The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 10 Brief Recap

A quote to sum up this episode: “If you keep running back to the person you need to walk away from, you will never create a space for better things to arrive.” The longer Ha Na allows Seo Hoo occupying her heart, the longer it’ll take her to realize his presence is taking up the space that should be filled by better things.

Episode 10 Brief Recap

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After enjoying his well-deserved one month vacation, Choi Won is back. Their friends except Ha Na didn’t know anything about his sudden vacation, but from the strange atmosphere they figure out it had something to do with Ha Na who’s currently dating Cha Seo Hoo. He casually asks her about Seo Hoo and she answers with a short & simple Good. Surprisingly, unlike many other holiday-goers, he spent his holiday not relaxing in the beach or hotel but he walked!

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As he walked for over 500km, contemplating to continue or stop, he listened to the sound of his breathing. He then found out it’s louder than any other sound. He refuses to tell Ha Na what he thought while he was listening to his breathing. Ha Na points out Won became manlier while Won teases his bff that after looking at her from a distance, she’s a lot shorter than him. 😀

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Ha Na isn’t the only one missing him. Mi Hyang welcomes him back with a facial pack, complaining he didn’t call at all. She was lonely without him, it’s true that a person’s absence stands out when he’s not around. He confesses he thought about what he should throw away & take in his life during this life-changing holiday.

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Good news is waiting for Won at work. He received the most caring flight attendant award hence as the face of the airline, it’s compulsory for him to participate in food truck events & talent donation. He also has his photo taken for an airline’s publication.

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Seo Hoo visits Ha Na at work, he’s maximizing this collaboration project to see her anytime he wants. Although Ha Na focuses on their project, he loses his mind -.- he’s crazily in love with her. After she receives Choi Won’s new picture published on the company’s publication from Na Young, she smiles – she’ll tease him later 😀 Curious Seo Hoo wants to know what caused her to laugh, so he tells Ha Na to invite Na Young for lunch.

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The gossip boys are celebrating Choi Won’s award in the bar until he’s drunk & sorrowfully sings Kim Bum Soo‘s I Miss You.

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Where is Ha Na now? Of course she’s with Seo Hoo who’s still as selfish as he was before. He doesn’t want anyone (including phone call) to interrupt them when he’s with her. So Ha Na rejects her mom’s call, making her worried her daughter is meeting a strange man again.

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ChaAndy project is going well so the others want to be a part of it. Thankfully Min Ji spills the beans to Ha Na so she lectures the design team before they steal another project from her again. But… Seo Hoo is facing a new hurdle. His company is preparing a contract violation lawsuit because he continues this collaboration project. He think it’s actually a good thing because if he wins, he can cleanly wraps up their contractual relationship by telling them what went wrong.

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Choi Won is conducting a training for the junior flight attendants who’re mesmerized with his handsome look instead of the training he conducted. During his break, So Eun confronts him about his one-sided love because she saw Ha Na & Seo Hoo together. If he can stay by Ha Na’s side as a friend then he should also let her do the same thing, staying by his side as his junior. But he refuses her kind offer.

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Later that afternoon, Ha Na is looking for Mi Hyang’s favorite wine but it’s all sold out. Just then, she spots two bottles in someone’s trolley, surprise surprise… It’s Choi Won! 😀 They fight for the wine but of course Won wins. They catch up over beer under the rain. Ha Na confesses in the past she liked it when her heart fluttered making her ignoring everything else but maybe because she’s getting old hence the heart fluttering moment feels very heavy that requires her to control it. Maybe her heart has become dull. Her reminds her about their bet & encourage her to keep pushing on like Ha Na he knows.

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Chef Won cooks Mi Hyang a delicious frittata he had during his vacation as he asks the progress of her new fangirling moment. But classical music is way harder than Kpop 😀 She then tells him to start dating but it’s not because he can’t date he’s not dating anyone but because he doesn’t want to date. He suppressed his feeling, took one month vacation and back being her friend again now. Won admits it’s not easy but he’s trying his best.

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Mi Hyang the fangirl is excitedly lining up for Park Chong’s album autograph session. But he stabs her heart when he’s curiously wondering why this ahjumoni likes his music as he asks if she isn’t going to the public bathhouse today -.-


Park Chong was jogging backwards, accidentally slapped Mi Hyang’s face. She screamed out calling him ahjussi while he apologized calling her ajumma. She was on the way to the public bath house that morning.

Back in the present time. Mi Hyang finally figures out where did she first see him 😀

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Ha Na returns from her business trip with Seo Hoo, they bump into flight attendant Choi Won when they board the plane. Won professionally serves them but it’s clear he’s crying inside despite he’s trying his hardest to smile.

Knowing about her past heartbreak, Ha Na knows people around her cannot accept Seo Hoo easily. She loves him but her friends may not. But the reason why Seo Hoo wants to see her friends is not to convince them to accept him but to know them better. Ha Na advises him to be patient, to wait because she’s not the same Ha Na he used to date. She’s changed hence he should change to (the better).

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Ha Na’s mom cheerfully welcomes her daughter back but she can’t hide her disappointment when she spots Seo Hoo! She drags Ha Na inside.

Ha Na’s parents are enraged she’s back with Seo Hoo. Is she out of her mind? Why did she see that jerk again?

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Ha Na explains she’s giving him another chance because he’s trying, she decided to trust him again. But she’s shocked to see the pink bunny is back! Mom is livid finding out he gave her that pink bunny. She blames her son by bringing it back, he indirectly put that jerk back to his sister.

