The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 12 Brief Recap

Nourishing a platonic friendship for 17 long years isn’t easy, any doubt will ruin their friendship hence 1+1 really trust each other. Ha Na chose to believe Choi Won although he’s been blatantly lying to her about his true feeling. They were both young & immature. A word of wisdom from their high school teacher steer Won back on the right track as he takes a courageous step to turn friendship into love.

Episode 12 Brief Recap

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Oh Ha Na confesses she was scared and felt she lost her close friendship when Won left for his one month vacation. She believes rekindling their friendship is her own selfishness. But friendship is different with dating or love so as friends, let’s become close again like they used too. He stretches out his hand, Ha Na replies by clasping his hand. She promises to support Won’s future relationship as he is now. 🙂 He cutely teases her for not criticizing his future girlfriend again.

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But here comes trouble. Rabbit jerk roughly drags her away from Won because he can’t stand seeing his girlfriend being so close with her best friend. He’s also annoyed Ha Na ran to Won after they fought, like what happened 3 years ago. But instead of bombarding her with this jealousy question, he should ask her why she is hanging out with Won? She explains Won is her friend who always by her side. If he was this angry 3 years ago, why didn’t he confront her when she cried out on his arms? Why did he disappear?

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Seo Hoo, Ha Na chose you over her 17 years friendship and her family because she can’t easily push him away so the memories of being hurt by him aren’t that important for her. He’s touched hearing her confession. It’s also incredibly hard for Ha Na yet she gave him another chance. Seo Hoo hugs her then he apologizes.

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CEO Min doesn’t care about her artist’s image & reputation as she one-sidedly cancels ChaAndy project due to Seo Hoo’s world tour. Team Leader Oh doesn’t understand why hence CEO Min points out there are lots of things in this world that she will never understand. For Seo Hoo who’s been working so hard in the last three years, there’s no away he’ll do the world tour. He’s in Korea to take a break so he advises Ha Na to proceed with the planned charity concert.

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The flight attendants have special passenger in the first class today, he’s in his last stage of cancer and is flying accompanied by his guardian & doctor. Coincidentally, he’s Won high school teacher Park Young Soo. After serving his drink, Won jogs his memory.


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Teacher Park took picture of bruised Won who was staring out the window at lunchtime. He looked down & spotted a beautiful girl there, she’s Oh Ha Na. It’s obvious Won liked her but he stuttered saying no. He then brought up Won’s great script about the girl that the main character’s friend liked, who’s this main character’s friend and who the girl liked. Based on his teaching experience, the teacher knew it’s Won’s story but he didn’t press him to say the truth. He only advised Won to eat properly & don’t become a writer because he’d be hungry.

Back in the present time.

Won apologizes for not keeping in touch with his teacher who’s relieved to see his student working as a flight attendant. It means he didn’t end up as a writer, right? 🙂

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After Teacher Park’s wife told Won this is a trip to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary, Won prepares a special gift for the couple. He hopes he’ll be able to serve them again on their next journey. Btw, teacher still keeps the script he wrote so Won promises to stop by soon. Teacher holds Won’s hand advising him to live his moment without any regret.

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Tandy is having a 1+1 special promotion (reminds me of 1+1 couple 😀). When Seo Hoo comes to stalk Ha Na, she turns this rare opportunity into a fansigning session! They’ll donate the agreed proceed sales to charity, everyone’s happy except his CEO.

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Mi Hyang and Park Chong aka Jong Hoon are having their second date… in the sauna. She’s clearly unhappy, believes that their tastes don’t match so let’s stop meeting but Jong Hoon coolly replies that they can match their tastes as they know each other better. He then advises her for not wearing any make-up because she’s prettier without it. After he gave a roasted egg, she has enough. She leaves but he’s not giving up – he’s going to call her later.

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Mom is freaking out Ha Na plans to cook for the whole family to apologize for all the hard times she gave them. Despite Ha Na’s confidence, mom believes taste isn’t created based on recipe memorization but with our fingertips. Knowing there’ll be a disaster, Dae Bok rushes out to buy dinner. He bumps into Won who defends Ha Na’s cooking, as expected.

