The Queen’s Classroom Episode 2 Recap

Ha Na woke up and can’t move her legs. She lifted her blanket, her ankles are wrapped in silky web spun like cocoon. The web spun covers her whole body and her room becomes dark. She can’t move, she can’t do anything. Until she hears her mother’s voice. She wants to scream, but the web spun covers her whole face. *that’s very creepy*

Thankfully, Ha Na wakes up from her bad dream and she’s not covered in anything.

Flashback to the scene where Teacher Ma tossed the test paper and her remark that she’ll make any student the worst student class president if they rebel against her, regardless of their test score. She invited the students to have fun this year.

A brand new day, the students are studying diligently. After the class is over, Teacher Ma asks Seo Hyun to remove her stuffs from the big storage box (one privilege of the top scorer is they can store their school stuffs in this box, but since she’s no longer the top scorer, then she’s no longer has this privilege). The big storage box now belongs to Bin Na, and Seo Hyun removes her stuffs from the box.


Teacher Ma tells the class that this week is environmental beautification week, hence, this week’s class presidents are responsible to clean all classroom windows. She warns the rest of the class that if they do something useless (ie. help the presidents cleaning up), then she’ll make them the worst student class president.

The class is finally over, and Bin Na asks if she can ask a question. Teacher Ma asks her to follow her to the teacher’s office.

Ha Na is very apologetic to Seo Hyun and Seo Hyun tells her that it’s not her fault.

On her way out, Ha Na stops when she sees Bin Na talking to Teacher Ma. After she finishes, Teacher Ma is walking towards Ha Na and she keeps walking although Ha Na is standing there (like she’s not even there). Ha Na approaches her and asks if she can forgive Seo Hyun as she’s originally the top scorer and because she’s trying to help her, she became the worst student class president. She offers to become the worst student class president.

Teacher Ma smiles and Ha Na smiles in relieve. She explains that Seo Hyun wasn’t trying to rebel against Teacher Ma, but because she wanted to help her.

Teacher Ma coldly tells her that only students who are in the top 1% grades can talk to her out of class. So Ha Na, unfortunately, doesn’t have this kind of privilege. On her way to the teacher’s room, she sees Seo Hyun and asks if she asks Ha Na to beg for forgiveness. Seo Hyun says that she didn’t ask Ha Na. Teacher Ma repeats what Seo Hyun said when she rebelled against her, and tells her that she must has a lot of confidence, which makes her think that it’s okay to say that kind of thing to her teacher.

Seo Hyun: “Being a teacher doesn’t mean you’re always right.”

Teacher Ma: “Only 500 years ago, people believed that the Earth was flat and the Sun was circling the Earth. That’s what they thought that they were right. Being right or wrong is not the truth, being right or wrong is decided by someone. And what’s important is who decides that.

So Teacher Ma is the one who can decide what’s right or wrong in their class.  She considers all rebel against her as the worst kind of behavior so these students deserve to be punished. She warns Seo Hyun to prepare herself if she keeps rebelling against her as the consequences will get worse.

At Ha Na’s home, mom and dad are arguing because dad didn’t pick up his phone. Ha Na’s sister is playing piano and she seems to be unaffected with the loud screams & door slamming (seems like mom and dad are frequently fighting). Ha Na sighs and her sister says that her friend (Seo Hyun) will give her a hard time as she’s currently on her teacher’s bad side because she was trying to help Ha Na.

She tells her that it’s good their mom hasn’t found that she became class president because of her grade and now she’s no longer the class president. Obviously the best way to handle any problems she has with Teacher Ma is to tell her mom, but her mom may betray her if she finds out the real reason why she became class president and why Seo Hyun became this week’s class president.

Dong Goo is hiding from two college students and he talks with his “Miss Rosa” ‘Leave the earth, leave the earth’

These college students leave after waiting for Dong Goo for a while. It’s now safe to go home.

