The woman who married three times Episode 1 Brief Recap

Episode 1 Brief Recap

Let’s first meet TWWMTT characters:


Our heroine, Oh Eun Soo (Lee Ji Ah). She’s happily married with her second husband – second generation chaebol Kim Joon Goo (Ha Suk Jin). They live with Joon Goo’s parents and aunt.

Joon Goo’s family especially Aunt Bo Sal seems to treat Eun Soo well, for one important reason: to help her get pregnant and give birth to a healthy son. Joon Goo is the only son of Kim’s family. Joon Goo’s mom Son Yeo Sa (Kim Ja Ok) believes Eun Soo will get pregnant when the right time comes, so she tells anxious Bo Sal to stop stressing out Eun Soo and Joon Goo. Joon Goo also asks his aunt to give them a space.

Dad believes now it’s the right time to introduce Joon Goo to his circle of friends. Eun Soo cheers her father-in-law before he leaves for work, giving a hint that she has a close relationship with her in-laws.

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Eun Soo’s older sister tomboy Oh Hyun Soo (Eom Ji Won) is a pet fashion designer. She has a secret crush with Ahn Gwang Mo (Jo Han Sun), but she made a mistake by introducing him to her best friend Park Joo Ha (Seo Yeong Hee).

scene05101 scene07501

Eun Soo’s ex-husband, (another second generation chaebol) Jung Tae Won (Song Chang Eui) lives with his parents and his snappy older sister Jung Tae Hee (Kim Jung Nan). Eun Soo and Tae Won has one daughter, Seul Gi, who currently lives with Eun Soo’s parents.


Choe Yeo Sa, Tae Won’s mother wants Seul Gi to live with them because Seul Gi is their own flesh and blood, her father is here. Moreover Eun Soo hasn’t been able to raise up her daughter properly since she remarried. Yeo Sa snaps at him who couldn’t take care this problem from the beginning; Tae Won promises that he’ll take care Seul Gi problem himself. Tae Hee think that Han Chae Rin bothers him.

Yeo Sa believes there’s a limit for every situation, she’ll give him time to sort this out himself before she chips in to help.

Sad Seul Gi tells to her dad that her school friends are still making fun of her and calling her an orphan because she doesn’t live with her mom or dad. Hence, they don’t want to play with her.

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Somewhere else, Gwang Mo asks Hyun Soo to take responsibility of his impending marriage because he believes she’s the one who pushed them to be together. But he’s too late, because today is his wedding day! Hyun Soo admits she did it because of his mother, so she’ll take responsibility – she will deal with him if she finds out he’s cheating during his marriage.


Seul Gi is still not in a good mood today (because her friends called her orphan again and refused to play with her). So she doesn’t want to eat anything. Hyun Soo blatantly tells her niece that she won’t die from not eating one meal, an advice Seul Gi takes to heart, so she leaves and cries in her bedroom alone. Aunt Hyun Soo advises her that everyone has bad and good days; but she shouldn’t make her grandparents worry like this.

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When her phone rings, excitedly she answers it because she knows it’s her dad’s calling. Tae Won emphasizes that she’s not an orphan because she has a mother and a father. She understands, but then she calls her dad “idiot”. In tears, she tells dad that the reason her school friends call her an orphan is because she lives with her grandparents.

Hyun Soo leaves Seul Gi so she can have a private conversation with her dad.  Her mom asks Hyun Soo to make herself pretty before she goes to her Joo Ha’s wedding. Although she’s her best friend, but Hyun Soo opts to go to work instead of helping Joo Ha to get ready for her wedding.


Actress Lee Da Mi (Jang Hee Jin) is annoyed her make-up appointment is running a little late because her make-up artist is still styling Eun Soo. But because she doesn’t have any other choice, she waits while complaining about her skin breakout and everything else. But she then recognizes Eun Soo. From the look of it, it looks like this is the first time Eun Soo meets Da Mi, so she politely greets her back. Curious Da Mi asks Eun Soo if she’s happy with her marriage, in which she replies yes, she’s happy.

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After Eun Soo leaves, Da Mi calls… Joon Goo!

She explains that she met Eun Soo but didn’t do anything except asking that question about marriage. Joon Goo looks upset with Da Mi’s call.

On the way home, Eun Soo keeps thinking about Da Mi’s question and wondering if it would make her happy if she’s unhappy with her marriage.

