The woman who married three times Episode 3 Recap

The adults in this drama need to put aside their own ambitions, desires & greed to set the right foundation for Seul Gi’s life. From my observation, Eun Soo is one of the most selfish woman / mother, she’s now happily married with Joon Goo who spoils her like a Queen and lives happily with his family who dotes her to bits. And she uses her new family as the excuses for breaking her promises with Seul Gi who really needs her mother’s love, presence and acceptance. Seul Gi will grow up as a bitter woman if Eun Soo chooses to ignore her feeling.

Meanwhile, Joo Ha is definitely more crazier than Gwang Mo, but as what she repeatedly declares, maybe that is love. Love turns her into irrational woman that her brain refuses to acknowledge the evidence in front of her and she keeps going with the illusion that Gwang Mo is the only man for her.

The Woman Who Married Three Times Episode 3 Recap


Sunny morning – a brand new day which hopefully will bring plenty of sunshine for Joo Ha who’s in front of a mirror – trying to (fake) her smile. Hyun Soo, as usual only cares about her two adorable puppies, Joo Joo and Boo Boo and her cat, Barky. For someone who’s never been kissed before, she’s very cheesy to her pets. Joo Ha has repeatedly teased her for naming her dogs “kiss kiss”,  she feels her best friend is too desperate for a man to come & kiss her. So she proposes to kiss her instead.

Her annoying gold-digger mom calls asking if Joo Ha has received the (compensation) money. It looks like she wants her daughter to start pestering Mrs Chun; but Joo Ha would rather hang herself than letting go all her pride for the sake of money.

After her mom hang up, she decides to call Gwang Mo who sounds very sleepy – Joo Ha’s phone call woke him up. She orders him to bring fruits, spicy kimbap, hamburger, ramen, etc because there’s nothing to eat at Hyun Soo’s place.

Joon Goo’s father joins his family for breakfast and everyone seems to be in a happy mood. His wife calmly asks if he’s tired accompanying Chairman Goo, and that staying there four days in a row were too much. He understands his wife’s concern.


He wants to know if Joon Goo and Eun Soo have hit the golf course and jokingly asks if Eun Soo still go to the bathroom crying after 5 swings. He wants Eun Soo to learn as he’s a bit jealous when he saw Chairman Goo’s daughter-in-law playing golf.

Tae Hee is scolding Seul Gi because she just sit there, refusing to answer their questions. Auntie Tae Hee curses her but Grandma Yeo Sa firmly refutes it as Seul Gi is a human being just like everyone else – she needs time to think, so Tae Hee should be patient and she shouldn’t interrupt her niece. Thankfully, she’s fed up with Seul Gi so she leaves.

Innocent Seul Gi asks Grandma if Mrs Chae Rin will scold her like Snow White’s evil stepmother. Grandma assures her it won’t happen as she has her father, auntie Tae Hee and her grandma so unless Chae Rin has a death wish, she will never do that. Seul Gi tells her that Chae Rin never scolds her before, but she’s worried she’ll do that because she’s not her real (birth) mother. Grandma tells Seul Gi that CR has an angel heart, and Chae Rin is confident she’ll be able to raise up Seul Gi.

She then bid her grandma goodbye as she has to go back to her maternal grandparents’ place. Her dad drives her home and takes her to dinner first.

Joo Ha is ready to go back to work, she didn’t do anything wrong. She didn’t get caught having an affair with a married man. But Gwang Mo has another idea – he feels it’s too embarrassing for her so he suggests her to change school. He may not realize that looking for another teaching job is not as easy as flipping a coin.

He admits that everything is his fault. The reason he couldn’t sleep well last night was because he dreamed Joo Ha shot him right in his heart then he dies. He woke up really scared thinking his heart might stop beating so he prayed – promised that there won’t be a forth (engagement?) and this will be his last time.

Joo Ha asks him to open his eyes, and tells her directly as if she’s God. Yes, she forgives him, he is hers… forever. Gwang Mo tells her that forever is such an empty word because the world is going to come to an end, so nothing lasts forever.


But this is actually Joo Ha’s love and revenge… She will never let any woman enters his life, forever…

Seul Gi asks dad if she can live with him. Her question is too sudden, so Tae Won is curious if she got the idea from her grandmother. But Seul Gi tells him it’s what she wants because she wants to see him every day. Because Tae Won is a bit shocked and unable to answer her question, Seul Gi wonders if he hates her. If not, why can’t she live with him?

Of course he wants to live with her; but he explains that after Seul Gi’s mom and dad separated; all Seul Gi’s mom wanted was Seul Gi. And he promised Eun Soo that.

But Seul Gi tells him that her mom is now living somewhere else and they don’t live together again. She also didn’t keep her promises.

