The Queen’s Classroom Episode 4 Recap


Their classmates betrayal make Dong Goo, Ha Na and Bo Mi angry. Bo Mi silently leaves the class. Dong Goo angrily tells Ha Na who’s in tears, that their classmates are not worth crying for.

Kim Seo Hyun enters the class and offers her handkerchief to Ha Na. As she said yesterday, she once again tells them that it won’t be easy to take this fight ’till the end. Because the reason for the fight was different. Ha Na started the fight for Bo Mi, but for their classmates, the reason is to embarrass their Witch (teacher) in front of their parents.

Unfortunately, Witch Teacher is really smart. She visited her students’ homes yesterday afternoon. For honors students (students with top scores or the ones who want to enter prestigious school), she gives her best advice to improve their chances to enter this kind of school and how to increase their grades in grade 6. For Na Ri, she doesn’t have any reason to boycott the performance because Teacher Ma slightly changed the choreography so she can stand in the middle with Soo Jin.

Teacher Ma’s tactic: lure with the carrot dangling in front and threaten for the weaknesses.

Anyway, where did Bo Mi go?


She comes to the dance practice and joins her classmates while Seo Hyun leaves and she’s more than ready to bear the consequences.

Dong Goo is really angry because they did all this boycott for Bo Mi, but in the end, she betrays them.

Seo Hyun doesn’t care about the dance anymore nor that she cares if she’s chosen as the worst class president again. She tells Dong Goo and Ha Na that she’d rather clean up with them than dancing as Teacher Ma’s puppet.

Ha Na tells her that her mom would be disappointed when she comes to the festival, but Seo Hyun knows that her mom won’t come because she’s really busy.

The parents enter the auditorium, and Ha Na mom comes.

While the parents are enjoying the other class’ performance; class 3 students are nervously waiting for their turn. We see Bo Mi’s crying as she recalls her conversation with Teacher Ma about Na Ri’s birthday party few days ago.

Teacher Ma showed her classmates’ text messages and that they don’t want her at Na Ri’s birthday party, they still want to outcast them and they were discussing why Ha Na is hanging out with someone like her.

Na Ri replied that Bo Mi is pitiful, she wears clothes like a beggar. She asked her friends if Bo Mi has ever attended a party like this? She would just let her to come eat at the party and then she could leave. This might be the very first time she’d try buffet.

If Bo Mi, the outcast, keeps hanging around her, Na Ri will step on her.

*all these girls are cruel, aren’t they?*

Then they began to talk about Ha Na, that Ha Na is just talking care of a pet. *OMG, they treat Bo Mi like a pet!* Everyone knows that Ha Na was one of the outcast candidate too .

Teacher Ma asked Bo Mi the reason why she still liked them although they’re friends like that, friends who stabbed behind her back.

Once again, she offered her words of wisdom and asked her to join her side. Because in truth, these friends won’t stand by her side.

Back to the performance’s waiting room, Bo Mi, still in tears, but now her determined face lights up.

Lights on… Class 3 performance begins.


The parents are very proud watching their kids performance. Ha Na’s mom can’t see Ha Na anywhere.

Ha Na, Seo Hyun and Dong Goo are cleaning up the auditorium and Dong Goo is showing the magic which makes everything stand up. Ha Na tells him that it’s a circus show, not a magic show 😀

They enjoy working together, and finally finish tidying up and cleaning up the auditorium. Then, there’s a buzzing sound from the speaker.

It’s Teacher Ma, asking them if they had fun. She tells them that they look good together and get along nicely. She threatens Ha Na if she believes that rebelling against her with friendship is possible. If she wants to continue rebelling, then, bring it on. But she warns her that the future road may be really rocky. She has decided to use someone to watch over them. And that person is…

None other than… Bo Mi.

If Ha Na succeed in her rebelling tactic, then she might become a hero; however, if she fails, then she might have to bear cruel consequences.

