The Queen’s Classroom Episode 3 Recap

Repeat of last week’s last scene, where Ha Na’s defending Dong Goo. She says that Dong Goo is never a coward and it doesn’t matter what kind of people his parents are / were, Dong Goo is a friend she really likes.


So, as they’re such good friends, Teacher Ma appoints them as the permanent class presidents for the entire 6th grade year.

While mopping the floor, Dong Goo thanks her. He is starring at her and it makes Ha Na uncomfortable hehe.

Then Dong Goo takes Mrs Rosa aka the supermonkey from his pocket and tells her a big confession “sluggard woman says she likes me, she confessed in front of everyone in class” Hahaha… Ha Na is embarrassed, Dong Goo is running away from her but she’s chasing him to the school yard.


Bo Mi is watching from the class. Teacher Ma asks her if she’s envious as she knows that Bo Mi doesn’t have any close friend in the class. Although she’s not an apparent outcast, but her classmates seem to exclude her. So Teacher Ma offers her a wise advice, stick with her, build a good relationship with her and she’ll make sure no one will touch her for the rest of the 6th grade year.

Teacher Ma: “If you want to avoid being an outcast, you have to make yourself stronger, but if it’s that easy, who would be an outcast? If you can’t become stronger, then standing next to a strong person is also wise.”

She tells Bo Mi to think about her advice carefully and then she leaves. Bo Mi then looks at her drawing, she gently touches it.

Next day in class, Teacher Ma asks the class president about the hallway storage boxes (apparently they’re in bad shapes) and the shoe racks are not organized. She asks if the class presidents now only clean up the areas where Teacher Ma can see and omit the other places. Ha Na & Dong Goo both go out to clean up the hallway.

Teacher Ma tells the class that the yearly Late Spring Festival will be held in 2 weeks time, and as usual, their parents are invited to attend this festival.

Class 3 will be performing a creative dance and everyone will participate in this dance. Teacher Ma shows them the dance video and the students are pretty unhappy with this idea. They start to throw some ideas (aka complain) like why don’t we sing instead, or just send few students who can dance well.

Teacher Ma asks the class to raise their hand if they want to complain, but no one raises their hand.

Everyone must participate because Teacher Ma will hold the audition to determine their position. The student who places first, will be given the honor of standing at the main position in the dance performance. The rest of the positions will be determined by their scores. The student who comes last, obviously will have a hefty price. Bo Mi doesn’t look too confident here.

Starting from tomorrow, the students must stay 30 minutes after the class is finished to practice their dance. Teacher Ma will contact their parents directly, so the students cannot use Hagwon as an excuse.

Teacher Ma asks Bo Mi to show her dance movement, unfortunately her body is not flexible enough making her dance off beat and unbalanced. Teacher Ma tells her she has no sense of rhythm and she apologizes.

Teacher Ma states to the class that “In a chorus, you can just move your lips, but in group dance, one bad person ruins the whole performance. Until everyone becomes better than average, they will continue practicing after class”

She turns to Bo Mi and asks her that usually the kids who aren’t good at study are good at Physical Education. But she’s a rare case in which she’s below average in everything. *ouch that’s hurt, Teacher*

In the class, her classmates are asking her if she can follow a simple right hand, left hand, right hand, left hand movement. She can’t follow it and they’re upset, frustrated, angry at her and start to call her stupid. Worse, they also bring up the fact that she was an outcast in grade 5.

Soo Jin takes her pink smartphone and starts to record something. Her friend asks what she’s doing. Her reply: she’s recording an outcast test video and she’ll upload it on the internet T__T

Her friend reminds her that she can’t do that, that she’ll get reported if she posts an evidence like that. So she threatens Bo Mi to practice harder, otherwise, they’ll pubish her.

In the teachers’ room, Vice Principal Song advising Teacher Yang that her class should sing. But she tells him that she has told the class to decide in a democratic way. And they had narrow it down to a play or martial arts show. But they haven’t made the final decision.

Teacher Jeong is asking Teacher Yang why she let the children to decide by themselves. She tells her that she wants her and the children to work together, and to make decision together. Teacher Goo chips in and advises her that it’s a great idea but it won’t be easy.

Vice Principal Song asks her to decide the performance asap and work on it asap. He also tells the teachers that parent-teacher conference will be held starting tomorrow and asks them to pay attention to this conference.