But she brushes it off and cheerfully picks up Joon Goo’s call, happily announces that she’s Kim Joon Goo’s woman. Joon Goo breathes a sigh of relief because his wife sounds really happy. Da Mi’s unexpected question didn’t bother her at all.

TTMWEp1_bc TTMWEp1_bc

Hyun Soo finally arrives at the wedding hall, she’s welcomed by Gwang Mo’s mom who genuinely thanks her; while her son – the groom, stands beside her looking really gloomy.

His bride-to-be Joo Ha is busy taking lots of pictures with her college friends – enjoying her last moment before she becomes a wife.

She happily greets Hyun Soo who arrives 5 minutes before the ceremony starts. When she shows off her beautiful wedding dress, Hyun Soo sarcastically tells her she looks like a show girl. But the beaming bride knows her best friend’s real personality, so she brushes off her sarcasm.

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At the wedding ceremony, Hyun Soo is playing game on her phone. Until the “I Do” part…

The groom-to-be Gwang So has a hard time answering the officiant’s question. He keeps saying “No” while Joo Ha whispers to him, begging him to say “I do”.

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Gwang So turns back to face the guests then he apologizes that he’s not confident about this marriage. And even if nobody accepts his apology, it’s okay – he’s cancelling this marriage.

He tells Joo Ha that she stepped into a pile of poops.

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Then he runs outside, leaving his frantic bride alone at the altar. Chaos as Joo Ha runs to chase him, before she falls down on the stairs.

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Joo Ha’s mother is furious that Gwang So walked off the aisle and cancelled the wedding so she put all the blame to Gwang So’s mother – blaming her for not raising her son well. Gwang So’s mother apologizes because although she gave birth to him, but deep down she doesn’t really understand her son at all. However, she’s upset Joo Ha’s mother keeps cursing at her son.

She adds more insults by admitting that she didn’t like Joo Ha, she allowed this marriage because Joo Ha’s family was too desperate. But no, Mrs Yoo believes that Gwang So who took Joo Ha everywhere and did everything with her; were meant to be together.

Eun Soo and Hyun Soo have already left and they’re enjoying a meal together after the chaos. Eun Soo thinks Gwang So is a crazy man as he walked down from the altar with his own feet. If he’s not crazy, he should do it before the invitations were sent out. She’s wondering why eonni’s friend acted like that. He should just date around and live as a single woman. Hyun Soo tries to cool down by drinking water, unable to say anything.

Eun Soo is wondering if it was foreboding as some women who left at the altar like that committed suicide. She’s also wondering if these women live well / even got remarried.

Hyun Soo believes it’s not a foreboding and changes the topic to Seul Gi who stayed at home last weekend instead of staying at Tae Won’s place. Eun Soo knew it, Tae Won was sick that day and she actually came but didn’t wake Seul Gi who was sleeping. She also didn’t call her back as she found that it’s extremely hard & upsetting for both of them after they hang up the phone. Eun Soo also finds it quite hard to frequently calls Seul Gi while she’s living with her in-laws. Her mother-in-law was uncomfortable all day when she caught Eun Soo calling Seul Gi, so Eun Soo feels like she was walking on sharp eggshells.

Her sister harshly tells her that Seul Gi is a burden for Eun Soo, she already predicted that she would leave Seul Gi to her parents. Moreover, Eun Soo has already told her in-laws about Seul Gi, so why does she feel like that?

Eun Soo is aware that Tae Won is taking a very good care of Seul Gi.

Then Hyun Soo asks a very important question: does she ever think about Seul Gi’s feeling?

Back at home, Grandma Lee Sun Sim (Oh Mi Yeon) prepares warm water for Seul Gi. She smartly tells her grandma that when she washes her hair when she has a lot of things on her mind, she’ll feel a little better. Grandma Lee praises her smart grandchildren, people can also learn lots of valuable lessons from children.

Then, her father sends a cute message to his princess asking if she had a good day at school. She replies that she didn’t feel good so she didn’t go to school today.

Eun Soo is curious why Hyun Soo is taking a bus as she has a car. Both Hyun Soo and her father prefer to use public transport and only drive their car when they really need it. She mentions that it’s because of high gas prices. Maybe Eun Soo can sell the car and give the money to their mom – it will definitely make her happier.