In the cafe, the mothers are praising Class 3’s performances. Class 2’s mothers are not happy with the fact that their kids got a young newbie teacher who gave too much freedom to her students. Like she’s struggling to figure out her class’ performance.

Obviously this makes class 3’s mothers really happy and they praise Teacher Ma’s excellent preparation work. Although one mother wishes that class 3’s stage costumes can be as good as class 2’s costumes.

Na Ri’s mom tells them why bother spending too much money for school’s internal event. She compliments Teacher Ma because she’s not fake, to-the-point, effective and has a good understanding of the mothers’ concerns.

Na Ri’s mother is trying to kick out Eun Joo’s  mother from their exclusive “mothers” group. Probably she’s jealous because Eun Joo’s mother has another “exclusive” group with Hagwon’s mothers. One mother disagrees because she works really hard & is very helpful for their group, unlike Ha Na’s mother who never comes to meetings.  Na Ri’s mom asks them for not underestimating Ha Na’s mother. She might look plan on the outside, but she’s a very determined and great mother who goes through hardship taking care her first daughter who’s sick from digestive problem.

Ha Na’s older sister is currently hospitalized and her family is there, looking after her. Ha Na’s mom asks if she has something to tell her. About the performance. Ha Na is speechless.

Ha Na’s dad tells mom that they can stay in this two-people room because one-person rooms are all occupied and the hospital will charge them the one-person room rate.  Mom thanks Dad for his effort and he replies that it’s not good to become regulars in the hospital like this.

He then asks Ha Na about her dance performance, in which mom tells him that Ha Na didn’t come on stage.

Ha Na lies that her stomach was hurting, hence, she couldn’t make it to the stage. When ask if she’s hiding anything, she laugh 😀

Dad defends her, thinking that it’s totally understandable if she became nervous prior to the performance, so it’s okay. As long as Ha Na is doing well.

Dad invites her out for dinner and his phone rings. He looks quite nervous then tells Ha Na that he’ll step out for a bit because his company’s calling him. Ha Na finally figures out dad’s phone code 0146.

Another day at school, Principal Yong is calling Ha Na from her garden. Ha Na looks around and runs to her. She asks Ha Na to help her and then asks why she didn’t see her on the stage yesterday. She tells her that she got stomachache which leads the Principal to ask if Dong Goo and Seo Hyun also had stomachache. *Ups*

Principal Yong cheekily shares her honest opinion, that although the performance got the loudest applause, however, she found it the least interesting. Because you’re supposed to be smiling and dance happily; but the kids’ expressions were all gloomy. Like zombies *hahaha*

She asks if there’s something happened in her class, Ha Na replies “no”.

In the class, Na Ri and her friends are apologizing to Ha Na about what happened yesterday. They say that Teacher Ma used their family to threaten them so they had no other choice. Na Ri holds Ha Na’s hand and ask if they’re still friends. Ha Na smiles and nods. Na Ri states that they will always be on Ha Na’s side.

Ha Na’s friend advises her to stop rebelling against the Witch and she doesn’t need to be close with Seo Hyun & Dong Goo anymore.  “To stop forward and be brave yourself, you’re doing mostly everything.”  In the end, she’s the only one who’s getting tired and blamed. Moreover, the parents are already on Teacher Ma’s side too.

“Powerful Attacker” Teacher Ma is walking towards her class. Time is ticking. At 9AM sharp, the bell rings and Teacher Ma enters her class. She begins by letting the class know that their parents were very satisfied with yesterday’s performance.

Starting from this week, they’re going to have weekly tests anymore. However, starting from today, they will have daily tests. If they get anything wrong in the test, they will have to copy it 100 times and turn it in the next day.

The reason? Because the whole class was against the festival so the “Witch” will not let this rebellious act go without any punishment. She blames it to the three people who didn’t perform yesterday, and although they had time to think; but in the end, they chose to rebel against her.

