The Legendary Witch Episode 1 & 2 Highlights

Last year I made a promise that I will never watch writer Goo Hyun Sook’s drama again after the craziness of A Hundred Year’s Inheritance. I broke my own promise because I was curious with her new drama, The Legendary Witch about four women from different age groups serving their sentences in the same cell then open a bakery together. The first part of this drama’s plot reminds me of Miracle in Cell No 7 (sisterhood version), although I don’t expect this drama to be as heartwarming as the movie because oh well… writer Goo Hyun Sook tends to write crazy yet addictive drama. But I guess their sisterhood bond will get deeper and stronger after they open bakery shop together.

Episode 1 & 2 give us the background story of these four women and the reasons why they were sent to prison.

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Newcomer Moon Soo In (Han Ji Hye) joins Shim Bok Nyeo (Go Doo Shim), Son Pung Geum (Oh Hyun Kyung) and Seo Mio (Ha Yeon Soo). The newbie reluctantly steps into the cell. No more freedom. Now she has to follow the rules here. She has to respect all her superiors and follow their orders.

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The leader of this cell is Shim Bok Nyeo who’s serving her life sentence because of familicide (found guilty of killing her husband by arson). She’s a role model prisoner & has been serving her sentence for 30 years.

Seo Mio was a CF model who’s found guilty of attempted murder, she’s currently serving her two years sentence. Because her son Kwang Ddang is younger than two years, he”s here with Seo Mio.

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Son Pung Geum is proud that she’s a regular here, she’s been imprisoned three times for the same reason: fraud.

Soo In gathers her strength & courage to introduce herself. She explains she’s serving two years in prison because of embezzlement and dereliction of duty.

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Son Pung Geum welcomes the newbie by tripping her… Soo In falls to the floor then faints, causes everyone to panic.

She opens her eyes. But instead of a prison, she wakes up in a hospital.

Flashback to two  years ago

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She rushes out, can’t believe that her husband Ma Do Hyun has passed away. Her world crumbles down. Not only she has to deal with her husband’s sudden tragic death, but she has to face Ma’s wealthy family (Shinhwa group) who doesn’t like her because of her poor background. Chairman Ma Tae San (Park Geun Hyung) was furious Do Hyun decided to marry Soo In without his blessing & permission. All his visions & dreams to pass on the Chairman baton to his son, were shattered. But he still believed one day his son would be the heir of Shinhwa group. Unfortunately, he passed away in a tragic helicopter accident. He’s still in denial over Do Hyun’s death because nobody saw his body.

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Do Hyun’s death opens up an opportunity for Chairman Ma’s mistress Cha Aeng Ran (Jun In Hwa) to make her playboy son Ma Do Jin (Do Sang Woo) to inherit the company.

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But things are not going smoothly, he’s currently expecting a baby with Seo Mio who comes to Do Hyun’s memorial altar & causes a ruckus. Aeng Ran and Do Jin ignored her, so she didn’t have any other choice but to come here & tell Chairman Ma the truth. Soo In tells Seo Mio to gather up her strength because if she’s upset & sad, it’ll affect her baby. And because she’s currently carrying Chairman Ma’s grandchild, he will not ignore her.

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Do Hyun’s death also opens a road for Do Hyun’s brother-in-law to be Shinhwa Group’s CEO. His wife, Do Hyun’s sister Ma Joo Ran (Pyeon Jung Su) won’t let this opportunity to pass.

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Do Hyun’s mother (Bok Dan Shim (Jung Hye Sun)) has an Alzheimer ~ she doesn’t even remember her own children nor her family. She doesn’t trust anyone but Soo In, most likely because she’s the only one who sincerely loves her & treats her nicely.

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Hello handsome man Nam Woo Seok (Ha Suk Jin). He returns to Korea with his cute adorable sweet smart 5 years old daughter Nam Byul (Lee Han Seo). She gives her dad a hard time, she’ll be a great debater in the future ^^ Little Byul has stole my heart with her nagging and cuteness.

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Son Pung Geum who disguises herself as a doctor to sell liquid medicine almost framed Shim Bok Nye who received a well deserved 24 hours day off from prison as a reward for her good behavior. After Seo Mio barged in to Do Jin’s funeral causing ruckus, kind hearted Moon Soo In tells her to gather up her strength for the sake for her unborn baby. These four women cross path when Son Pung Geum brought unconscious Shim Bok Nye to hospital but they got dropped off outside the funeral house. Nobody could predict they’ll meet again 2 years later in prison.

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Nam Woo Seok is Ma Jo Hee’s friend, so he pays his final respect to her brother Do Hyun as soon as he arrived in Korea. When he’s in the hallway, soulless Moon Soo In walks pass him, but she suddenly collapses. He takes her to the nearby hospital and waits for her to wake up.

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Little Byul feels she looks like her mother, but Nam Woo Seok tells her that she’s not even close to his late wife. And this woman is not even his style. But Byul doesn’t give up, she shows her mom’s picture to Soo In when she regains consciousness but she cruelly pushes Byul away.

The reason Woo Seok returned to Korea is because he received a torn picture of young Woo Seok and what looked like to be his mom. He comes to the nursing home to see Kim Mi Soon (who was in charge of an orphanage where he lived), hoping he’ll get an answer to his question but sadly she passed away. This is a KDramaland, so no surprise that Soo In also knew Kim Mi Soon (she volunteers at this nursing home).

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Both Woo Seok and Soo In are in despair because they hit a roadblock. Woo Seok doesn’t know anyone else who can answer his curiosity about that torn picture, while Soo In was told by Chairman Ma to return home after her husband’s funeral. She holds her husband’s wedding ring which they found at the accident scene, she promises to keep this last gift her husband left her for the rest of her life.

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Her sister-in-law Joo Ran calls her, telling her to come home because Chairman Ma wants to talk to her. She accidentally drops her husband’s wedding ring to the sea. Woo Seok who thought she were trying to kill herself ~ tries to save her. But because of him, she loses Do Hyun’s wedding ring forever.

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Ma’s family is waiting for Soo In for an emergency family meeting. Soo In knows they’ll kick her out but… Chairman Ma has appointed her as the new owner of Shinhwa Group!

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