At home, Dong Goo is enjoying his dinner (not sure who prepared this yummy dinnner for him). He’s alone at home.

Another day at school, Ha Na is running late. And Dong Goo is also running late. She looks really happy to see him. On his way to class, Teacher Ma is already walking towards their class. Dong Goo gives signal to Ha Na and her friend to go upstairs while he distracts Teacher Ma.

He tells her that he’s running a bit late and she tells him that as a class president, he’s supposed to be in school earlier to do his morning clean up.

Thanks to Dong Goo, Ha Na & her friend arrive in class before Teacher Ma. All is good for now.

Teacher Ma blames Dong Goo that the class began 2 minutes late because of him. She asks him to apologize to the class, which he obliges.

Teacher Ma gives a brand new rule: if any student late, their class will be longer by how late that student was. The class time will be the same, so their break time will be shorter. Like today, Dong Goo was 2 minutes late, so their break will be 2 minutes shorter.

If they want to complain, do that to the person who’s late. All students are really upset and it prompts Teacher Ma to tell them that they let it go when their classmate waste 2 minutes of their class time. They get angry when their classmate take away 2 minutes of their break time. 40 minutes class time & 10 minutes break time; but which one is more important for the students? (obviously their break time). As she talks, she confiscates Jeong Soo’s comic book (he read comic book while she’s talking :D). She tells the class that they come to school not for taking a break. She then confiscates her student’s make up bag. For many students, school is just a place for them to pass time.


Then Na Ri grabs her smartphone from her bag and keeps pressing back button to exit from the game she’s been playing. Teacher Ma’s sharp eyes see it and she confiscates her phone.

She tells the class that if they want their things back, they can ask their parents to write a letter to her.

In the evening, Na Ri, Ha Na and their close friends are enjoying their dinner and Na Ri is still upset about her phone. She has spent so much time working (playing) that smartphone game. So she has no other choice but to tell her mother. She’s going to tell her mother everything, including Ha Na’s test result and the reason why she was chosen as the class president.

When she arrives home, Ha Na finds her mother is on the phone with Na Ri’s mother.  She brags that Ha Na became class president and is shocked when she finds out the real reason. She asks Ha Na if everything that Na Ri’s mom said is true and Ha Na cheerfully tells her that since she’s not a class president anymore, so everything is okay now. Obviously her mom doesn’t think so,  although everything is in the past; but  she feels like she’s a mom who doesn’t care about her daughter’s school life.

The next morning, mothers from Class 3 students are gathering in front of school gate. A car approaches and here comes Na Ri’s mother. Apparently, she contacted them yesterday; and she told them to not bring any gifts / presents as a bribe. The mothers say no, as they’ve written & signed the anti-gift giving pledge at the beginning of the semester.

She’s pleased to hear this. And she emphasizes that trying to influence the shool / teacher through cash / premium brand products as gifts will disadvantage their own children.  She asks the mothers to keep their promises.

Ha Na’s mother arrives at school just shortly before the mothers enter the school.

Cue to the school’s principal Yong working in her garden.

Then, cue to Class 3. Na Ri is looking at the clock and smiling happily. She knows that their mothers are in school now. The children are whispering and talking with each other and Teacher Ma can feel it.

The mothers are marching towards the 6th grade hall and school principal Yong  send a text message to vice principal Song to go to 6th grade hall. She won’t be there as she had something come up. *clever and wise principal :D*

Class 6 head teacher Goo is extremely calm in the midst of the mothers; smiling nervously. VP Song arrives and gives his biggest smile. He introduces himself and is surprised to see Na Ri’s mom there. He asks what’s going on and Na Ri’s mom tells him that they’re here to discuss Teacher Ma’s teaching method.

One mother says that any teacher who’s saying that it’s natural to discriminate students because of their scores, doesn’t make sense. And teacher who served curry to some students. This teacher needs to be reported to Department of Education.