Starting from today, the class will be split into 6 groups. If anyone in the group doesn’t do well, then, the whole group will be punished. The group’s leader will report to Teacher Ma about everything that happens in the group. The quality of the group leader’s reports will be included in their final grades so this is the best opportunity for leaders to raise their grades. *smart move, Teacher!*

Ha Na is the leader of Group 6 and her group members are Bo Mi, Seo Hyun and Dong Goo. Teacher Ma practically gives Ha Na a chance to improve her grades. Bo Mi smiles.

During the art practical class, the students are busily working with their sculptures. Teacher Ma is nowhere to be seen. Soo Jin is showing off her brand new wallet and that Chung Joon oppa gave it to her. Na Ri asks her to be quiet as they’ll be in trouble if Teacher Ma comes to the class. But Soo Jin is still bragging about her oppa and the students are starting to attack each other’s weaknesses.

Suddenly, Ha Na is singing and drawing circles, rectangles, and it ends up as a skull. She wisely tells her classmates that they shouldn’t be shaken by the witch teacher and let’s be friendly with each other. Let’s stop making scary faces like this skull.

Her classmate asks her that in the future, she should never involve them in her plans anymore because it put them in uncomfortable situation and because of her, they got in trouble with Teacher Ma.

Ha Na says this is not what she meant but she sees Teacher Ma’s walking towards the class, so she hurriedly sits down.

Teacher Ma asks why the class was so loud and she asks Leader Na Ri to report to her. She replies, there wasn’t anyone talking loud. However, Bo Mi tells her that she “heard” Ha Na talking. Therefore, everyone in group 6 will need to do the cleaning up job after class. As the leader, Bo Mi will watch over them.

Outside, Principal Yong gives a cigarette box to Vice Principal Song and she think someone trashed the box near the school’s restrooms and she doesn’t think the student did it. She blames it to the high school’s neighbourhood kids. Apparently Vice Principal Song has repeatedly warned them, so he can’t let this go on forever and will watch them tomorrow morning. Principal Yong asks him to be firmed and to warn them that they won’t open their school field for public use anymore if this thing happens again.

Vice Principal Song is happy that she’s taking care of the school; however, he also asks her to take her of the school’s business too. But she delegates it to Vice Principal Song who’s a bit overwhelmed to do all the work by himself. She reiterates to him that she has made it clear before after working for 43 years in this school, she no longer wants to take care of the business-side of the school. She requested to stay as the principal just to take care of the school.

She reminds him that she was the one who promoted him as vice principal with the highest score. He’s the new & upcoming vice principal, while she’s just the old principal. But as what her grandson told her, she knows how to have fun. “The older ones don’t have the power to raise people’s statuses, but they have the strength to pick on someone.”

Vice Principal Song can’t argue with her anymore, so he promises to take care everything.

Principal Yong asks his opinion about Teacher Ma. In which he asks if she caused any problems.

In the teachers’ room, Teacher Go is questioning if an educated person have abilities and disabilities. Because as an educator, Teacher Ma has some great teaching skills. Teacher Yang is wondering if it’s wise to follow Teacher Ma’s ways. Teacher Jeong says that as long as they put the kids in pretty clothes, the parents will be more than happy watching the performance and taking pictures & videos of their kids. Who cares about the rhythm, tempo, and performance.  This brings up the costumes issues. Class 2 costume is apparently the best one, but after watching class 3 students dancing in their PE clothes, the parents believe they wasted money.

Then, Teacher Go leaves the room to meet with Vice Principal Song. And Teacher Jeong is also leaving. So Teacher Justin and Teacher Yang are the only ones left. Teacher Justin is approaching Teacher Yang and tells her that she once said she wanted to learn taekwondo. She says she’s really busy but still really eager to learn. So he invites her to meet tomorrow morning to start learning.

In the auditorium, Dong Goo is kicking the ball expressing his anger and Bo Mi is warning him that she will write down his name if he keeps playing around. Dong Goo tells her, go on, write his name 100 times, he doesn’t care.