Informant Dae Bok shares that Seo Hoo’s CEO is in Korea and he had a scandal with his sponsor. Won remembers the woman who was with Seo Hoo at the airport the other day. Maybe it’s her?

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Oh family is nervous. Ha Na cooked tiny portion of fish with grilled vegetables because high class dishes are all about taste than quantity. Surprisingly, it tastes nice. Dae Bok offers to wash the dishes and do household duties so kind-hearted Ha Na refills his plate.

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Sadly, Won’s teacher passed away :'( Won pays his respect, so do Ha Na and their high school friends. After Won wrote his name and graduation year on the book, Teacher Park’s son remembers how happy his father was meeting his student who works as a flight attendant. He then invites Won to Conversation with Sunbae because he’s also a teacher.

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Teacher Park left behind pictures (he took) for his students, except Chang Soo because he was too busy dating Jung Mi 😀 He took many pictures of Chang Soo and Jung Mi probably because he knew they’d get married. Everyone is touched, reminiscing their high school days through these pictures.

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For Won, he gave the picture of him staring out the window. Ha Na is curious who was he looking at that he looked so serious. She also remembers his dream of becoming a movie director.

Seo Hoo coldly declares his CEO’s sudden appearance isn’t welcome at all. She notices this situation is exactly the same three years ago. It also involves the same woman. He really wants to end his contract in a good terms hence she reminds him about his scandal with Top Classic because he was so hungry for power. But after he got what he needed, he kicks her out of his life.

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She threatens to spill the beans to Ha Na about the reason he couldn’t come to his engagement party three years ago. His expression changes, he looks nervous. So he asks her to leave. Before leaving, CEO Min is questioning why he chose Oh Ha Na? Well, she also liked his immature side so probably that’s why.

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Seo Hoo meets with Ha Na near his place. As soon as they meet, he hugs her tightly. Then he plays piano for over two hours non-stop. Ha Na is wondering if it’s best to leave him alone today because it looks like he’s physically & mentally tired. He doesn’t even ask about Ha Na’s teacher funeral 🙁

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After their high school friends talked about Eun Dae Yoon who liked Ha Na, Won visits his late friend 🙁 Won apologizes for failing to deliver those letters to Ha Na but it makes him realizes now about his true feeling to her. He couldn’t confess to her properly, he was young & immature but he vows to leave his old self here. With blood tears eyes he bids goodbye to his friend.


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Dae Yoon trusted Choi Won to pass on his letters to Ha Na. But he never gave those letters to her.

Back in the present time.

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After finally making up his mind, Won runs into Ha Na who (from the back) walks like she’s lost all her strength. Ha Na is relieved when he finally walks in front of her because he can’t observe her energy and lifeless expression from the front. It’s one of those days when she doesn’t have any energy left especially after Teacher Park’s funeral and Seo Hoo’s busy day. It’s the reason why Ha Na is going home early today. Curiously, she wants to have a look at the script Won wrote. Won: the more you hide, the more valuable your life becomes. He promises to show it her who’ll vow to criticize his script fairly.

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At home, Ha Na opens the pictures Teacher Park left behind for her. She’s wondering, where / who did young Ha Na look (stare) at?

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Although Mi Hyang didn’t want to meet Jong Hoon anymore, but she still came out to see him again. This time, they meet in a nice restaurant & he’s dressed well because he wants to make a good impression to… his apprentice Seo Hoo who arrives with Oh Ha Na. As soon as she saw Mi Hyang, she let go of his hand because it’ll be uncomfortable for Won’s cousin to see it. As his noona, of course she understands her cousin’s feeling but she also understands Ha Na’s feeling.

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After the dinner, Ha Na expresses her frustration in the punching game. Won can see she’s very upset. She admits that although everything is going well but she’s still anxious. Won advises that people like Ha Na are used to comfortable things hence is frustrating to face unexpected situations. Like in her job, she’s used to be so busy making her body physically exhausted but her heart feels good because she accomplishes something good.

