The Woman who Married Three Times Episode 2 Recap

People who’re crazy in love never calculate and see things rationally although the evidence was clear in front of her. Although everyone knows how crazy and irresponsible Gwang Mo was (he’s still crazy now), Joo Ha didn’t notice this very important fact until everything falls apart. She has no-one she can blame except herself for sticking to him like a glue and now she only has regrets and deep resentment. This episode mostly explores Joo Ha and Gwang Mo’s failed marriage; with a touch of hint why Seul Gi hates her mother.

The Woman Who Married Three Times Episode 2 Recap

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Up to this point, the list of people who want to kill immature Gwang Mo keeps growing. Joo Ha who’s gone crazy lies that she borrowed her uncle’s gun, as she threatens to kill this man who’s hiding behind the sofa.

Because her whole house was in uproar, for her safety (both physiologically & mentally), her father suggested her to stay away from her family for few days (in other words, they kicked her out of her own house). Now, she really want to shoot Gwang Mo – one shot won’t be enough for all the humiliation he caused. Thankfully her best friend tries to talk her out of it, as she could get charged due to manslaughter although it’s a self-defense.

Hyun Soo asks if Joo Ha really has the gun. Joo Ha mentions that she won’t kill him instantly. Then she wonders if she’s pregnant as she didn’t take her birth control pills in the last four months. She can’t have her baby in jail. She is also aware that she can’t hurt her child’s father like this.


Joo Ha suspiciously stares at her best friend, asking if she’s taking side with Gwang Mo. And threatens to shoot her too if she did that. Unable to hide him any longer, Hyun Soo tells the truth and leaves these two to have a moment alone. Gwang Mo stutters then he’s on his knees apologizing for his immature behavior, citing that he doesn’t even understand why he acted like that. He tells he likes her and he was going to marry her. Joo Ha reminds her the flower bouquet and the sweet promises that he sent yesterday afternoon. Was it just empty promises?

He confesses that he just wrote what she texted him; without thinking & analyzing it. He tells her that he has this evil grasshopper living inside his mind that every time he caused a scene, this grasshopper tells him to run. So he has no other choice, but to follow the grasshopper advice and run. Joo Ha wants to get rid of this evil grasshopper and she asks if she should shoot his head. But she can’t shoot him although she (may) has a gun now – she wonders if this is love.

So she asks Hyun Soo to help her to finish him off – with a huge reward of her whole retirement fund! Hyun Soo agrees!


To break the icy atmosphere and change the topic, Gwang Mo gets up while complaining that it’s a torture for him to be on his knees. Joo Ha asks him to give her crutches, he knows she wants to go to the bathroom, so he tells her to get on his back then piggybacks her.

Then… Hyun Soo hears a loud screaming from the bathroom, Gwang Mo hurriedly run outside holding towel on his ear. A car stops in front of him – it’s his mother who’s shocked with the pink flower dress top that he wears. He screams, asking mom to take him to the hospital as his earlobe is ripped.


Mom is upset that Hyun Soo called Joo Ha who’s already gone crazy, did she call her to rip him apart? Gwang Mo believes he won’t die because of this, and Joo Ha barged in herself – Hyun Soo didn’t even call her. Mom tells him that Hyun Soo texted her.

Joo Ha explains that she kissed him while they were in the bathroom, but then, she became so angry & miserable that she bite his ear. She’s wondering what’s wrong with him and her. Have both of them gone crazy? And why Hyun Soo stands like a spectator? She should prevented her from getting married to him – that he’s a dangerous man.

Probably because Joo Ha was so in love with him, she didn’t even care about small important details about Gwang Mo. Everyone knows he’s a crazy bad boy but she stick to him like a glue. She insists Hyun Soo should warn her about him and talk her out of it when she lost her mind. But of course nobody expected him to leave her at the altar.


Aunt Bo Sal who’s craving for corns whinges about her sister who sometimes ignores her. She then tells Eun Soo to eat the corn and jokingly wants her to have as many babies as the corn kernels she eat.  She believes “missing an opportunity to eat is a shame” =)


Da Mi is late for her dinner appointment with Joon Goo, he’s frustrated she made him waited for two hours at the restaurant. She’s curious how long he’s going to wait for her. Anyway, she talks about her meeting with Eun Soo – she recognized her as the face of that home shopping network CF. Joon Goo asks her to change her salon immediately. But she won’t do that as she’s been going to that place since her debut, so Eun Soo should change her salon, not her. She explains she’s not the person who sells her body and she herself makes a good money although she has accepted money from Joon Goo several times in the past. But last time when he gave her a lump sum of money, he disappeared. Then he got married to Eun Soo. She keeps bringing up Bangkok, I wonder what happened there? She’s wondering what she did wrong that make Joon Goo really upset & furious with her.

