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Episode 1


“Communication is made up of  ’So’ which means opening  up your heart and ‘Tong’ which means connecting with others. Therefore it means, if you want to connect with others, (in other words) if you want to communicate with others, we have to let go of our initial perception.” -Principal Yong Hyun Ja-

“Those who win in the competition get special benefits, and those who lose get discriminated against” -Teacher Ma Yeo Jin-

“Rules are meant to be followed” -Teacher Ma Yeo Jin-

“I don’t think any rules are more important than people. Even though I know that you are teaching perfectly well each day, today I think you are wrong. Arent’ you just trying to bully Ha Na now?” -Kim Seo Hyeon-


Episode 2

“Being right or wrong is not the truth. Being right or wrong is decided by someone.  What is important,  is who decides that.” -Teacher Ma Yeo Jin-


Episode 3

“If you want to avoid being an outcast, you have to make yourself stronger, but if it’s that easy, who would be an outcast? If you can’t become stronger, then standing next to a strong person is also wise.”  -Teacher Ma Yeo Jin-

“In this world, just like there is no one who only has good points, there is no one with just bad points” -Shim Ha Na-

“If a runner at marathon is enjoying his run, he’s not doing his best. Doing his best means pain should follow.” -Teacher Ma Yeo Jin-

“Whether it’s a flower or a person, helping a living organism to grow is a never ending process” -Principal Yong Hyun Ja-


Episode 4

“I believe in what I believe. Friendship is precious and someday the truth will win.” – Shim Ha Na –

“In life, not all the questions have correct answers like exam questions. You don’t have to give an answer on time like you do when answering the exam questions. So take your time, think  carefully and do as your heart tell you.”  -Principal Yong Hyun Ja-


Episode 5

“If you think this is unfair, then do whatever you can with your own strength. Fight until the end using your own strength without blaming anyone.” -Teacher Ma Yeo Jin-

“When there is something that’s really hard in life, lie down & count in your head.” – Oh Dong Goo –


Episode 6

“Discrimination is a fact of life. People with money and power get better treatment. It’s the rule of this world that you live in.” -Teacher Ma Yeo Jin-

“Living special like this, being better than others, do you know how hard it is? I can’t fail nor make any mistake.” – Go Na Ri –


Episode 7

“Real self-respect is the courage to be able to proudly admit you’re wrong.” -Teacher Ma Yeo Jin-

“If you don’t sell yourself with money nor power in the world, then no one can ever buy what is truly precious to you ” -Teacher Ma Yeo Jin-


Episode 8

“Doing bad actions and saying bad words will become easier after a while and it will make you feel nothing doing these kind of things.” -Go Na Ri –


Episode 9

“It’s good to make friends, but don’t try to do everything for them. Even between friends, there is a limit.” – Ha Na’s Mom –

“Even though you dislike something about her, she is still your mom. Whether she’s a good or bad mom, she’s your mum!” – Oh Dong Goo –


Episode 10

“Those who contribute less to the group, or those who become an obstacle should be taken out or left behind. That’s the rule of this competitive society. People like that, are capable of nothing, but they rely on others & gain benefit. They struggle to keep their position. If because of people like that, the group falls behind, and the efforts of the other hardworking people will be for nothing” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –

“Sometimes the perfect answer doesn’t appear just because you made a clear goal” – Principal Yong Hyun Ja –

“If our classmates realize that friends are important, if they knew each other’s true heart, I don’t think they would fight just because of something like this” – Eun Bo Mi –


Episode 11

“To become free from anyone’s ruling / restraint and in order to live an autonomous life, there are prices you must pay” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –

“Just because it’s difficult to tell does not mean that it’s impossible to tell” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –


Episode 12

“People are just the same. They like me if they need me, but once I’m useless, they abandon me. To survive, I need to be useful” – Kim Do Jin –

“I will stand with you no matter what choice you’ll make” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –

“Every living thing has a right to live. Nobody has any right to  give their lives up. You can’t abandon yourself. As soon as you’re born, you’re precious to someone. Don’t be scared, don’t be anxious. If you don’t give up on yourself, no one else can. You have to believe that you’re precious. Then with that heart, instead of bullying, you have to  live knowing that your friends around you are precious too. You are not alone.” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –


Episode 13

“There’s no freedom without pain” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –

“Studying is hard, while playing is fun. However years later when they become adults, would they still envy you? By that time, the dreams that they’ve been working for would have became true. But for the kids who waste their time today like you, won’t be.” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –


Episode 14

“If you laugh, fortune will come” – Oh Dong Goo –

“There will be a lot of times in your life when you’re confused and hesitant like now. Are you going to keep asking other people to help you resolving your problem? Think of it yourself, make your own judgement and take responsibility of your own choice.” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –

“Time which has passed would never come back. How do we spend that time is up to us” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –

“Studying in not only in textbooks, it’s also not for taking tests. Studying is the process of resolving our curiosity. Studying is not our obligation, but it is the highest privilege only humans are entitled to.” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –

“The world like in fairy-tale doesn’t exist. In this world that we live in, a kind person will be unfairly treated. Although we do a bad thing, but if we are on the side of a strong person, we’ll get reward instead of punishment.” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –

“Magic wand doesn’t exist in this world, but occasionally, hope changes reality.” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –

“Happiness is not something that’s set in the stone. Happiness is different for everyone. Therefore for the 25 of us in this class, there will be 25 different happiness and  all 25 of us will be happy” – Shim Ha Na –

“Believe what you believe” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –

“Truthfully, you are a great teacher. In order to teach us, you took the role of a bad person and fought us, so we could unite as one and win” – Oh Dong Goo –


Episode 15

“The teacher always deals with us truthfully. She never let a question go unanswered. When we do something bad, she is stricter than anyone. But when we work together, she always complies.” – Shim Ha Na –

“On the outside, you look stronger than anybody else. But on the inside, you’re always worried that the kids will get hurt because of you.” – Teacher Goo Ja Song –

“It’s natural to be fearful of unknown tomorrow. But wasting today because of that fear, is the most foolish thing. Because every day you will be living in fear.” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –

“You have to sacrifice today for tomorrow.
You are not living in yesterday or tomorrow.
It’s only today, that’s the time you have right now.
Whenever you feel uneasy, feel how alive you are.
If you close your eyes, the wind blowing in.
If you put your hand on your chest, your heart beating, and
If you listen, you’ll hear your friends’ laughter.
Don’t do a foolish thing like giving up the precious things given to you today, just because of your fear for the future” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –

“Do the best in what you can. It’s okay to make mistakes, it’s okay to fail. If you do your best today, you will find yourself and you’ll see tomorrow’s dream.” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –

“Find your happiness and enjoy your life in full happiness. And as you need to be happy, your friends also need to be happy.” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –

“Consider yourself precious, and in that same vein, consider your friends precious. So that you can live today happily with your friends.” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –


Final Episode

“It is because the kids, they make miracles” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –

“The teacher is only a guide, the kids who find out their own paths will change their lives and the world, for the better.  – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –

“Now I realize that it doesn’t matter to you whether you’re a good teacher or not, because to you, what the kids will become, is more important than what kind of teacher you are.” – Teacher Yang Min Hee –

“With the time you worry about useless thing, you should be taking care of your class” – Teacher Ma Yeo Jin –

“It seemed like you were making us struggle and making everything hard for us, but behind the scenes, you cared about us individually. No matter what people say, I believe you are our great teacher.” – Shim Ha Na –


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