He explains that it’s not because her mom didn’t want to see her… But…

Cue to Eun Soo enjoying a lovely time with Joon Goo’s family. Aunt Bo Sal is a devoted Buddhist, and she shares funny story which she heard from someone else.

Then she prays “Love and hate arises from the heart. Empty your heart and live purely. The mountains cannot become water and water cannot become the mountains. Mountains must be mountains, and water must be water. When one is filled, what must the other look forward to and wait for? Life does not come back once it leaves. What do you worry about and who do you blame? In this short life if you chase the world crazily… You cannot see the end since the heart is scattered. Do not hope, do not blame, do not wait and do not hate.”

Joon Goo’s father praises Bo Sal’s amazing wealth of knowledge and wisdom, nobody can questions her intelligence. His wife keeps asking if he’s tired, but because he slept on his car on the way home, he feels good.


After spending two lovely days with her father, Seul Gi arrives back at home. She’s disappointed her dad didn’t give her the answer she wanted that she refuses to kiss her dad and doesn’t want him to carry her bag for her. Tae Won pleads her to understand him, she should give him more time to sort this out. Because Seul Gi looks upset, he invites her to have an ice cream date; but Seul Gi’s grandpa who’s been waiting for her heard her voice and went out to welcome his granddaughter. So their ice dream date falls apart.

Grandpa notices Seul Gi’s sulky mood, Tae Won explains that it’s because he scolded her. Wise grandpa asks Tae Won for not looking down at her just because she’s young and don’t scold her when she’s not feeling good. As living separately with her parents is already too hard for her, so please try to understand her feeling.

At home, upset Seul Gi goes straight to her room, ignoring her grandmother’s questions. She doesn’t want to talk about why she’s angry.

Sun Sim then asks her husband if he knew what happened. He tells her what Tae Won told him, he believes if a children needs to be reprimanded, then her parents should do that. And he didn’t want to pester Tae Won about his own child, so he stopped at this.

On the way home, Tae Won keeps thinking about what Seul Gi said earlier and the time when he and Eun Soo decided to separate. His mom was furious with their decision because for her, Tae Won was, is and will always be the best husband. She’s upset when Eun Soo told her she couldn’t live with them anymore. Why she wanted to leave her faultless husband without any reason? Eun Soo was really calm and quiet, up to the point that her stares scared Yeo Sa.

Eun Soo left without asking any alimony, Yeo Sa is curious if Eun Soo has already saved up enough money somewhere else or if she’s being considerate. Tae Hee believed she’s the one who’s supposed to pay alimony for ruining Tae Won’s life. Eun Soo confidently told them that she didn’t need to stash money as she didn’t come from poor family. She asked Tae Won to finish the discussion – as she left the house.

Tae Won then told his family that Eun Soo was going to raise Seul Gi because she’s Seul Gi’s mother – much to his family’s opposition. This was the reason why Eun Soo didn’t ask any alimony. Because Tae Won gave her the only thing she really wanted. Tae Won was really disappointed that he couldn’t protect his wife, and after Eun Soo left – he realized how hard it was to live in his own house without her.

He then gave Eun Soo a lump sum of money, much to her surprise because he already bought her clothes, bags and gave her mom allowance once in a while. She thanked him for being so generous. He’s also going to deposit Seul Gi’s expenses every month and get her a loan, etc. But she also mentioned that she would stick to her decision of not accepting any alimony.

Eun Soo was really cheerful, as if nothing happened. Truthfully, she felt good because she didn’t have to live as an abused daughter-in-law anymore. Tae Won felt really apologetic, if he knew Eun Soo had to suffer from his mother and sister’s viciousness, he would take her to a deserted island and live there. Considerate Eun Soo rarely told him about the harsh treatment she received from his family, she thought she could handle it and foolishly thought it would get better. If they lived in a deserted island, his family would fly a helicopter and drop a bomb in the middle of the island 😀

Then, the discussion moved on to Tae Won’s visitation right. She firmly restricted him to visit Seul Gi only once a week – every Saturday afternoons. She couldn’t allow him to visit her anytime he wanted, because it would disrupt her life and her parents’ lives. Although they’re divorced, he’ll always be Seul Gi’s father but she’s no longer his woman. She knew he’s a kind and good man, a great ex-husband whom she wanted to remain friends with.

Tae Won believed the end of the world would be so much better than going through this. He didn’t like acting like it was nothing. Obviously it’s not nothing to Eun Soo as well, a 29yo divorce woman with a daughter.

He believed it’s okay to be despicable once in a while. Eun Soo asked him to stop complaining as she was a miserable woman in the past 4 years.