It’s because Da Mi acted like she knew Eun Soo! He’s not happy with the fact that she pretended she knew her. He then asks her to change her make-up, it’s too heavy for a sweet girl like her. But Da Mi tells him that she’s not a sweet girl.

Tae Won’s mom really likes gentle Chae Rin – the only child from a wealthy family – it’s amazing that she would still consider Tae Won who already has a child. She believes Chae Rin is the best woman for Tae Won – she’s calm, quiet, listens well to her elders, it’s hard to find a woman like her nowadays. She doesn’t want to argue with Tae Hee anymore. And she doesn’t care that Chae Rin is a divorcee, because she only lived with her pervert ex-husband for 1.5 years before she got a divorce. She doesn’t expect a maiden for her son who’s married for 4 years and has a daughter. Chae Rin so far is the best choice for Tae Won.

Tae Hee tries to warn her mother that Chae Rin’s ex-husband married her for money, but he was too disgusted with Chae Rin’s parents who asked for monthly rent from the apartment they gave them, so he ended their marriage. Chae Rin’s parents are really stingy that they never gave their daughter & son-in-law a single cent when they were married. Even when Chae Rin begged them to help with her mother-in-law’s live transplant, they didn’t care. Although Chae Rin’s husband was drowned in debt to save his mother, they only gave them 10thousand won. Sadly, Chae Rin’s mother-in-law passed away one month after the surgery, then they got divorced. So it’s not her ex-husband’s fault. And mom needs to wake up – don’t marry off her son for the sake of money.


But mom believes that Chae Rin will inherit everything as she’s the only child. Then, Tae Won arrives home. She praises thoughtful Chae Rin who didn’t want to bother Tae Won. Mom tells that she gave her the permission to accompany Seul Gi and Tae Won at the amusement park tomorrow. She then urges Tae Won to start a relationship with Chae Rin. She praises charming Chae Rin who initiated to start establishing a relationship with Seul Gi since she’s going to raise her up after she marries Tae Won.


Sun Sim is singing lullaby for her granddaughter and Seul Gi sweetly sings along with her. Her husband is watching Eun Soo’s home shopping CF – smiling as he reminisces her daughter’s sweet past.

Eun Soo shares what she did during the day. Then, she asks if Joon Goo knows Da Mi. He coolly tells her that he doesn’t know her. Eun Soo wonders if her husband has something to do with that woman. He is speechless for one moment, making Eun Soo curious and is suspicious. But he brushes it off, telling her he knows Da Da Mi, not Lee Da Mi.

Thankfully, Gwang Mo’s ear is not badly ripped. His mom complains that his name means “priceless light” not craziness; she wonders if she should hire someone to chase the demons inside him away. She has lost lots of money to pay compensation for all the troubles he caused; and now she has to take responsibility for the unforgivable thing he just did. She already spent lots of money for the wedding gifts, thinking this would be the last time. Gwang Mo begs mom to pay the compensation as Joo Ha may steal the gun from her army general uncle.


Joon Ha lamentably thinking that she’s supposed to be in a hotel suite room now, enjoying her wedding night with Gwang Mo. Then, they’ll fly to Hawaii tomorrow – trying for their honeymoon baby there. Life is unfair, isn’t it. Then she asks Hyun Soo how long does she think they can live. Of course Hyun Soo doesn’t know, it can be tonight, tomorrow or even in ten seconds because of gas explosion. It can happen anytime because of anything. So stop talking nonsense, and go to sleep. Joo Ha still not giving up though, wondering if in ten years, Hyun Soo, Joo Ha and Gwang Mo won’t need to worry about stepping on a mine field. What will they be like in ten years? How would they be living? She then suggests them to go to vacation in Italy. Hyun Soo prefer to talk about this about Joo Ha’s ankle is fully healed.

Joon Goo’s family arrive at the family’s resort – excited Aunt Bo Sal is so happy to get a room overlooking gorgeous ocean. Joon Goo’s mother tells the manager that her husband should rest today and no need to worry about them.


Aunt Bo Sal tearfully talks to herself as she looks at the deep ocean in front of her. “What to worry and what to blame. Don’t keep the one you love, don’t keep the one you hate. You’re miserable because you can’t see the one you love. Life is like the wind. It disappears at a blink of an eye. That is life. In the flowing rive, you can’t see life and it’s insignificant.”