Seems like VP Song doesn’t know anything and Teacher Goo explains that he’s told Principal Yong and she promised she will care a good care of this. Unfortunately, she hasn’t done anything as she spends most of her time in the school’s garden.

Teacher Yang & Jeong are talking about the mothers and Teacher Ma in the corner, and are surprised to see Teacher Ma standing behind them.

Confidently, Teacher Ma is walking towards the mothers. She then introduces herself as Class 3 homeroom teacher.

When asked about curry problem, she confidently greets Ha Na’s mother. Surprised, she asks if they’ve met before. Teacher Ma starts to greet the mothers one-by-one; it’s amazing and make the mothers speechless & impressed.

The children are happy that their mothers come, but Dong Goo just looks at them with a sad face. 🙁

Teacher Ma meets with the mother, one-by-one. First, Na Ri’s mother. She gives her a thick envelope although she’s the one who suggested the bribery prohibition pledge. She tells Teacher Ma that if this negotiation doesn’t end well and they bring these issues (Teacher Ma’s teaching method) to Dept of Education, the penalty is 200. So she asks Teacher Ma to accept her “gift”.

Teacher Ma: “Consideration is all that is needed between the giver and receiver.  ”

They don’t show if Teacher Ma accepts the “gift”, but I think she does.

Another mom meets with Teacher Ma and tells her that she loves her kid as much as Na Ri’s mom but Na Ri’s family is richer than her family. So she has more knowledge than her (as she can bribe school officials to leak extra information)

Teacher Ma gives her a very clever insight / reference point about entrance qualification criteria & evaluation so she can also has the same amount of information as Na Ri’s mother.

Teacher Ma informs the mothers of their children’s strength and what they need to do to excel in the entrance exam.

When she meets with Ha Na’s mother, she tells her that Ha Na got o on her test. She tells her that Ha Na didn’t tell her about her test scores and she’s disappointed that she has a hard time communicating with her own children. She’s deeply touched when Teacher Ma tells her that she’s a great mom and it’s not easy to stay home & raise 2 kids (especially when one of them, Ha Na’s older sister is sick – but she strives to give her daughter the best possible life and sent her to Performing Art School). The mother’s efforts can decide the children’s future, so a stay-at-home mother is not an easy job.

Ha Na’s mother says that it must be hard for Teacher Ma to raise 24 kids in which TEacher Ma replies that teaching is her mission and it’s more than just teaching the kids.

Ha Na’s mother is happy that Ha Na met a very great teacher. Hahahaha

Teacher Ma: “To children who are going through lots of changes, educating them with synergistic support by school and home is critical.”

Teacher Ma gives Ha Na’s mother her personal contact detail and she’s welcomed to contact her anytime. She also sent a friend request on Talk. Ha Na’s mom accepts her friend request right away. 😀

The children are chattering in class and Na Ri’s mom enters the class. She asks Na Ri to come home straight after the school ends as she wants to discuss something with her.

She’s confiscating her smartphone and says that Teacher Ma did nothing wrong. She asks Na Ri to listen carefully to her.

One by one, the students receive text message from their mothers who are full of praises of their “Witch” Teacher Ma.

The mothers leave the school cheerfully. The students are wondering what Teacher Ma said to them which turned their mothers into such happy champ.

Cue to sport lesson and Teacher Ma tells them that she’s able to bring their mothers to her side because she & their mothers understood each other. All parents would like their children to become something special and the way to measure their success is through their grades. They want to their children to be taught by a teacher who notices their children’s strength, a teacher who pays particular attention to raise their grades, and Teacher Ma is the kind of teacher which all parents grow to like.

Na Ri’s mother is calling someone and she says that Teacher Ma is a very courageous teacher. She puts away the envelope (so Teacher Ma didn’t accept her “gift”).  But she’s confident that she’ll be nice to Na Ri. But she wants to check her background, where she came from as she’s not an ordinary teacher.