Won thought about his late dad who was bed-ridden for a long time until he sadly passed away. A day before he left the world, his dad stared at her son’s eyes and their eyes locked for a long time. He liked that special moment. Ha Na remembers Choi Won cried silently for days. They shared many happy & sad moments like this, part of their histories of loyalty.

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To thank his loyal friend, he allows her to hit him. Ha Na aims to hit him, he quickly dodges it. Clearly he’s shocked she didn’t think it was just a joke.

Mi Hyang admits she met with Ha Na, Seo Hoo and Seo Hoo’s teacher. Human emotions are weird, hey. She keeps finding any excuse to meet Seo Hoo’s teacher so Won advises her to erase Seo Hoo’s name and she’ll be fine.

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The next morning, Won finds two books with written messages from Ha Na wishing her friend who dodges her punch to be healthy.

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Dae Bok is now working at the convenience store and his cutie girlfriend visits him during his break. Eun Jung wants them to stop meeting in secret but because she’s Dae Bok’s sister’s assistant, it looks like she uses his connection or he uses her background. People will misunderstand about their relationship. He wants to work hard so he can proudly introduces her as his woman. She is happy to wait, she’s not a materialistic girl & doesn’t need present. Beside, they still have lots of free coupons they can use. Ramen or kimbap during their date? It’s more than okay. They cutely punch each other’s cheek.

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Eun Jung proudly calls her boyfriend Oh Dae Bok. Yes. She finally remembers his name 😀

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Won fulfills his promise to Teacher Park’s son. Before he steps into his old class room, he reminisces his high school days. The students ask when he felt most rewarded. He shares his gratefulness of receiving thank you letters from passengers and simple gestures of appreciation from the elders. After one student ask if flight attendant was his original dream, he replies he wanted to become a film director but gave up because he didn’t have enough talent.

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The girls are curious if he has a girlfriend. Won wittily answers he has lots of girl friends but not a girlfriend. One student suggests to make one of his friend his girlfriend. He closes the topic by replying no comment. But the student isn’t giving up, she asks if he also gave up on this dream. He realizes talking about giving up in front of young people who may not begin to have dreams is a huge mistake. Rather than giving up, he should rephrase it as waiting for something better to come along. Even though he’s working as a flight attendant, if there’s any opportunity, he can become a movie director. And… a friendship also has a chance to turn into love.

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The students are cheering for him to pursue his dream 🙂 Awww… He’s here to encourage the students but in the end, he gained so much more.

Won carried the script for a month but he didn’t have the courage to show it to Ha Na although she’s dying with curiosity. He realizes it now that he was such a fool back then.

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The annoying Director Byeon advises Ha Na to focus on Jimei project because ChaAndy charity concert has been cancelled. He doesn’t even take into account Ha Na’s effort for raising the sales of ChaAndy shoes as he gives Top Classic the credit. As the chief manager of ChaAndy project, she’s not giving up this project so she meets with CEO Min to find out if Seo Hoo has accepted the concert’s cancellation. Knowing and accepting are two very different things. Yes he knows it, but has he accepted it? And what’s the reason of this cancellation?

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Straight away CEO Min points out Cha Seo Hoo will follow her orders from now on. He’s throwing away everything because he’s crazily in love with a woman and it’s a waste of his talent. She advises Ha Na to continue with their relationship but to break up with him later. Ha Na is shocked. Based on what she said, it looks like the rumored scandal between Seo Hoo and his sponsor is true. CEO Min challenges Ha Na to ask the truth from Seo Hoo himself. Ha Na is confused. She’s swayed between Seo Hoo’s sweet promises to start over & that he doesn’t want to lose her again.

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She’s too tired to go to Seo Hoo’s place right now so she challenges him to come & find her because he should know her favorite places by now.

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Surprise surprise. Seo Hoo knows where she is. He even remembers this place because they fought here before. He kneels down, telling her he has to leave for Austria next week because he has to take care important thing himself. It also means the charity concert will be postponed. After finding out from Seo Hoo that he’s going with CEO Min, Ha Na clasps his hand begging him he shouldn’t leave. Because if he does, their relationship will be over. He promises this is strictly a business trip but Ha Na threatens that if he leaves, then don’t come back. Because without him by her side, she will continue thinking about the bad things then when he returns, she will be frustrated and irritable with him. They will repeat the same cycle.