Joon Goo’s father has just finished his last round of golf then calls Joon Goo who tells him that they’re in the resort and wondering if he could join them. If he’s busy, then they’ll go back to Seoul in the afternoon. He tells his son that he’ll going to stay for another day – and when Joon Goo tells him that staying there for 4 days are too long, he hang up. Mom is not upset though, she knows her husband never listens to her anyway.


Chae Rin joins Seul Gi and Tae Won enjoying a day out at the amusement park, but she looks bored as she is like a bystander for them. Cute Seul Gi can’t even decide what she wants, black bean noodles or spaghetti; or fried chicken or spicy rice cake. Chae Rin can’t even help her to make her choice, opt to follow whatever Seul Gi wants to eat. In the end, they all eat fried chicken.


Seul Gi gives Chae Rin and Tae Won private moment as she goes to the bathroom alone, where Tae Won finally able to talk about Seul Gi. Tae Won’s mom has already told her that she wanted to bring Seul Gi to live with them; and Chae Rin believes it’s the right thing to do. Her mom’s re-married and she still has her father & grandparents, so it’s natural for her to stay with Tae Won.

He explains that Eun Soo left with nothing when they got divorced because she wanted to take Eun Soo with her. Moreover, she wanted Seul Gi to live with her maternal grandparents as they’re wonderful people. They had a consensual divorce, so he doesn’t want Eun Soo to get hurt by taking Seul Gi to live with him. Chae Rin convinces him that child usually is sent to the father for a second marriage. She can’t understand Tae Won’s kind heart. Knowing that this whole conversation is going nowhere, she changes the topic – asking what he thinks about their relationship. He tells her that they need to do this, but he needs more time and he’ll have to take to Seul Gi first.

Seul Gi is back – cutely explains she had an “accident” in the bathroom and one kid got scolded by his mother.


Mrs Chun and Mrs Yoo, Joo Ha and Gwang Mo’s mother can’t reach any agreement. Mrs Yoo wants to know how much Mrs Chun think it’s too much if Joo Ha is her daughter. Mrs Chun is going to bear all financial responsibility for the wedding-related stuffs, and she’ll give them 50 million won for the compensation. Mrs Yoo believes that it’s less than the amount of money she spent raising up Joo Ha, moreover, who’ll take responsibility for her job? She may not be able to return work as a teacher due to this humiliation but Mrs Chun believes that breaking up at her wedding doesn’t hinder her to become a professor – she can change school. And don’t worry about what other people think. Gwang Mo tries to help Mrs Chun here, but mom shuts him up.

Mrs Chun blames it to Joo Ha who bite her son’s ear – if she didn’t do that, she would give more. But Joo Ha also broke her ankle because of Gwang Mo! They keep arguing about everything, and they can’t even reach any settlement.


Joo Ha has enough, so she yells at everyone. She boldly asks Gwang Mo’s mother to take care the related wedding stuffs, but for her, money can’t compensate for what happened – they can’t change what happened. She doesn’t want her mother to disgrace her in front of Gwang Mo’s family. But she still asks Gwang Mo’s mother to still give her the (wedding) jewelries although she doesn’t know how expensive they’re. She promises to give it to her as she didn’t want it in the first place. End of deal for Joo Ha…. She asks Gwang Mo to escort her mother to her car.

But, no, it’s not enough for Mrs Yoon who then slaps Gwang Mo.

Mrs Chun has nothing to say for Joo Ha, embarrassed with everything that her son did to JH. But JH assures her that it’s okay. She then advises her don’t sell the jewelries because she won’t receive as much as the jewelries are supposed to cost. Bold Joo Ha tells her that she’ll sell it one at a time whenever she needs the money. Or she can sell it to her, she’ll give her a reasonable price. She’ll use these jewelries as Gwang Mo’s wedding gift when he marries one day. It’s an incomprehensible thought, Hyun Soo and Joo Ha can’t believe she’ll recycle the wedding gift. Mrs Chun finally realizes her mistake as she apologizes for everything. She still can’t fathom she gives birth to a crazy son like Gwang Mo.

Gwang Mo thinks Joo Ha is crazy for refusing to take the money from his mother. He then leaves after she threatens him to rip his other ear off!

While Aunt Bo Sal is enjoying a rare sight of the ocean, Son Yeo Sa is busy reading her book. She apparently got bored looking at the sea. 


Eun Soo and Joon Goo are enjoying the sea breeze and the gorgeous ocean; where Joon Goo asks if Eun Soo is happy with (this) marriage. She could easily told a complete stranger that she’s happy – but then she asks if she was supposed to say she’s not happy to a complete stranger who asked a random question.

