The Time We Were Not In Love – Choi Won’s past secret will be revealed



SBS released Lee Jin Wook’s newest stills which will unlock Choi Won’s past. On the stills above, high-schooler Choi Won is weeping and shocked because of an unexpected incident. He’s starring at someone, his red eyes shows how sorry & guilty he is. On the last picture, he’s grief-stricken attending his friend Eun Dae Yoon‘s (Park Doo Shik) funeral.

A glimpse about his friendship with Eun Dae Yoon was revealed on last week’s episode. He’s not only his friend but also his competitor in love because both men love Oh Ha Na. His death might be one reason why Choi Won has been suppressing his feeling to Ha Na due to his guilt for not giving his friend a chance to win her heart. He didn’t pass on Dae Yoon’s letters to Ha Na and I don’t think he’d ever forget about it. It’s also intriguing that there’s a picture of Dae Yoon with the man who bullied Choi Won on his cinerarium. Seems like Choi Won knew a secret behind his death.

This scene will be broadcast tomorrow, 8 August 2015.



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