Cue back to the present time…

Eun Soo is having a unique back-to-back massage with her husband and talks about age, maturity, growing old. Joon Goo believes we start growing up since we’re born – growing up means aging so the moment we’re born – we’re heading towards the day we die. So he proposes to enjoy this growing up moment without any regrets and full of generosity (which only means one thing for this couple :D).

Tae Hee is pestering Tae Won about his relationship with Chae Rin. He’s not ready yet, and Tae Hee sarcastically tells him that he’ll be a grandpa when he’s ready. She honestly doesn’t really care about this (she only cares about her own fate), but it’s because their mom wanted him to hurry up.

Tae Won accuses his sister for confusing Seul Gi – although she initially tells him that she didn’t do anything, but she then murmurs that Seul Gi is a blabbermouth who broke her promise. But it’s clear that Tae Won can’t leave his own child at his ex-wife parents place after he marries Chae Rin. Tae Hee is frustrated with his indecisiveness, so she urges him to choose: get rid of Chae Rin if he doesn’t like her, or hurry up and marry her if he likes her.

But Tae Won doesn’t even know what’s the right thing he should do.  That’s why he still has a hard time decising this. But the reason his mom wanted him to remarry is because she still bitter with Eun Soo and wanted to show him up with Chae Rin.

Joo Ha is wondering what Gwang Mo is doing at the moment; she thinks this is love. And why she still cares about him? Is she a very nice person? Hyun Soo reminds her about the evil grasshopper inside Gwang Mo’s mind and Joo Ha wonders if illness like that exists. Hyun Soo is speechless.

Hyo Jin, Hyun Soo friend calls and they got the biggest shock of their lives. The wedding dress which Joo Ha wore was posted on the internet. And someone else wore the same dress and got jilted at the engagement party by Gwang Mo as well. Hyo Jin wanted to meet Joo Ha, she plans to meet up with all the girls who got dissed by Gwang Mo. Joo Ha is in!

Seul Gi couldn’t sleep, grandma is worried if she’s hungry because she threw up earlier. Seul Gi is a bit hesitant, but then she honestly tells grandma she wants to live with her dad because if she lives with him, she won’t be an orphan. Being called an orphan really hurt her feeling. Seul Gi doesn’t hate her grandparents. Grandma is speechless, doesn’t know how reply her. So she tells her husband about it.

Grandpa comes to talk to Seul Gi; he asks if Tae Won knew about this and what was his response. She told him what happened – grandpa now understands why Seul Gi looked really upset and threw up earlier. He asks her to go back to school, but she doesn’t want to meet her friend. She even ask grandpa to tell her mom to let her go. He explains that Eun Soo wanted Seul Gi to be raised up by them. But she cries, telling grandpa that it’s really hurt her – she’s not an orphan and she wants to live with her dad.

Sun Sim then calls Hyun Soo, asking her opinion of what they should do. Seul Gi is a persistent child, once she put her mind on something, she will never waver.

The next morning, Hyun Soo comes to see her father who’s waiting in front of his house. They gave up and have decided to give Seul Gi back to her father.

Seul Gi won’t eat (again), Hyun Soo asks her mom to be stricter and not spoiling her. She still doesn’t want to go to school. Hyun Soo tells her she’s still a minor and can’t do anything she wanted, she has to follow her father and mother’s orders. Then, she asks what’s a mother. She’s married. She’s going to have a baby and Seul Gi doesn’t want a sibling as it’s not her sibling. That mother is not her mother. It’s her own thoughts, it’s not something that Tae Won’s mother told her. She’s not stupid, auntie Hyun Soo.

So Tae Won arrives and his ex-father-in-law (Byung Sik) asks what will Seul Gi think when he remarry? He’s worried about this. Tae Won ensures he’ll make sure Seul Gi understand from his and her perspective. Tae Won believes Eun Soo won’t agree Seul Gi lives with him. But he assures that his mother dotes on Seul Gi and has been asking him to bring Seul Gi to live with them.

Byung Sik then asks if the woman Tae Won’s going to marry is a nice woman. Tae Won stutters before replying that he doesn’t know yet. He mentions that even if Seul Gi continues to stay with them, that woman must be a good and kind woman. Tae Won understands.

He then invites Tae Won to come inside, Tae Won assures him that Seul Gi will go to school.

Eun Soo bid goodbye to her husband before he’s going to work. She innocently jokes that someone told her she can’t trust the person if they don’t turn back at least once after saying goodbye. Is this her revenge? Hehehe… Revenge arises from revenge, and Joon Goo is anticipating her next cute revenge.

Joon Goo’s father is not feeling well today, and his wife forgot to tell Eun Soo to go to Madam Cha’s opening gallery alone since they’ve promised to take Eun Soo there. She advises her to just quietly answer Madam Cha’s questions, be gracious even if she asks strange questions. She doesn’t like the idea of her talking ill things about Eun Soo – she knows Madam Cha is one of their rival and she wants to gossip about them.