Teacher Jeong is a bit jealous / envy as Teacher Ma has already finished her parent-teacher conference (I think this was done unintentionally, as she did it when the parents marched to the school to complain about her discrimination teaching method on episode 2)

Teacher Ma then asks Teacher Jeong if she knows anything about Bo Mi’s parents as her parent teacher conference file from last year is missing. Teacher Jeong was Bo Mi’s classroom teacher last year.

Teacher Jeong says that people are concerned because she was bullied, but she assures her that she’s not the type to be bullied, her classmates tend to subtly ignore her and if she’s left alone, she’ll quietly graduate.

So probably this is the reason why Bo Mi doesn’t have any friends, even her teacher leaves her alone.

Cue to Bo Mi sitting in the library’s corner, drawing a scary-looking girl. She’s told that it’s time to leave. So she leaves and enters the convenience shop. She grabs snacks quietly and puts them on her pocket. But her mom finds out about it. She asks if Bo Mi skips her academy class again. She then says that Bo Mi is just like her father who fails at every single business idea he tries. And if she’s not smart, then she should go to the academy and study hard. She asks if Bo Mi is really the child that she gave birth to. T__T

Her mother grabs the Late Spring Festival brochure from her hand, and she complain why the school still holds a festival with kids that aren’t little anymore. She believes that the school must tell the kids to study, not doing this useless thing like a festival.

Bo Mi asks if she can’t come again, obviously not. As her mother can’t leave the store until it closes at midnight.

Her mother is upset that she misses her academy, so she threatens to kick her out if she miss another day of academy.

Things are different on Ha Na’s house. Her mom has already marked the date on her calendar even before Ha Na gives her the festival’s brochure.

Her mom is writing some numbers on the paper note. Ha Na is reading these numbers, Ha Na’s eonni’s birthday, Ha Na’s birthday, her wedding anniversary, then mom asks Ha Na the golfer’s number that Dad liked. Ha Na says 11. Hmm it’s 2 digits. Mom asks which one has 4 digits. Hmm…

Eonni & Ha Na are discussing about Mom and they figure out that Mom is trying to find Dad’s cellphone password. Ahaa! Ha Na is wondering if Dad has someone else.

Ha Na is looking at the slug inside the container (ah, so Ha Na is the one who’s taking care of this slug, not Seo Hyun). She thought it’s disgusting at first, but then she finds it cute. Her sister teases her if there’s love forming between Dong Goo and her. hahaha

Her sister asks about Witch Teacher Ma and if she’s still bothering her and Dong Goo. Ha Na replies that she believe the Witch only bothers the students that she doesn’t like.

Next day in class, another dance practice. Bo Mi is still having a hard time co-ordinating her body and following the rhythm. Teacher Ma stops the music and expresses her disappointment that Bo Mi hasn’t made any improvement. Bo Mi apologizes and  Teacher Ma is not happy that Bo Mi keeps apologizing, expressing her regret, although she doesn’t have any intentions of getting better / changing / improving. Those kind of words are consumed like food by people like her who have no responsibility. It will be much better if she just said she did wrong and receive her punishment. But Bo Mi, with tears falling would just say “I’m sorry” or “I deeply regret it”.

In this kind of situation where she only speaks like that, it’s like saying that “I really want to get this over with”. Teacher Ma points out that although she says sorry so many times, she will make the same mistakes in the future. Although she bow her head and apologize, nothing will change.

Teacher Ma is making the lesson an hour longer and blaming it to Bo Mi.

Ha Na puts her hand up and asks if they can try one more as Bo Mi tried her best. Teacher Ma tells her to focus on her progress and herself before worrying about others.

Teacher Ma orders Bo Mi and Ha Na to stay after school today to clean up the basketball court as a workout for their lower body.

Both Bo Mi and Ha Na work hard to clean up the court aka their auditorium. It takes forever to clean so they take a break and talk about Teacher Ma. Ha Na disagrees with Teacher Ma for calling Bo Mi useless, but Bo Mi says that what Teacher Ma said wasn’t wrong. As studying, physical education, she can’t do well on those. That she has many bad points, a blob of bad points.

Ha Na argues that blob of bad points doesn’t exist.

“In this world, just like there is no one who only has good points, there is no one with just bad points”

Bo Mi claims that she doesn’t need any of this and that Ha Na doesn’t understand know about this. She has lots of friends.

Ha Na utters in disbelief and starts telling Bo Mi that in their class, there has been no one who hasn’t been bullied in their 6 years of elementary. There’s something which made them being bullied; too outgoing, then people say they’re a bad person for being too noisy, too quiet, they don’t talk; eat too much, called a pig; etc.