Because of Seul Gi, Eun Soo is not entirely happy now; but someday, she believes she will.

She thinks she’s a horrible mother, like what Hyun Soo said. Joon Goo promises that when they have their own child, they’ll get their own place and bring Seul Gi home to live with them.

Hyun Soo’s cold behavior is driving her mom’s crazy so she jokes that she’ll be unloved if she keeps doing this when she get married. She’s at her parents place as her mother prepared dishes for Joo Ha.

Although Mom receives allowance from Eun Soo, but she’s thrifty. She doesn’t spend extravagantly, she saves the money and plans to give it to Seul Gi.

Mom wants Hyun Soo to take a good care of Joo Ha so she won’t do any unthinkable and crazy thing.

Meanwhile, Joo Ha’s mom is driving her daughter’s crazy because she doesn’t know what she should tell their family, friends, neighbors, everyone. For Joo Ha, all this is so much better than Gwang Mo’s bringing another woman if they’re married. And much better than fighting with another woman who barge in on their wedding them. So she asks mom to tell everyone that she was deceived and Gwang Mo is a mental patient. And just ignore the phone calls.


Tae Won’s mom is so happy to see her granddaughter who had a fantastic time at the park. She then complements Chae Rin for tirelessly followed her active granddaughter all day. Chae Rin gently tells her that she had a fun time, but Seul Gi reports she’s thoughtless for wearing heels so she got blisters on her feet – thankfully Tae Won put a band-aid on her feet.

Tae Won kindly tells her to leave as she looks tired, but Mom thinks he has a problem here for asking his guest to leave during dinner time. She wants her to stay for dinner, and Tae Won then asks the same thing. During dinner, Mom asks Seul Gi if Chae Rin is pretty. Honest Seul Gi nods, but she believes her mom is prettier.

When Tae Won escorts Chae Rin to her car after dinner, Chae Rin brings up the fact that Seul Gi sat at the front seat beside her dad. She totally understands why she did that, but for safety reason, a child should sit in the back. Tae Won apologizes for being so thoughtless. Chae Rin knows it’s not the right time for her to sit at the front, but she doesn’t mind to sit at the back with Seul Gi.

At home, mom keeps praising Chae Rin and she likes her more now. She doesn’t want Tae Won to bring woman like Eun Soo – for Seul Gi’s sake and he should listen to his mother.

Tae Won asks if his mom talks badly about Eun Soo to Seul Gi. She’s offended, she believes she’s not a wrench mother-in-law. And her heart aches everytime she thinks about Seul Gi. Tae Won pleads his mom to stop saying that Eun Soo is not a good person in front of Seul Gi – as it will scar her. Mom wants to know where he found out about this. He can’t tell mom that he heard it from Eun Soo – so he pretends he heard it from his sister and some passerby. Mom promises she never said like that to anyone.


Seul Gi is happy to stay with her father tonight. Then, she asks if her dad will marry Chae Rin. She asks if he likes her and if he hates her. He replies that he doesn’t know if he’ll marry Chae Rin, and there’s no reason to hate her. Seul Gi informs daddy that Chae Rin likes him.

After shower, Tae Won tells Seul Gi that he met with Eun Soo yesterday. He heard that Seul Gi was not happy to see her mother – so Eun Soo was really upset. Seul Gi frowns then tells her dad that her mother doesn’t need her. She promised to call her everyday and visit her every week, but she rarely does that now. Mom broke her promise. Tae Won asks Seul Gi to be more understanding. He wants to tell Seul Gi all the reasons why she should understand her mom, but Seul Gi doesn’t need it. She doesn’t want to know.

Meanwhile, Eun Soo is having a great time playing card with Joon Goo and his family at the resort.

Tae Won reminisces what Seul Gi told him earlier, to tell mom to live happily in that house. As mom doesn’t need something like her anymore.

Joo Ha really needs a break, so she has this crazy idea to go to Japan tomorrow. Hyun Soo sharply reminds her about her crutches and to stop bothering her with all these crazy ideas. Joo Ha is curious that Hyun Soo is a little pleased with this. She tells Joo Ha that it’s not her misery, she can’t be Joo Ha, instead, she’s more concerned about Gwang Mo. Joo Ha will move on, but Gwang Mo will keep repeating the same thing.

Joo Ha plans to use the “pregnancy” story to Gwang Mo and she’ll show him how scary a woman’s spite is. She believes he’s cute and still wants to marry him after everything she’s done to her.


Joo Ha can’t even go to sleep that night, tearfully she keeps singing the same song before sobbing in tears – finally releasing all the anger, resentment and pain she painfully hide inside her heart.


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