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Ha Na begs and begs but he’s already made up his mind. Even if it’s only for a week, Ha Na can’t let him go. If he insists, then… goodbye Seo Hoo ya…

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Oh family has started to accept Ha Na and Seo Hoo’s relationship. Dad even apologizes for being too harsh on him last time, he asks Ha Na to bring him over so he can have a drink with him.

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Oh Ha Na: I wanted to talk to my family comfortably about starting this relationship over again. But I never thought those kind of casual remarks would make me incredibly sad.

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Choi Won finally let Ha Na to read his script. He put it in an envelope and addressed it to his friend who has a strong punch.

At the airport, Choi Won spots Seo Hoo with the same woman again. He knows he made the right decision ^^

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Seo Hoo promises to return in a week and he will try his best to proceed with the charity concert. Ha Na ignores his text message. As Choi Won looks up to the sky, to the plane which carries Seo Hoo and CEO Min, Ha Na put her feet up to read Won’s script. She keeps reading it non-stop.

Meanwhile, Choi Won recalls his teacher’s advice for living in a moment without any regret and Ha Na’s confession that she’d lost without her best friend. He’s wondering if the chance will ever come again.

Ha Na finally realizes… Choi Won’s true feeling.

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As she steps out of the office, a handsome man is already waiting for her. Choi Won… Her closest friend is ready to escort her home. She’s still holding his script.

 photo TL12102001_zpsbukn3otu.png  photo TL12101326_zpsxh9ptaws.png
Without wasting any time, Oh Ha Na admits that ever since he said he would never fall in love with her, she believed him until now. But she doesn’t believe him anymore.


Not only Won is back on the right track, this drama is also back on the right step! There’s always a prize for people who’re patiently waiting for a good thing to come, right? 🙂 Only takes them 12 episodes, patience is the virtue 😀

It’s awesome to see Ha Na and Choi Won surrounded by friends and family who know their true feeling better than themselves. Ha Na and Choi Won really trust each other and don’t want to betray each other’s loyalty so it’s understandable Ha Na chose to believe in Choi Won’s words. He never gave her a chance to doubt his words either until he finally took the first step to let her know about his feeling through the script he wrote more than a decade ago. A fateful meeting with Teacher Park gave him the courage to confess his feeling and I love it that he got the right timing. Ha Na is heartbroken now after realizing Seo Hoo chose his reputation over her and his past history wasn’t as good as she wished it’d be. A good wake up call for Ha Na but don’t worry Ha Na ya… You’re only losing precious time you’ve spent with him but you’re not losing anything else. Because you still have your true love by your side.

Bravo to the innocent students who turned Choi Won into a confident & determined man who decided to remove give up from his dictionary. It’s such a compelling moment because Won and Ha Na started their friendship when they were around these students’ ages. They were as curious, naive & innocent. They had dreams they’re patiently waiting to come true. Won thought he gave up on his dream but deep down in his heart, he should know that he’s not. If he is, he will never go near Ha Na anymore. Staying by her side as her friend is his way to suppress his feeling but he’s not giving up. Just like his cousin Mi Hyang who keeps coming back to see Jong Hoon. Jong Hoon is more experienced so despite Mi Hyang denies her feeling, he knows she likes him. It’s okay Choi Won ya, you were young & too naive but thankfully you aren’t that fool Won anymore.

Seo Hoo is still so naive and selfish. I pity him because he used all ways to climb up to the top but once he’s at the top, he can’t free himself from his CEO’s shadow. Even a nice woman like Ha Na can change him, he needs a miracle to step out of his tiring life.

Dae Bok and Eun Jung’s love story is so adorable to see. They are young but they understand that love is not all about money nor lavish date. What matters the most is who they spend time with instead of where they spend time at. Eun Jung’s innocent love has touched Dae Bok & challenged him to turn into a better man. She finally called him with his right name, symbolizing her pride to see a changed man in front of her.

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