Ha Na once again affirms that there’s no such thing as a blob of bad points.

Bo Mi then asks so what should she do? If all these are caused by her bad points, she can just fix all the bad points. But if there’s no reason, then what should she do?

Ha Na’s got a clever idea, she holds Bo Mi’s hand and firmly tells her that from this point on, she’s not an outcast. Because she’s Bo Mi’s friend.

If Bo Mi has at least one friend, then she’s not an outcast.

Bo Mi asks if she really want to be friends with her, a kid like her. Ha Na nods. She says that Bo Mi has similar style like her, a cute style. hahaha. Ha Na’s sister once told her that “Rather than being the same as a celebrity, cute girls like us appeal the same to boys.” Hahahaha…

Ha Na starts calling Bo Mi “friend” and they continue cleaning up the auditorium with a cheerful heart.

They finally finish and whoaa look who’s patiently waiting for them? Dong Goo! He takes care of their school bags and call them “friends”. Ha Na is wondering why he got their bags as no one told him to do so. Because Ha Na had to clean the auditorium, so Dong Goo cleaned the class by himself. Awww… Ha Na says sorry and thanks him.

Dong Goo asks if their legs have become stronger. He teases that their legs are going to get big muscles and they’ll be like fat radishes. 😀

Ha Na asks shy Bo Mi to leave. Dong Goo tells them that because their legs get stronger, then their dancing will improve. Ha Na shuts him up and asks him to mind his own business. But Dong Goo replies that he’s talking to Bo Mi.

Cue to Dong Goo dancing in the arcade (dance step arcade game). Dancing to Kara’s song “STEP”, he shows his flexible body! Bo Mi and Ha Na try to dance to the same song and they successfully follow the rhythm. But then Ha Na points out to a woman who’s crazily playing a point-shooter game. She’s none other than Class 2’s teacher, Teacher Yang! Hahaha. She keeps shooting and shouting as she’s trying to decide between play (violin) or martial arts (taekwondo). The school festival is driving her crazy. She complains that this is just a school festival, not an audition to become a celebrity, so why they should do what they’re good at?

People start to gather around her, including Bo Mi, Dong Goo and Ha Na. Unfortunately, she lost the game. She look around and is surprised to see them there. They politely bow and greet her.

In the cafe, Teacher Yang asks them for not telling anyone about what they saw and Dong Goo teases her that they’ll write this in their journals. 😀 That Teacher Yang bought them delicious ice cream and she said nice things to them. Ahh, so this is what he’ll write in his journal. Cool, Teacher Yang smiles and approves. But she then asks them what are they doing there so late (hours after the school’s supposed to finish).

Next morning, she has a heart-to-heart discussion with Teacher Ma. She tells Teacher Ma that the performances are meant for the students & parents to enjoy together as a celebration. And she shouldn’t punish any student who’s lacking to that extreme. As long as the students enjoy & do their best, it should be enough.

Teacher Ma challenges her if it’s possible to do her best and enjoy it at the same time. She observes that Teacher Yang seems like she did her best so that her students can choose whatever they wanted on their own. But did she enjoy the process?

Teacher Ma: “If a runner at marathon is enjoying his run, he’s not doing his best. Doing his best means pain should follow.”

Teacher Ma argues that she’s not taking her students away from their education if she wants to teach them this kind of pain. Children should be cared for with warm love?  In reality, this doesn’t happen.

She asks why Teacher Yang is so interested in her class. She’s supposed to focus on her own class and the upcoming festival as her class is the least prepared for this festival.

Teacher Ma is one step away from entering the school building and she hears a familiar voice. School Principal Yong are admiring the pretty colorful flowers. She proudly declares that the flowers grow as much as she gives them love and care. And that kids are like these flowers. Nowadays, parents protect them and make them live in safe bubbles. But there’s weed inside too that grows however it likes.

She asks why did Teacher Ma give cleaning as a punishment. She thinks the punishment is a bit too much for elementary students. But she knows Teacher Ma has her own readon as she has good logic behind her actions. Unfortunately they now live in different generations, although people say that there are not any problematic kids, only problematic teachers and schools. She asks Teacher Ma to continue taking a good care of her students.

Principal Yong: “Whether it’s a flower or a person, helping a living organism to grow is a never ending process”


In class, Na Ri’s giving her birthday invitation to Ha Na and Ha Na asks her to invite Bo Mi too. Her friends ask why, and Ha Na tells them that Bo Mi is not weird. Na Ri gives her birthday invitation to Bo Mi while Teacher Ma is looking. Ha Na invites Bo Mi to go there together.