Back in school, Seo Hyun, Dong Goo and Ha Na are cleaning up the class. Ha Na asks Dong Goo what did his mom say about Teacher Ma and if she’s agree with her. Dong Goo sadly says that he doesn’t have a mother and seems like he doesn’t want to answer any further question about his mom so he leaves to throw the rubbish out.

Seo Hyun asks her if she’s leaving and Ha Na says that she’s going to clean up here. Seo Hyun teases her that Teacher Ma is coming, Ha Na’s really scared and hides. Seo Hyun coolly asks if she’s that scared to that teacher.

Seo Hyun informs her that her mom didn’t come as they decided to take care their own business.

Ha Na starts to understand Teacher Ma’s teaching method. She understands that her mom is less bothered about her being upset but she’s really upset being humiliated by Na Ri’s mother.

Seo Hyun defends Teacher Ma’s teaching method, but Ha Na tells her than not all of her words are correct. She believes that what Teacher Ma said about Seo Hyun’s rebellious behavior was not right and Seo Hyun spoke the truth.

Seo Hyun gives her words of wisdom: it may be easier not to think like the other kids and to live more comfortably because Ha Na may ends up having to clean up (be the worst class president) if she thinks a lot like Seo Hyun.

But suddenly Ha Na looks at something and she’s stunned. Seo Hyun screams. Here come the trouble 😀 “Surprise”…. Dong Goo is here.

He picks the slug. Outside, he put the slug in a container and put soil in it. The girls are amazed that this slug can become a bettle larvae. Although they’re not sure what it will become, but it will definitely grow into something.

As he doesn’t have internet at home, Dong Goo asks Dr Kim (Seo Hyun) to find out more about this and what shall he do to make this slug grows into a bettle like transformer. 😀

They’re shocked and ask if he has a computer at home. He answers no and he doesn’t have phone either.

Suddenly, two college students call him up. Ha Na asks if they’re gangsters but he says that they’re stalking him 😀

He gives the container to Seo Hyun and asks her to tell him about her research tomorrow. Dong Goo leaves with the college students.

Ha Na is surprised to see Teacher Ma’s looking from the upper bridge. She’s shuttered and tells Seo Hyun that she see Teacher Ma. But unfortunately, she’s not there anymore and Seo Hyun tells her that she’s too stressed out that she keeps thinking about their teacher.

Somewhere, the two college students are harassing Dong Goo, threaten to cut his fingernails. They tell him that his parents’ money, his friends’ money, they won’t let him off if he doesn’t give them money.

A brand new day at school and all grade 6 students are in the auditorium to learn about self-defense tactics.

Teacher Goo and Teacher Justin demonstrate the tactics for them. Teacher Goo is too weak, so VP Song asks Teacher Yang to come forward. This also doesn’t work as it seems like both of them like each other ^^

Suddenly Teacher Ma asks Class 3 to go back to class. VP Song tells her that it’s not finished yet but she argues that watching the video & practice for a few time won’t be enough for students to apply it in real life.

Teacher Ma wants to end this quickly so she demonstrate the tactics with Teacher Justin. And she wins!

Teacher Yang asks Teacher Ma: “what is practical education for kids”

Teacher Ma asks her back: “In real life, what do you do if you meet an opponent stronger than you? Compared to fighting, running away is the best method”

Teacher Yang asks what should you do if you can’t run away.

Teacher Ma: “If fighting and running away won’t help, then surrender is the best way. Comply to the opponent and give what they want, beg for your life to be spared and stay alive more than anything else. In reality, that’s the best and last self-protection method.”

Dong Goo asks a very difficult question (because he’s experiencing this kind of situation at the moment): “If you don’t want to run away / surrender, then what would you do? If you fight until you don’t have any energy left, is there no other way?”

