung-

“Liking another person (in just a few days) is the most difficult thing in the world” -Heo Joon Jae-

“The easiest thing in the world is getting disappointed by another person. Even after liking someone after his/her outer appearance, one will quickly be disappointed. That’s how human beings are” -Heo Joon Jae-

“For me, loving someone is the easiest thing to do. Even when I tried so hard not to, I couldn’t help but to love. No matter how much I wanted to be disappointed, I could not. For me, love overcomes everything! If you have plans to like me in the future, please let me know Heo Joon Jae” -Shim Chung-

“A guy cannot do anything to a woman who is good to his mom” -Ahn Jin Joo-

“What is a dream and what is reality… it’s hard to decipher” -Kim Dam Ryung-

“Secrets are made because people are different. Because you would have (tried your best) for not getting caught for being different. That’s why that secret… in the end gives each other wounds. The person who is hiding something & the person being hidden from – they’re all get hurt. That’s why if they’re both different, in the end they can’t go together.” -Kim Hye Jin-

“Jeong Hoon told me he doesn’t regret it because it is a heart that beats for only one person even if it hardens and dies in the end… he hoped that those memories would stay with the person he loved and would give that person strength.” -Shim Chung-

“I’m full of secrets but I don’t want you getting hurt, sick or wounded because of my secret. I also don’t want making you sad in the end” -Shim Chung-

“I plan on liking you” -Heo Joon Jae-

“I’ll go back to the sea now as I know it’s the way for both of us to live. Just like when we first parted our ways, only I will have the memory and you will not. We should have lived like that in our own  world and I will not come back again so you should forget everything… If I did not erase (your memories), I knew you would be in pain all the time” -Se Hwa-

“This time, don’t erase (the memories). This memory, this remembrance, even if it hurts, it’s something that I will bring to the end. It belongs to me” -Kim Dam Ryung-


Episode 9

“I am Dam Ryung. If you’re me in the next life, remember these words after waking from this dream: ‘Everything repeats itself. The fate in this world is continuing in that world – it’s the same way for the ill-fate. Protect that woman against the dangerous person!'” -Kim Dam Ryung-

“Life is naturally all about something that is about to work out but then it may not (work out)… The most important thing is you should never give up on what you’ve chosen until it becomes yours” -Heo Joon Jae-

“There’re three different stages of love: romantic love, hot love then the third is dirty love which belongs to experts only.” 😀 -Shim Chung’s homeless friend-

“Since you gave up & chose something else, don’t hold on to what you let go” -Heo Joon Jae-

“No matter what you say, I’ll stay by yourself without giving up so do not get angry from not being able to say what you want & just say what you really want to say” -Shim Chung-


Episode 10

“I am going to keep looking at you (like this)… They’re my eyes! Since I am the owner, I decide if I want to glare at you or look at you normally. This is my rule – to glare at you when I am angry but have nothing to say :D” -Shim Chung-

“Hoon Jae: Are you going to keep looking at me like that?
Shim Chung: Yes… Because I want to look at you to make up for the time I couldn’t look at you.”

“So this is what lying feels like – it makes my heart pound a little but it is convenient” -Shim Chung-

“Don’t people normally dislike people who’re different from themselves?”

“I told you clearly – if it’s not at home, you should stay by my side!” -Heo Joon Jae-

“Even if we’re different, even if we’re greatly different, I will not leave you” -Heo Joon Jae-

“Is love a crime?” Cha Si Ah-

“If you know who I am, you will be shocked, hurt & scared. You will leave me. That’s why I’m trying my best not getting caught” -Shim Chung-

“My secret is… I’m different from you. I am a mermaid” -Shim Chung-

“Long time ago, a young boy loved a mermaid. He heard the mermaid’s voice ‘save me’. But he didn’t know an important thing – mermaids have a special ability. Through a kiss, she can erase herself in the memory of human – that way, the mermaid disappeared like a foam in the young lad’s memory.” -Shim Chung-


Episode 11

“In the end, he is the boy who will eventually hear the mermaid’s voice again… He was… me” -Heo Joon Jae-