TTMWEp1_bc TTMWEp1_bc

Flashback to several years ago when Hyun Soo accused Eun Soo cheated because she wanted to get married although she already divorced her first husband. Hyun Soo thought that the reason she wanted to leave Seul Gi was because she wanted to get married – hence, it’s cheating. Eun Soo yelled at her sister, she was going to take Seul Gi with her… as soon as she can.

The only thing Hyun Soo could sympathize if Eun Soo had a hard time to live – like a mother who left her children when mother-in-law sent this poor widow away and she had to leave her children because she didn’t have any other choice – she must worked hard to make a living.

But Eun Soo’s situation is different, she still had something to eat. Moreover, she said she would never leave Seul Gi. But it all was just empty promises as she chose Joon Goo over her own daughter. Eun Soo argued back that she didn’t want to give up being a woman because of Seul Gi, she didn’t want to grow old alone just with her daughter. She knew that Hyun Soo hates men, no man is good enough for her.

The only thing she cares about is animals – the cute puppy who wears the clothes she designs. She’s a meticulous and perfectionist pet fashion designer.

Chun Kyung Sook (Oh Mi Hee), Gwang So’s mom knows that she’s incredibly close to Gwang So and he always shows his true self to her. She’s someone he can fully trust, he shares everything to her. So she wants to know if he said something to her before that chaotic wedding ceremony.

Hyun Soo calmly tells Kyung Sook to kill her son which she agrees – it’s better to finish everything and kill him – but she can’t do that because he’s nowhere to be seen.

Unfortunately this time, Gwang So hasn’t called Hyun So – and there was no signs of him having a cold feet either. Joo Ha and Gwang So went to Taipan a week before their wedding, and they looked fine when she had dinner with them earlier this week.

But she mentions the conversation she had with him few hours before the wedding ceremony – about him asking her to take responsibility. Kyung Sook knew about this too, as he kept bugging mom that the reason he’d marry Joo Ha was because of Hyun Soo’s persistence.

She tells Kyung Sook everything she told him earlier. Kyung Sook is wondering why Hyun Soo kept wanting to “kill” her son. She thinks that her sharp mouth is the reason why Eun Soo is still single! She drives men away from her.

Anyway, if Gwang So is going to die, her mom is the one who’s going to do it. Both women are tough here. ^^ She pleads Hyun So to call her son and persuade him to come to her house. Hyun Soo recalls that when he called off his last engagement, he didn’t even show up for ten days, so this time maybe it’ll take him one month to show up.

But mom believes he’ll show up soon because he didn’t have any money on his pocket. He didn’t bring his wallet. Haha..

Eun Soo cheerfully stops by at her mom’s house who’s curious why she’s here as today’s not the day when she’s supposed to come. She explains that she was from Gwang So’s wedding and she’s here to see her daughter.

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Seul Gi looks upset, she’s still upset when her mom is on her knees, and opens her arms widely – ready to hug her daughter. Although her grandma tries to talk her into it, grumpy Seul Gi who’s not feeling well doesn’t even want to hold her mom’s hand. But she still eats the macaroons that Eun Soo brought her.

Eun Soo tells mom about Gwang So’s wedding which got cancelled because of the crazy groom.

TTMWEp1_bc TTMWEp1_bc

But then, Tae Won arrives and Seul Gi excitedly runs to hug her dad and smooches him until he asks her to stop. He’s here just to see Seul Gi’s face, then wants to leave immediately, a bit uncomfortable that his ex-wife is here. But Eun Soo asks him to stay longer with Seul Gi, so she leaves. She is aware of Seul Gi’s cold treatment towards her. But her mom pleads her to stay as she rarely visits her daughter – Seul Gi will slowly warm up to her.

TTMWEp1_bc TTMWEp1_bc

Eun Soo chooses to leave, but she’s not going anywhere – she just stays in her car – recalling the conversation she had with her in-laws prior to her wedding. For Joon Goo, this is his second marriage, although his first one was not a real marriage. It was an arranged marriage and his parents believed that they should let Joon Goo to choose his own match from the beginning. Son Yeo Sa initially wanted this marriage to be the first for her daughter-in-law, as she believed as parents, they have responsibility for her children’s marriage. But since Joon Goo chose Eun Soo, they let go all their greed and desires. Aunt chipped in that letting go their desires are a lot harder than they think. Joon Goo agreed. Joon Goo’s parents both really like Eun Soo.