He asks her if she’s the one who told Teacher Ma about their boycott plan. She can no longer put her head up, and so scared of looking at Dong Goo. He tells her that they know everything. They started the boycott for Bo Mi’s sake. Dong Goo is really angry because Ha Na did everything for her, she persuaded everyone for her. But yet in the end, she betrayed them. Ha Na tells Dong Goo that it’s okay. Seo Hyun asks him to let it go. Maybe the Teacher threatened Bo Mi and she’s not the only one who did this anyway.

Ha Na then asks if Bo Mi still has her drawing book. She leaves it at home. Ha Na smiles and invites Seo Hyun & Dong Goo to Bo Mi’s house. She proudly tells them that Bo Mi drew them, and the drawing (manga drawing) looks so much like them. She even drew Dong Goo much better than the real Dong Goo 😀

But Bo Mi is suspicious with Ha Na’s true motive. She still remembers Teacher Ma’s words and she believes Ha Na only treats her like a pet. Who will only go behind her back and brag to her friends that she became friends with someone like Bo Mi.

Ha Na tells her that they’ve promised to become friends. Bo Mi says, friends? A person’s pet IS their friend. Ouch… So forget it as she doesn’t have any thought to become her friends.

She asks Ha Na to continue cleaning up before she writes her name down for bad working attitude.

In the hospital, Ha Na is asking her sister’s opinion about Bo Mi’s abrupt treatment. But her sister is more worried about Ha Na. She tells her that this thing happens so many times, that after becoming friends with a loner, the loner may turn back on her. But Bo Mi is not a loner, says Ha Na.

Her sister tells her that this problem is much bigger then. A class can go on without a teacher, but there has to be a loner in the class. Ha Na is not worried though as she has lots of friends. Her sister asks who’s her friend? Dong Goo? She says not that stupid boy, but Seo Hyun. From her observations, Ha Na’s sister believes that Seo Hyun and Dong Goo are loners too and they’re the type who plays alone anyway. Ha Na doesn’t have any reason to become a loner, but she has something in common with loners. She asks her to stop hanging out with Seo Hyun & Dong Goo; and rekindle her friendship with Na Ri and their friends.

Next day in school, Soo Jin is looking through her bag thoroughly and realized that her wallet is missing. She believes she put it there, and the money inside the wallet is not a problem; but she’s really upset because it’s a gift from oppa.

Teacher Ma enters the class and asks what happened. She asks if she has looked for her wallet everywhere and she says yes. So Teacher Ma (who believes the theft is in the class), threatens the criminal to turn herself / himself to her. Everyone’s looking around, no one put their hand up. Teacher asks if anyone saw the person who took the wallet. She distributes blank paper and asks the class to write down the name who stole the wallet (if they know). If they get caught trying to hide this person, they will receive the same punishment as the theft.

Bo Mi is looking around. Dong Goo is drawing something on his paper. Ha Na writes “I don’t know”

Teacher Ma peruses the papers; and the majority of the students wrote I don’t know / I don’t have a clue. Dong Goo drew Miss Rosa, his supermonkey hahaha. Cheeky boy.

Because no-one knew who did it and the culprit might not be in class 3, so the whole class will be punished. The punishment: they must write 10 reflection essays every day and if they get a question wrong on their daily test, they must copy it 200 times (instead of 100 times) and the class presidents’ jobs will be given to them. The rewards that are usually given to top scorers will be abolished from today.

The students start complaining and even Soo Jin complains. She’s the victim but she receives the same punishment. Teacher Ma tells them there’s no exception.

So one student throws idea to hold a meeting and the class will work together to find the culprit. Because everyone’s taking these punishments is not fair.

Teacher Ma says that they can try if they want.

So he leads the class meeting and asks if his classmates to let the whole class know if they know something.