Seo Hoo isn’t giving up trying to make Choi Won his friend. He wants to join Choi Won and Ha Na’s friendship too and doesn’t want to be the third person in Ha Na’s life. Choi Won tells him he doesn’t have any interest in his relationship with Ha Na. But he can’t avoid this topic forever.

Ha Na’s dad asks why he didn’t stop her after he found out. Why didn’t he stop her from getting a heartache? He’s very close with Ha Na like a glue! What was he doing that he couldn’t even win her heart?

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Ha Na was very rebellious when she was with Seo Hoo, she planned the engagement ceremony without her parents’ permission. Then, Seo Hoo broke & stabbed her heart making her locking herself in her room making her parents worried. He doesn’t want to see the jerk who turned Oh household upside down. Because Won also didn’t do anything, he’s not allowed to come to Ha Na’s house again.

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Dad still remembers little Ha Na said she wanted to marry her dad. For him, giving her up to a man of her choice, no matter how great he is, will be a loss. And no matter how good he is, Dad will not accept him if he makes his daughter sheds another tear. As her parents, they can’t hate Ha Na no matter what. Ha Na admits she’s wrong & promises to do better as her dad’s daughter.

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Ha Na is teaching Seo Hoo how to treat his girlfriend better. Firstly… by carrying heavy things for her. And because the atmosphere at home isn’t that good, she can’t go home too late tonight. But she still goes to his place to practice piano. It doesn’t help that he keeps provoking her competitiveness. Then suddenly, he takes her pictures before continues to take couple pictures & upload them. Ha Na lectures him basic etiquette hoping he can be more considerate of her.


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Ha Na wanted to have their graduation pictures in graduation album starting from high school to college. It’d be great memories. But Ha Na would graduate first because Choi Won had to serve 2 years in the military. It’s so cute to see them attending each other’s graduation although they didn’t graduate at the same time.

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Back in the present time. Na Young advises it’s useless trying to fix broken things because it’ll break in the same way again. She must become a jerk this time & hurt him first but Ha Na refuses although Na Young reminds her that people don’t change. If she’s not listening to people around her, she won’t have anyone by her side.

Seo Hoo has uploaded their couple pictures on the net, Ha Na is pleased with how the pictures turned out as she invited him to hang out tomorrow.

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Jumei has shown positive interest to collaborate with ChaAndy project. They want Team Leader Oh to be in charge so her boss assigns this project back to her. Everything is going well for Ha Na now (successful project, loving boyfriend, great bff) but things aren’t going well at home. Mom slips so panicked Dae Bok calls his hyung, Choi Won, who rushes to see her. She refuses to go to hospital nor is she pleased to see Won. Ha Na also rushes home after her brother called but she forgot to tell Seo Hoo the reason why she had to go home early today. The boys are taking a really good care of Mom. They work really hard cleaning the house too.

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Choi Won gives Ha Na a whistle as a gift, it’s useful calling for help. This whistle has saved him during his trip. Ha Na blows the whistle several times until both of them burst in laughter.

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Her possessive boyfriend is at Ha Na’s house! He kneels down in front of Ha Na’s family.


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Ha Na was supposed to go to Paris for her training today but she chose to attend Choi Won’s graduation because he’s way more important.

Ha Na: The choices we made in order to stay together and those choices we made are the reasons why we can’t be together now. But we didn’t know about these back then. 


It’s frustrating to see Ha Na’s giving Seo Hoo a second chance but it’s great she’s toughen up emphasizing she’s mature enough to handle this relationship. Ha Na doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes from 3 years ago hence before they’re going too far, she emphasizes this relationship must be a healthy give-and-take relationship. He must start to treat Ha Na as his woman, respect her personal space and prove that he’s in love with her. There’s a reason why Ha Na still hasn’t arranged her loved ones to meet him and based on her mom’s reaction when he dropped her off, a gentleman should know what he must do to impress people around Ha Na. But I didn’t expect him to kneel down in front of Ha Na’s family! Wow… Curious what he’ll say to them, hopefully not the things he’ll regret for the rest of his life.

Ha Na’s parents’ reactions are justifiable. Who wants their daughter to experience the same heartbreak? Parents always protect their children from getting hurt although it means they don’t respect their children’s decision to follow their heart because sometimes parents (who live longer than their kids) know much better. I love Ha Na’s father heartfelt conversation with his daughter who’s possibly making the wrong choice again. When he said he and his wife can’t hate Ha Na no matter what, it shows that despite their disappointment & disapproval, they will trust her 100%. It’s up to Ha Na now to follow her heart or to follow her loved ones’ advises. Sometimes, something good comes out of heartbreak & failure 🙂 Because of Seo Hoo’s refusal to change, Ha Na started to see Won differently (as a man, not only her bestfriend). It’s a good baby step.

Won got another slap by Ha Na’s father who’s baffled he couldn’t win over Ha Na’s heart although they’ve been so close like a glue. What So Eun said was also true. If Choi Won can stay by Ha Na’s side with his one-sided love, why can’t she do the same thing? Without realizing, he’s acting like So Eun (although not as annoying as her).

Ha Na sacrificed her Paris training to go to Won’s graduation. She’d probably weighed all the pros-and-cons but in the end, Choi Won won because he’s more important than her training. The choice she made that day gave a hint to anyone with a clear mind that she liked Won but he made a different choice. If only he knew back then, they’re probably already married now 😀 And this drama wouldn’t exist ^-^

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