The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 4 Brief Recap

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Ha Na yaaa, are you sure you don’t feel anything when this handsome guy smiles at you? Can I steal him from you? Because I could feel my heart flutters 😀

Episode 4 Brief Recap

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When Choi Won found & “rescued” broken-hearted Ha Na, she realizes she has a precious friend who’s always there for her whenever she’s facing any trouble and buy chicken feet whenever she wants it so it’s okay. It’ll be okay.

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As he expected, Sung Jae was faking all his kindness because it’ll be almost impossible for him to hit another jackpot like Ha Na. He also teased her that it’s fitting for her to be called an ahjumma because she’s 34yo and her mother was already became a mother when she was her age. Choi Won’s words put Ha Na on an emotional roller coaster but his nagging (and caring) continues. Falling in love with a kid, getting dumped by him and getting sick on top of it will be overreacting, right? This whole situation is so sad for Ha Na because she doesn’t know whether it’s because of her or that Sung Jae kid. Choi Won nags this old lady to stop acting like a kid and go to sleep so she won’t get sick.

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Ha Na is clearly upset to be called an old lady by her same age bff so she proposes playing games all night with drinking beer as the penalty for the loser! They play different games all night long until they peacefully sleep together in the bed.

Well I don’t mind waking up to this handsome face 😀

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Choi Won wakes up first & sweetly caresses her hair but pretends to sleep when Ha Na wakes up. As soon as they wake up, he says arm… my arm hurt 😀 because Ha Na slept on it. Although they try to be calm but Ha Na almost freaks out and can’t think straight. She even refuses Choi Won to carry her heavy suitcase.

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She then try to remember what happened last night. They talked about how dumb she was when she dated her exes although these men were selfish. For Ha Na, love means sacrificing & yielding so she did everything for her men although they wouldn’t know her sacrifices. For Choi Won, love means loving the other person just the way they are.

But the only person who likes her for who she is, is Choi Won. Unfortunately he doesn’t see her as a woman. Is it true Choi Won? According to him, Ha Na is the one who doesn’t see him as a man. But have you ever thought of Ha Na as a woman? Choi Won can only look at her, unable to answer this very simple yet complicated question.

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A huge pig is chasing Mi Hyang, she can only escape from it after she wakes up from this dream. Usually pig dreams bring money so maybe good thing will happen today? Maybe. When she’s in the bathroom, she’s shocked a grandma suddenly collapsed behind her. Quick thinking Mi Hyang performs life saving first aid, saving her life.

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Meanwhile, Ha Na’s mom is extremely worried her daughter is cleaning her room. A very rare occasion because she only did it after she broke up with her ex or when she needed to take care huge matters (like exam or huge project). So what’s going on now, Ha Na ya? Please tell your mom because it looks really serious. But she refuses to tell mum anything. Instead, she goes cycling and ends up with a bruised right arm.

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Choi Won’s co-workers are confused perfectionist Choi Won is on another world today as he smiles, putting cream on his lips, looking innocent and ignores their question. He’s been thinking about Ha Na all day long. Forgetting he abruptly left So Eun last night and didn’t call her back so she couldn’t sleep at all. If she calls him late at night like Ha Na, would he do the same?

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He explains Ha Na is his family-like-friend. Positive So Eun replies if Ha Na is his family-like-friend then she is his girlfriend, right? He can’t say no or yes, he can only smiles to her which I guess she interprets it as a yes.

Ha Na doesn’t think she needs to report everything to Choi Won albeit her family urge her to tell him about her bruised arm. She’s frustrated with their encouragement so hastily leaves dinner. Leaving her younger brother to break the news to his parents that eonni spent the night with Won last night on a pretend business trip. He saw them coming home together this morning & awkwardly looked at each other like newlyweds after their wedding night. Need more evidence? Won didn’t come home last night. It’s good for his sister but he feels bad for Won.

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It’s not the first time they spent the night together so Dad think nothing happened but mom’s gut feeling tells her something serious happened because Ha Na cleaned her room. To help this couple, they shouldn’t interfere so they plan to go on a family trip without Ha Na.

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She’s currently meeting Na Young and Jung Mi who just announced she’s getting married to her friend whom she’s known for a long time. They started dating after she had a special moment when he grabbed her hand 5 years ago. Although they held hands many times before at school trip but it was the first time she felt something different. She kept thinking about him. Despite meeting other men, she finally realizes he understands her the most.

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What about Ha Na? She’s been friends with Choi Won for 17 years but have her heart raced for him? She firmly replies no, never will. Even when she saw his naked upper body, her heart never fluttered.

But does Won also feel the same? She think he is because he saw her drooling even calling her dirty. Ha Na’s friend advises that the same actions could suddenly come at her very differently & create special moment.

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But Ha Na keeps thinking about their special moment last night until she accidentally drops her phone on the toilet. Choi Won still doesn’t know Ha Na hurt her arm and her phone isn’t working so him waiting for her at the rooftop is a waste of time.

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Oh Dae Bok’s mentality is weaker than his sister, instead of looking for work, he’s waiting his dad to pass on his business to him. But because his son hasn’t proven he can be trusted in small thing, Jung Geun prefer giving away his business to charity. Of course he wants to trust his son, so prove you can be successful, Dae Bok. Like your sister who successfully convinced won over Yeon Jung. Unfortunately it’s her boss Byun Woo Shik who bragged he made Yeon Jung project successful. Taking advantage of his happiness, Ha Na asks him to support Chinese online shopping mall project which he happily agrees. No bonus though but Ha Na treats her team to lunch. Sung Jae didn’t join the meeting and his internship will end soon. Ha Na decides to put good words about him to her boss giving him a chance to secure full time position in the Chinese market team.