The school bell rings and Teacher Ma announces the quiz results. Kim Tae Sung & Kim Seo Hyun tied in the first place. Before Teacher Ma gives Seo Hyun’s test paper back, she asks her to submit a written apology stating that she will not rebel and refute a teacher’s statement. After she’s done this, Teacher Ma will give back her top student privilege.

Ha Na got the 5th place and Teacher asks her to distribute the test papers to the rest of the students.

Cue to Na Ri and her mom at the Ivy League (Summer School). Her mom asks if she did well on the interview. Na Ri is still pretty upset that her quiz result was not good, but her mom reassures her that it’s okay and to smile. Apparently, Na Ri’s English name is Lily.  \

Her mom is looking for a private tutor who will help Na Ri to increase her grades. And she doesn’t want any other moms to know about this.

About the school festival, her mom believes that as she’s the only one in her class who takes ballet lesson from a professional, she’ll be picked as the main. She’ll be the first place. *pressure pressure*

In the park, Ha Na is looking at Bo Mi’s drawings and whoaa it’s really good (like manga characters). Then she flips to the next paper, a spooky, scary-looking drawing. Bo Mi immediately takes her drawing book.

Ha Na requests Bo Mi to draw her as a manga character, but make her eyes a bit bigger and make her legs a bit longer. Oh and take some cheek fat too. Bo Mi says it’s not easy 😀

In return, Ha Na will help her practice dance.

Bo Mi apologizes and says that naturally the worst class president belongs to her. But Ha Na doesn’t care about class president, although she admits that cleaning up with Dong Goo is a big pain but it’s not enough to betray their friendship.

“If witch teacher gave the choice of cleaning with your friend or not cleaning, what would you choose, Bo Mi?”

Bo Mi answers of course friends. Me too, says Ha Na.

Bo Mi and Ha Na practice dance together every day, every night, while Na Ri is practising hard to fulfill her mom’s expectation. Dong Goo joins them on some occasion. Teacher Ma is looking at the beautiful friendship built through this. And once again, there’s a white butterfly flying towards her. Her facial expression changes and she leaves.

Dance’s audition / test day. Bo Mi and Ha Na are pretty confident, while Na Ri looks pretty nervous. Dong Goo is nowhere to be seen, although his classmate saw him earlier that day.

First student to take the audition, Hwang Soo Jin. She is a great dancer!

Na Ri’s turn and she misses her first step. She tries again, but not too confident – she misses few steps.

Bo Mi’s turn and she looks really nervous. She turns around and Ha Na cheers her up. Bo Mi dances quite well, she made huge improvement. She gains her confidence back. Ha Na starts clapping and the rest of the class (excluding Na Ri) clap for her.


Hwang Soo Jin got the first place. So she’ll be in front when they perform the dance at the festival. Dong Goo got the last place as he didn’t come to the audition.

Teacher Ma tells Bo Mi that it’ll better if she doesn’t come because she’s still below average. She asks Bo Mi that she shouldn’t come to the festival, just rest at home. She’ll take care of her absence due to her sickness. Bo Mi and her classmates are stunned as she did really well.

Teacher Ma announces that Bo Mi and Dong Goo will not be in the play and she dismisses the class.

Upset and curious, Ha Na screams to Teacher Ma “Teacher Teacher”. But Teacher Ma calmly walks out from the auditorium.

Dong Goo cheerfully enters the class, and feels the cold atmosphere. He asks if Ha Na caused another trouble and says that everyone should just quit the play like he did.

So Ha Na’s like, let’s do it then. Let’s not perform all together.

But their classmates are hmm… speechless. This is just too extreme, isn’t it? And what will Teacher Ma do if the whole class rebel against her? Definitely not a good idea.

Ha Na challenges her classmates if they want to perform like this. When Bo Mi who practiced really hard received such unfair treatment. Soo Jin added that she saw a few other students who performed worse than Bo Mi.

They are wondering if Teacher Ma is bullying Bo Mi. A teacher is bullying a tusdent? Well, as this teacher is a “witch”, then it’s possible.

As Teacher Ma is ignoring her “friend” who worked hard, Ha Na believes that it’s not fair if they just dance without Bo Mi. She asks her classmates if this is what they really want to do, to dance without a friend who prepared and worked hard for the audition & the play.


Na Ri’s handphone rings and it’s her mom’s text message asking if the dance test ended well. She tells her that Na Ri worked hard and after today’s class ends, she’ll take her shopping to buy a beautiful dress for her birthday party.