But they also asked Eun Soo to let go one thing – they can’t accept Seul Gi – they won’t tolerate it. If Eun Soo couldn’t let Seul Gi go, then, they can’t accept her into the family. Joon Goo was furious with his parents’ ultimatum, but he knew he’s powerless here. Aunt Bo Sal told them to be a little softer as this was not a business deal. But Joon Goo’s father told her that this marriage is way more important than business and mom also asked her sister to be quiet as she’s just a mere third person.

Eun Soo was furious with Joon Goo who told her that he already got his parents’ permission about Seul Gi. She’s not that desperate to be with him who has told her in the past that he was sick of marriage & didn’t want to go through that nightmare again.

For Eun Soo, whether it’s love or man, nothing was more important that herself; that’s the reason why she became a divorcee. She also told herself she wouldn’t go through another marriage again. If a woman needs a man, she would just ask her baby’s father to sleep with her.

Now, she put her trust in Joon Goo – she believed him 100%. Although she has told herself that she wouldn’t be a wife of another wealthy man, wearing nice clothes and driving a nice car; but now she realized that she foolishly still hasn’t really given up this dream of living a glamorous life. Even if she didn’t really like Joon Goo, but she believed he could give her everything she wanted, so she decided to try again.

But instead of taking her honesty by heart, Joon Goo started laughing – he told her that she’s most sexy when she’s angry!

Anyway, she wanted to forget everything and pretended everything never happened – she had no regrets – then she walked away. Eun Soo really made a very harsh decision.

Joon Goo asked her to understand his family’s position as well – and asked her to give him 4 days to convince his parents or her. If he’s unable to do it, then, they’d break up.

TTMWEp1_bc TTMWEp1_bc

Then suddenly, Tae Won knocks on her car’s window – waking Eun Soo up from her past. He invites her for a cup of coffee. It’s been a while since they last met and Eun Soo wanted to know if he’s getting married soon since Seul Gi has seen him with another woman. Not yet, but he confides that this woman (who’s her mother’s choice) is nicer than Eun Soo. She chuckles.

She is aware that Tae Won has been visiting Seul Gi although it’s not on the weekends. He tells her that sometimes he really misses her and wants to see her face. So when she has a spare time, he’ll make effort to see her.

Eun Soo asks if Tae Won’s mother and sister asked Seul Gi to gossip about her. Seul Gi didn’t say anything, but she feels that Seul Gi is slowly slipping away from her – she thinks her daughter hates her.

Tae Won knows that Eun Soo rarely calls Seul Gi, so maybe this is the culprit. He understands Eun Soo’s position who hasn’t settled in properly with her new family, but Eun Soo also has to understand her daughter’s feeling. She used to freely called her mom several times a day, lived together – slept together in the same room. Then suddenly her mom cut her off, she had to adapt to a new environment, at the moment she’s too young to understand her mom’s position.

Eun Soo is wondering if she’s being selfish to be sad like this – in which Tae Wok replies yes, she is.

It’s a strange meeting for them, but the atmosphere is good – they can easily share their problems with each other and give advice & joke around like two close friends.

He also still remembers Eun Soo’s drink preference, and this put a smile on Eun Soo’s face who’s mesmerized with his kind attention and then calls him “honey”. She fixes it then calls him Seul Gi’s appa. She asks Tae Won a favor that if his sister & mom want to gossip about her, please make sure it won’t reach Seul Gi’s ears. He promises he’ll find out about it.

Joon Goo’s father is not coming home tonight because his friend wanted to work out one more day, Joon Goo is coming home late. Mom seems like she’s used to his excuses. She then practices her finger and plays the piano.

TTMWEp1_bc TTMWEp1_bc

Eun Soo is ironing her husband’s clothes and enjoying the beautiful song played by her mother-in-law. She recalls the times when Seul Gi excitedly hugged her. This makes her sad.

Grandpa Oh Byung Sik is worried about Seul Gi after being told that she didn’t go to school again today. When she hears her grandfather’s voice, Seul Gi politely greets her grandfather and goes back to her room. She feels much better after her dad visited her earlier.

Sun Sim tells her husband everything that happened today – Gwang So’s cancelled wedding, Eun Soo came and talked to Tae Won, etc. She’s worried what would happen if Eun Soo’s in-laws find out about it. But Byung Sik believes she can take care of it herself.