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As she leaves her office building, it’s pouring. Surprise surprise, Sung Jae is here with his umbrella as he thanks for her recommendation. But she’s well prepared now, she brought her own umbrella. Before she leaves for her vacation, she explains there’s no hidden reason why he received good recommendation. He’s a good worker and he’s knowledgeable about women’s heart. If he can use his ability to go on the right direction, he’ll be successful. He confesses because she felt for him, he really thought he’s her protector. But Ha Na won’t fall for his sweet words again. She walks away from him and he chases her but she keeps walking away. Sung Jae: You were a much better person that I thought you were.

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The truth was comforting but it could cause the wound to scar so I decide to use that truth to cover the wound while hoping new skin will grow. -Oh Ha Na-

Choi Won is agitated Ha Na hasn’t replied to his text messages so he texts asking if she breaks her arm. She’s currently on vacation and doesn’t mind it’ll take few days for her phone to be repaired but it means she won’t receive Won’s messages until her phone is back.

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While she’s in the phone shop, she meets with her brother who’s eyeing new phone. Nagging her sister has a great job but can’t buy her only brother things he likes although he doesn’t want much. But Ha Na isn’t working hard for her brother, right? So she takes him to her company’s outlet to buy good shoes for him. Coincidentally, So Eun saw them. Despite her brother’s nagging, she tells him to go home first while she meets with So Eun. She tells eonni Ha Na to drop her honorifics because she’s younger than her.

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Anyway, So Eun trusts Choi Won and she understands why he cares for his family-like-friend Ha Na. So Eun herself want to be nice to her too. Ha Na awkwardly smiles, she finally finds out what she means to Won.

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Mom hurriedly packs her bag so they can leave before Ha Na arrives home but Dae Bok keeps admiring his new shoes and doesn’t bother to pack. So when Ha Na arrives, her family is still home. Mom advises she can’t come along to this overnight trip because of her bruised arm and to call Won if she needs anything because their phones are off.

After finding out Ha Na hurt her arm, Choi Won rushes to see her, only to meet So Eun outside the airport. She understands he needs to see her bff because she also saw Ha Na’s cast earlier, even suggests bone soup for Ha Na who hurt her bone. He smiles, promises to buy her delicious meal later.

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Bored Ha Na is looking to reserve ticket to fill her holiday. Accident prone Ha Na accidentally spills her juice all over her desk, then she realizes one lamp isn’t working. Thankfully her savior is here with a replacement lamp because her dad called him earlier. He quickly fixes the light but can’t even leave the room because Ha Na reflexively blocks the way. Because there’s nothing else he can do here, he leaves albeit with a heavy heart. Ha Na also regrets she let him leave. She even pretended she’s not in pain although she is.

But she’s surprised to see Choi Won outside her house. He kisses her! Shocked Ha Na punches him.

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Oh no, it’s a dream. It’s Won’s dream. 🙁

Flashback to their high school days when Won fought with his friends because of Ha Na. He couldn’t deny his feeling for her but his friends didn’t allow him the fatherless boy to like her. He then refused Ha Na’s notes.

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Remember Mi Hyang’s pig dream? It did bring her good luck. The grandmother she saved is the owner of pig feet restaurant. To return her kindness for saving her life, Mi Hyang can eat this dish for the rest of her life… for free. Unfortunately she doesn’t like it. Looks like she hates pig now.

Ha Na got her phone back & smiles as she reads Won’s caring messages. But she’s reminded by So Eun’s family-like friend. Well it’s true, he’s always be there for her because he’s her family-like friend. Her family is back from their overnight trip and disappointed nothing happened. This couple clearly needs help.

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Jung Mi’s wedding is cancelled because the groom’s family opposed the wedding’s venue. She won’t regret marrying into his family but she’s disappointed losing a great friend of 17 years. They probably can’t be friends again now. Her confession makes Ha Na think about her friendship with Won.

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He’s the man who understands her well, he can read her mind. He even promises to play with her until he dies & visit her at the nursing home because Ha Na think she’ll enter nursing home alone & never marries. If she promises to accompany him if she can’t find a great man. But Ha Na refuses to make any promise so he’s going to cancel his promise 😀

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The next day, Ha Na got his cast off so beer & chicken feet party! ^^ As he gets off the phone from his bff, Choi Won wishes she’ll always be fine.

Ha Na realizes Won is the only one who knows her phone & email pass.

Choi Won & Ha Na: let’s be together until we die.

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At the airport, Won sees a familiar face entering a car. He’s Cha Seo Hoo (Yoon Kyun Sang) who arrived for his performance. Suddenly his face turns anguish.

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As Seo Hoo is skillfully playing piano, Ha Na’s voice echoes on his mind.

Ha Na: When I hear up to Do Re Mi Fa Sol, I couldn’t think of Ra Shi Do but instead I heard Sol Fa Mi Re Do. I keep going back like that, maybe I want to come back.

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He abruptly leaves his practice room to go to Ha Na’s house and watch over her from afar. That’s when he sees Choi Won waiting outside her house. Won turns back and sees him, worry all over his face. Both men smile when they see Ha Na but clearly Ha Na doesn’t know Seo Hoo is here as she’s cheerfully dancing under the nice weather.


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Flashback to 17 years ago when Won saw her sleeping. He gently put a box under her head and watched her sweetly before he caressed her hair like he did in the hotel. When she woke up, he teased her about her drooling before abruptly left then smiled in the corner.

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