Na Ri then tells the whole class to skip this festival. They’ve held enough of what she has done to them and now it’s time to tell the whole school how unfair the Witch aka their classroom teacher is.

As everyone must do this together, thus, she warns her classmates that nobody is allowed to perform on the stage.

Che Bi Na, the obedient student, tells her that this can be called as rebelling against Teacher Ma. Na Ri asks her to think about this carefully, that if she make one small mistake, the witch will no longer favor her for being smart. Just like what she did to Kim Seo Hyun.

Soo Jin who got the first place obviously is not happy. But she tells Na Ri that she doesn’t really care and it’s not that amazing that she got the first place for a stupid elementary school dance unit.

The class agrees to rebel against the Witch and Na Ri offers to tell Teacher Ma. She’ll organize all their opinions and will confidently tell her their honest opinions.

To celebrate Class 3 becomes one, she invites everyone to her birthday party on Sunday. She doesn’t need presents, so everyone can just come and have a good time there.


Seo Hyun is calculating that it won’t be this easy, and her classmates underestimate the Witch.

Cue to Na Ri’s birthday party, everyone is having a really great time there. But Bo Mi is missing.

She’s running somewhere. She knocks on someone while running in a hurry and her drawing book falls to the concrete floor. Suddenly wind blows and Teacher Ma is standing behind her, asking where’s she going.

Back to Na Ri’s birthday party. During the magic show, the magician whispers to her that she needs an assistant. Everyone puts their hands up and he chooses Bo Mi (surprise surprise, she’s there).

She comes to the front, and they do some sort of magic show which makes Bo Mi disappears.

After the magic show finishes and the magician receives her pay, Ha Na goes to her and asks “where is my friend?” Bo Mi is nowhere to be seen. Usually, in most magic acts, they will appear at the end of the show. The magician tells her that she has many friends here. She turns back and her classmates start dancing that “stupid” dance.

The magician takes off her mask, and surprise… she’s Teacher Ma!

Cue to sleeping Ha Na in the bus, suddenly wakes up and shouts “Teacher”. Ah it was a dream.

Ha Na arrives home and her mom tells her that her teacher is here. Surprise.. Teacher Ma is in her house. Wind blows. Ha Na’s stunned. Teacher Ma smiles at her and Ha Na greets her politely.

Teacher Ma is leaving. She puts her hand on Ha Na’s shoulder and says that she’ll see her tomorrow in school.

Mom thanks Teacher Ma for coming despite her busy schedule.

She looks at Ha Na proudly, hugs her. She can brag about her daughter now. Teacher Ma apparently was complimenting her that her grades have improved.

Next day at school, Na Ri and her friends are seriously discussing about something. Ha Na asks what’s going on, their reply “nothing”.

When Bo Mi comes, Ha Na asks what happened yesterday as she didn’t contact her. She’s worried about Bo Mi. Bo Mi tells her that she wasn’t feeling well but she’s fine now. Although her face tells that she’s still not okay.

The class begins and Teacher Ma advises that their parents will be judging their dance today. They must show their parents what they’ve been practicing. They cannot make any mistake on the stage. She urges them to move to the auditorium immediately.

But no one moves. Na Ri takes a deep breath and stands up. She grabs her bag, and her classmates (excluding Dong Goo, Ha Na, Bo Mi) follow her action.

Dong Goo then tells the teacher that Na Ri has something to say. She replies no.

So Dong Goo what’s like, what’s going on here. They promised and agreed that the dance performance is stupid, that they would all quit and will not perform.

But Teacher Ma sharply states that this is only the thing that Dong Goo would stupidly do. Ha Na stands up and confidently says “Me too”.

Teacher Ma asks around, anyone else? Silence…

Their classmates broke their promises.

Teacher Ma asks everyone to leave. Dong Goo asks them to stay behind, but everyone still leaving.

Soo Jin tells Ha Na that because their mothers come, they can’t do this now. It’s not polite.  Her friend argues that there is not any reason for them to rebel just because of one person.

Bo Mi also leaves.

In tears, Ha Na grabs Bo Mi’s drawing book and there’s a cute drawing with handwritten message “Very charming girl, Shim Ha Na.”

She flips the page and there’s another drawing – 2 cute girls holding hands and Bo Mi’s handwriting “We’re friends”

In the corridor, the classmates are following Teacher Ma’s footsteps and they put their “game on” face.

Meanwhile, Ha Na’s tears come streaming down her face to the we’re friends drawing.

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