The blaming game begins. Sun Young puts her hand up and points her finger to Kim Ka Eul. Her reason: Ka Eul continuously wanted the wallet ever since Soo Jin started bragging about it. Then another student believes that her classmate is the theft because he has the looks of a criminal.

This surely doesn’t work, everyone starts suspecting one another.

Ka Eul then starts to suspect Ha Na because the class presidents were the last people who left the room.

Dong Goo tells them that Ha Na & Seo Hyun left early to return class materials. So the class now is suspecting Dong Goo and asking him to confess.

Seo Hyun wisely tells that Dong Goo is a really smart boy. Even Dong Goo is surprised then agreed with her.

So the class representative asks Teacher Ma’s permission for a bag search. Everyone’s not happy. Chaos in the class and Teacher Ma doesn’t say anything.

The bell rings and she asks if the class still needs more time to resolve this issue. If not, then, the meeting is over; they should go for their lunch break then the whole class should clean the corridors and restrooms. More complains from the students.

In the teacher’s room, the teachers are wondering what’s going on with class 3. Teacher Ma calmly answers that they had a class meeting to find the culprit who stole Soo Jin’s wallet. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find the culprit. And until the culprit is found, the whole class is punished.

Teacher Yang tells her that the kids will suspect each other. Teacher Ma asks if she has any other way to resolve this problem.

Teacher Gon replies that normally they will confess themselves. That’s why he won’t be able to solve this issue.

Teacher Yang believes that Soo Jin is responsible as she couldn’t take a good care of her own possessions. She’s the reason why her classmates suspecting each other. Then Teacher Ma asks if she should just forget about the theft and blame the victim instead? Obviously this is not the best way out. Teacher Yang argues that they should ask the victim to take responsibility instead of suspecting the whole class as the culprit. The logic is there, but nope, not the best solution. It’s the convenient way to let the culprit go easily. Just like if someone wears a short skirt and gets raped, then it’s the victim’s fault. So we’ll let the rapist go? That’s a lazy solution.

Teacher Ma: “Committing a crime will always lead to punishment. If people do something wrong, there will always be a price that they need to pay. If the school doesn’t teach about this, then where will the kids learn this principal from? So if the culprit cannot be found, even if I have to punish everybody, the culprit will have to be punished too”

Class 3 students are diligently cleaning up the corridors and the class; and the work is never-ending. Teacher Ma is back in the class.

Ha Na is responsible to throw the rubbish out; but while outside, she sees Na Ri’s running to the rubbish bins and she takes out Soo Jin’s wallet from her jacket and is ready to throw it out.

Ha Na drops her rubbish bag and asks why she did this.

Na Ri replies that Soo Jin puts everyone down every single day. She’s jealous that Soo Jin keeps showing off. Na Ri tells her that she was planning to return it but because Teacher Ma is involved in this case, she’s too scared to tell anyone.

Ha Na advises her to confess to Teacher Ma, but Na Ri is scared that Teacher Ma will tell her mom about this. If her mom knows, it’s the end for her. So Na Ri asks Ha Na to put the wallet back in Soo Jin’s desk. Obviously Ha Na doesn’t want to do it because she knows she’ll be caught.

Na Ri is begging Ha Na to do it for her as they are best friends. Reluctantly, Ha Na agrees.

In the class, their classmates leave the class. Na Ri is begging Ha Na to do it for her. Then she leaves. As the class president, Ha Na is the last person to leave the class. She put the wallet back in Soo Jin’s bag. But unfortunately, Bo Mi enters the class and she is screaming, running, looking for Teacher Ma. She finally finds her and smiles.

The interrogation starts. Ha Na is surrounded with her classmates and Teacher Ma. When asked the reason she stole it; she replies she didn’t do it. She has the wallet because her friend asked her to do it, because her friend asked her to return the wallet.

Teacher Ma asks, who is this friend? Who asked her to do it?

She’s not answering her question.

Teacher Ma asks her to speak up, otherwise, she believes everything she said is a lie.

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