Hyun Soo still hasn’t heard anything from Gwang So. As she brazes the heavy rain and walks home, she recalls the time when she joined Gwang So and his past girlfriends on their dates. And the time when she found him and Joo Ha sleeping together.

TTMWEp1_bc TTMWEp1_bc

She finally arrives home, changes her clothes, then she is surprised to see someone peacefully sleeping on his bed. Wearing only his underwear – he’s none other than the run-away groom – Gwang So. She almost kills him right then, but he doesn’t want to turn her into a murderer.

Hyun Soo slaps, kicks, hit him repeatedly, as she’s furious why this irresponsible, coward, crazy man is here. She finally stops kicking after she kicked his most precious part. He’s not her husband, so why he’s sleeping on her bed. She wants him to get out right away. But he begs her to let him stay as he doesn’t have anywhere else to go and he’s scared his mother will catch him.

He then asks her to lend him 10 million dollars as he’s going to Thailand and start a new family there. He also asks her to take responsibility of his marriage.

As she enjoys a warm bubble bath, Eun Soo recalls one snowy winter day when she reluctantly had to leave Seul Gi at her parents’ place. Back then she promised she’d come every Saturday morning and Tae Won would come in the afternoon to take her to his house. On Sunday, she’ll eat delicious food at Tae Won’s house.

TTMWEp1_bc TTMWEp1_bc

In tears, Seul Gi hugged her mom who apologized that she had to do this. She begged her for not leaving her, for not going anywhere; while everyone else including Joon Goo just looked at this sad farewell in silence. Hyun Soo then broke the silence, and took tearful Seul Gi away from Eun Soo. Joon Goo drove Eun Soo away and she sobbed as she saw her dad still standing there in front of the house.


Back to the real world, Eun Soo sends her picture (enjoying her bubble bath) to her husband who’s waiting for a mysterious woman in a nice restaurant. She asks if he’s going to come home really late tonight. He smiles, replies back that he’ll do his best and he wants to share that bathtub with her at this right moment.

Hyun Soo is making dinner while Gwang So tries to convince her that he didn’t want to cause trouble. If he really wanted to call off the wedding, he would do that before the wedding.

About what he said to Hyun Soo this morning, he explains that he’s annoyed with Hyun Soo’s persistence as she kept asking him to get married. What if he realized that Joo Ha isn’t the one?

He only wavered when he was walking down the aisle as he thought he was walking towards his grave. Especially when the officiant told about commitment, etc, he started to get cold feet.

While enjoying his favorite dinner, he asks if Joo Ha called Hyun Soo and how she’s doing. Obviously Hyun Soo doesn’t know as she hasn’t called at all.

Anyway, Hyun Soo asks if he had a lot of fun with Joo Ha, in which he replies yes.

TTMWEp1_bc TTMWEp1_bc

As he’s going to take shower, as requested by Hyun Soo, Joo Ha arrives. Obviously they all know Hyun Soo’s house code because they could easily enter her house.

Omo, Joo Ha broke her ankle when she tried to chase Gwang So earlier. She’s gone crazy now. She crazily laughs when she tells her best friend that she’s going to kill Gwang So!


Brief Comment (Seul Gi, Eun Soo and Tae Won)

Straight away, I dislike selfish Eun Soo who sacrificed her daughter for her own happiness. She couldn’t let go of her own ambition to live a glamorous life that she chose Joon Goo over her young daughter. Somehow I feel like her smiles are not genuine smiles and there’s a bit of a hint that she doesn’t really love Joon Goo – oh well, he loves his “money”. On the other hand, I’m curious about Joon Goo and Da Mi’s relationship. Are they friends or ex-lovers or lovers?

Tae Won is a really kind father, we can see clearly why Seul Gi adores and loves her father. It’s refreshing that Eun Soo still has a friendly relationship with her ex-husband, which gives an indication that their marriage break-up was not caused by either Eun Soo nor Tae Won. Probably his mother / his sister was the culprit behind this break-up.

However, Eun Soo and Tae Won must realize that they should never let Seul Gi living in limbo like this. She needs her parents, period. If Seul Gi can’t live with Eun Soo, then Tae Won must take her back to his place. I don’t understand why he’s so scared of taking her own daughter to live with him. Maybe he’s afraid his family will leave a scar on Seul Gi’s heart?

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