Teacher Ma: “There is no other way out except risking your life. Violence towards weaker ones starts from cowardliness. A cowardice that says I’m going to bully him since he’s weaker than I am. When left with no choice, one should attack that cowardice but the weaker one has no choice except risking his life. However as not many people have that courage, then running away / surrender is the wisest thing to do”

At night, the 2 college students are waiting for Dong Goo again and ask money. Dong Goo put his hand on his pocket, like trying to grab money from his pocket, then he says he has no money. When asked if he’s crazy, he nods.

As he’s younger than them, although he’s trying to fight against them, unfortunately he loses. And one of them steps on his supermonkey. 🙁

When they step on him and hit him; he remembers Teacher Ma’s words of wisdom. And he smiles, tells them that the fight is not over yet. He stands up, and want to keep fighting. He’s not scared and tells them that they’re cowards who pick on grade-schooler.

They think he’s crazy and leave.


Dong Goo walks home proudly and Teacher Ma is looking from the upper bridge again. Seems like she knows Dong Goo’s secret and why he lives alone.

The next morning, Ha Na asks Dong Goo what happened with his face. He’s in hapy mood but he doesn’t give any answer.

The bell rings and the school day starts. The class greet Teacher Ma and Dong Goo cheerfully greets her. Teacher Ma also asks Dong Goo about the bruises on his face, and he says that he fell.

Teacher Ma starts the day with another bad news. That she heard someone is tattling behind her back and asks who was it. She warns them to stop fighting with someone they can’t win. That she’s clearly told them to surrender as it’s the wisest thing to do. That it’s better for them to stop their useless rebels because she knows all their little secrets.

She turns on her laptop and she has records of all her students’ secrets.

First, she has pictures of Cha Jung Soo’s skipping tutorial classes and going out with his girlfriend instead. Yoon Ji Min, Kim Ka Eul & Hwang Soo Jin went to music shows cheering for their idols instead of church.

Dong Goo puts his hands up and thanks Teacher Ma because of her teaching, he’s able to handle things really well. There isn’t anything as a secret (really, DG?). He respects her a lot and with sincere heart, he promises he will not rebel anymore. He asks his classmate to do the same and to listen to Teacher Ma.

Teacher Ma asks him why his mother didn’t come to school like the other mothers? He answers that may be it’s because she lacks interest in Teacher Ma as he lives with his grandfather.

Then Teacher Ma asks if she can contact his mother… who left him. His teenage mother who left with another man and left him in his grandfather’s care as his father went to prison.

Dong Goo can’t say anything.

Teacher Ma comes to him and says what his mom might say to him “Because of you, my life is ruined. Truthfully, I didn’t want you at all”

She puts her hand on his shoulder (DG is trying hard to control his emotion) and tells the reason why he always mimic dumb comedians. It’s because he wants to run away from his real life. As he thought if he becomes a stupid person, the lonely Dong Goo can become a funny guy.

Teacher Ma knows exactly how he feels, how scared he is that no one in this world will like him and that the real Dong Goo is a coward.

Teacher Ma honestly tells him if he thought that like, no students like him.

Seo Hyun wants to say something to defend Dong Goo who’s in tears, but Teacher Ma warns her that she will tell the class everything about her since her mother also didn’t come.

She can’t say anything.

Ha Na is brave enough to say that Dong Goo likes to catch bugs better than studying and although it’s true that he likes to act like a stupid comedian but he’s a really good friend.

When he was late few days ago, he acted stupid in front of her for a reason. When she cleaned the restroom, he asked her to leave first and he did the rest of the cleaning.

She stands up and says that when she couldn’t make any friend in the 1st grade, Dong Goo was first friend who spoke to her.  When she’s treated as an outcast in the 4th  grade and her friends hid her shoes, Dong Goo stayed to look for her shoes. She claims Teacher ma didn’t know any of Dong Goo’s kind heart. That he has lots of strength although he always acts stupid in front of anyone. He’s never mean to his friends and because he can’t fight, he always gets picked on. But he is not a bad person and not a coward. Up until now, he believes that his mother left him with another man because of him.

She declares that she really likes Dong Goo, that Dong Goo is a friend she really likes.

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