Aunt Bo Sal is also not feeling well, but she’d rather spend her own money than spending her sister’s money for her medical check up. And they scold her when she used her own money – she’s in a dilemma. But now, she wants to go to India with her Buddhists friends. Yeo Sa scolds her because she’s been there several times. Bo Sal jokingly tells her that a handsome curly man (or woman?) kept asking her to come. 😀

Gwang Mo picked Joo Ha up and carries her on his back. It’s her first day back at work. She has her poker face ready. Gwang Mo is wondering if she’s going there to give her resignation letter, but no, she’s going there to work. He keeps reminding her that the groom ran away and it’s embarrassing for her. But she tells him that the situation will be reversed by tonight and she posted about evil grasshopper on Gwang Mo’s mind on women’s forum and tell the whole world that this person abruptly cancelled family meetings, engagements and wedding. It’s her duty now to meet with victim no 14 and 15. He wants to know the site address, but no, it’s not the time yet to reveal it.

After hearing all this, he doesn’t want to drive her to work and asks her to get out.

She keeps saying that this must be love. He complains that she turned him as a psychotic pervert nationwide. But then, she tells him that she couldn’t do that. Yeah, it was all just her bluffing.

Seul Gi can’t stop crying and everyone including Tae Won don’t know what to do. They can’t convince her to go to school. She kept saying she’s going to disappear. She definitely takes after her mother.

Gwang Mo drops Joo Ha off near school, and she asks him to carry her to the school’s front entrance. At school, the students are staring at her and she reprimands them.

To her students, she explains that she’s not regretful nor in despair that her life is ruined. She’s hurt, but she’s not dead. She’ll continue to live and her wounds will soon healed. That scandal was just another part of her life. And it will become a funny episode to look back.

It’s been more than 100 days since their classmate and her student Mi Jin passed away and she wanted to be with her students to say the final goodbye to her. So she asks her students to close their eyes for three minutes and say whatever they want to say to Mi Jin as their final farewell.

Gwang Mo is waiting for Joo Ha in front of school, lying to mom that he’s on the way to the sauna. Mom wants to know what he’s doing, he can’t really answer her question. He complains that women are loud and everytime he thinks about living with a woman, he woke up. Mom doesn’t want to argue with him. And he only cares about food she cooked.

Grandma Sun Sim is crying her heart out but still gets up to prepare juice for Seul Gi as requested. Seul Gi asks her to stop crying, don’t cry grandma.

Meanwhile, Eun Soo is running an errand for her mother-in-law – she’s going to the gallery opening. But then, her mother-in-law calls asking her to return home as Madam Cha called all of a sudden and asked to see Eun Soo another day.

Crisis at Hyun Soo’s work as she was too busy dealing with Seul Gi so she couldn’t answer her phone when emergency about ribbons happened. So her work colleague called the factory right away. She has specifically told the factory that the ribbons were to be hand-sewn, but it looked like they glued them. Her boss knew Hyun Soo’s perfectionist character, so she tells her it’s okay to make mistakes once in a while. But Hyun Soo is going to inspect the damages herself.

Gwang Mo is still waiting patiently for Joo Ha, playing game on his phone.

He keeps calling busy Hyun Soo, asking her if she’s busy when she’s on the way to the factory. He explains that he’s been waiting for Joo Ha over 2 hours and wants to know what she’s doing at the moment and when she’ll finish. Hyun Soo tells him to keep waiting. As she’s currently teaching and doing her work. He thought she was just asking him to drive her to school. He’s not her driver. He calls Hyun Soo to complain because she’s the only one he could complain to.

Tae Won recalls Eun Soo’s ultimatum that unless one of them goes missing, she’s going to take Seul Gi with her. She’s not going to turn Seul Gi into a monster because Tae Won’s mother only loves money. And she takes advantages of other people. Eun Soo was fed up with her “money money money” talks. And her insults that Eun Soo was just a poor girl / gold-digger who seduced her sweet son. Once, she even dig her pockets to see if Eun Soo stole groceries money. She gets really violent when she’s angry, and she used her illness as the reason of her violence.

Hyun Soo had a hard time with Seul Gi, but she held on and didn’t spank her. On her way home, she receives a message from Eun Soo asking where should she reserve a place for their dad’s birthday and since they had Japanese last year, Tae Won suggested to book a Chinese restaurant this year. But she’s in a dilemma because their mother doesn’t like Chinese food. As Hyun Soo doesn’t reply all her messages, Eun Soo sends another message, asking why.

Hyun Soo then replies back that now is not the time to worry about their dad’s birthday because Seul Gi has been giving them a hard time, whinging wanting to live with her dad! Eun Soo is shocked…


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