“In this world, there’re many love stories. From all those love stories, if you take out the rhetoric & unessential words, there will only be one sentence left: ‘be good to her when she is with you‘…. If you treated her well when she was with you, she wouldn’t have left! And you wouldn’t be searching for her like this!” -Shim Chung’s friend-

“You can’t leave without saying goodbye, you promised!” -Heo Joon Jae-

“Love isn’t something that can be broken off so easily” -Cha Si Ah-

“Can you promise me, Heo Joon Jae? (Promise me) that you will only tell good lies and you will not tell lies that’ll hurt other people” -Shim Chung-

“When I crossed the long ocean to find you, I saw these pretty stars every night but I was lonely because I was alone. I was tired. I was scared. Right now, is it okay to be this comfortable? Is it okay to be happy? Is it okay to love you?”  -Chim Chung-

“That boy loved the mermaid so he heard her voice. Even if she erased and re-erased his memories, even if he was reborn in another world, it was his fate to love the mermaid again. So in the end, he came to hear the mermaid’s voice again. He’s me…” -Heo Joon Jae-

“I wish I would have a date with Heo Joon Jae under a pretty tree. This year, the next and the next one after as well.” -Shim Chung’s Christmas wish-

“I wish I could keep all of my promises I made to you” -Heo Joon Jae’s Christmas wish-


Episode 12

“The moment you put your hands on me, you will lose all your memories. That is the way in which a mermaid can protect herself from humans.” -Shim Chung-


Episode 13

“I originally didn’t have anything to be afraid of since I had nothing to lose but now, it is scary now that I might lose something” -Heo Joon Jae-

“I wish you’ll have a scary dream everyday… scary dream, I really like it” 😀 -Shim Chung-

“Heo Joon Jae likes me (repeat 100x :D)” -Shim Chung-

“There must be things that time cannot heal :(” -Mo Yoo Ran-

“You cannot forget friends that you made when you were low & poor. You cannot throw away your first wife who went through hard times with you!” -Jo Nam Doo-

“I heard first love for a man is like being branded. Once it has been stamped on your heart, it won’t go away.” -Shim Chung-

“The heaven we’ll go… will be the same as Heaven doesn’t have a distinction between water & land.” -young Kim Dam Ryung-

“If perhaps, we get to meet later in another place, I wish you would be you & me would be me. That way, I can recognize you.” -Seo Hwa-

“If we do meet again, you are you & I will be me” -young Kim Dam Ryung-

“I promise. Even if we are to be born again, I will find you, meet you and protect you. I will surely remember our conversation now” -young Kim Dam Ryung-


Episode 14

“For someone to be reborn, wouldn’t that mean there’s a dream that has not been fulfilled yet? That dream could be an unfulfilled love or an unappeased greed” -Doctor-

“The fact that everything has repeated is not a curse but an opportunity – an opportunity to change the ending” -Heo Joon Jae-

“If (really if) something happens to me, live on well. Don’t give up. Good things, pretty things, have them all! Promise me… you will live well until the end” -Heo Joon Jae-

“My heart can only beat if you love me” -Shim Chung-

“When a loved one leaves, the heart cools, hardens and stops. I’ll be like that without you” -Shim Chung-


Episode 15

“This is not my world. Once I gave up being on water & came here pettily, I got to have a heart that beats only for you” -Shim Chung-

“The easiest thing that can change in the world is a person’s heart” -Heo Joon Jae-

“I knew it the moment I saw you – ‘this is the man’, someone who’s worth hanging my once in a lifetime love on.” -Shim Chung-

“You were trying to say that one should not divide the real -v- fake by the outer appearance, right?” -‘lil Yoona-

“Heo Joon Jae, what the legend of the lighthouse stated is true. Those who get separated, will surely meet again. They meet again and love.” -Shim Chung-


Episode 16

“Among the many words I’ve learnt after coming here, the best words are happy ending. I’m sure this very moment is a happy ending. But the hope and despair that life give you is that time keeps flowing & the moment passes. Behind that moment of brilliant happiness, no one knows what kind of moments await.” -Shim Chung-

“The two live well. They aren’t hurting nor they are they hurt. They bore many pretty babies and while raising them well, they happily grew old together for a very long time”


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