The Woman who Married Three Times Episode 4 Recap

Nobody in this world can graciously accept the fact that the person they love is still keeping in touch with his ex-wife. Chae Rin who thinks that her position is being threatened with Eun Soo, can’t keep the very important secret which turn everything upside down. But finally Tae Won realizes the reason why he can’t accept Chae Rin & any other woman – he still has feeling for Eun Soo – the woman who was kicked out by his family because her family didn’t match up with their standard.

The Woman who Married Three Times Episode 4 Recap

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Hyun Soo is taking her cute puppies Joo Joo and Boo Boo for a night walk when a car approaches her. It’s Eun Soo who rushed there to find out about Seul Gi’s persistence to live with her dad and why she refused to go to school.

Hyun Soo explains that Seul Gi initially thought some of her classmates were her close friends, so she told them about her. Unfortunately, these kids broke her trust and everyone at school knew about this (rumor) – that she’s an orphan.

Things went from bad to worse last Saturday – she couldn’t stop crying after she came back from her dad’s place and didn’t want to eat. So their mother – grandma Sun Sim broke down, while their father – grandpa Byung Sik was trying to be strong by not saying anything. Eun Soo is furious that 4 adults allowed Seul Gi for staying at home – not going to school, they should spank her. But Seul Gi threatened that she would disappear if they asked her to go to school, so these four adults didn’t have any other choice. Hence, Seul Gi believes she won’t be an orphan if she stays with her dad. Talking rational things with Seul Gi is not easy, why doesn’t Eun Soo do it herself?

She has slowly cut her communication with Seul Gi. She delegated her most important responsibility as a mother to her parents who look after her young daughter 24 hours a day. Stubborn Eun Soo doesn’t understand why Tae Won can’t solve this problem. Seul Gi is closer to him, she likes him, so he will be able to makes Seul Gi understand about this.

Eun Soo blames Tae Won’s mother for brainwashing Seul Gi – but no, Seul Gi made this decision herself. So she puts the blame to her sister. Hyun Soo is furious that Eun Soo can do whatever she wants, live the way she wants and now she wants her to solve her daughter’s problems. As a mother, she must take care these problems herself. It’s all Eun Soo’s fault because she chose to “abandon” her daughter.

She screams, asks – when did she abandon her?

Eun Soo is trying to convince Seul Gi that she’s not an orphan, if her friends tease her, she can ignore them. She has to tell them that she has a father and a mother. Eun Soo asks Seul Gi to be patient. But grumpy Seul Gi is still bitter that her mom broke her promises – while her dad doesn’t. He still prioritizes his daughter, he never make any plans on the weekends because it’s Seul Gi’s day. He still regularly communicates with his daughter.

Eun Soo promises she’ll keep her promise – when she’s on third grade, Eun Soo promises to take her. But Seul Gi doesn’t like Joon Goo – she realizes that he doesn’t like her too. She’d rather live with her dad and her nice stepmother. When she lives with them, nobody will call her an orphan again, and they’ll think Chae Rin is her mother. Moreover, her grandmother doesn’t yell at her and Chae Rin (in fact, she adores Chae Rin).

Because of her mother, dad said no to her request.

Joon Goo who’s worried about his father-in-law calls to ask Eun Soo if he should visit him. He tells Eun Soo to take her dad to hospital because elder people’s cold should never be taken lightly. But Eun Soo tells him that he’s dad is not that old yet, so don’t need to worry too much.

Eun Soo’s attempt to convince Seul Gi ended up in a big failure. She didn’t listen to anything she said – Seul Gi sees her father as her father, but she doesn’t see her mother as her mother anymore. Byung Sik explains that it’s because she’s getting smarter now – she can analyze the situations and think through it.

Eun Soo keeps blaming her ex-mother-in-law who brainwashed Seul Gi. Nobody expected this to come, but truthfully, nobody really knew what she’s been thinking. But grandma Sun Sim noticed Seul Gi’s behavior change – she didn’t look forward to her mother’s visit anymore.

Byung Sik knows that Tae Won naturally wants to take Seul Gi with him, but he couldn’t do it because of the promise he made to Eun Soo. Although Eun Soo is afraid of what Tae Won’s mom will do to Seul Gi, but Byung Sik could sense that she wanted her son to bring Seul Gi to live with them.

Eun Soo is worried that Seul Gi won’t grown up normally there, but Hyun Soo brushes it off – explaining that Tae Won is normal. And they have no right to stop Tae Won’s family to take Seul Gi.

Hyun Soo asks if her sister knew how Seul Gi felt when her mother left her for a man. She waited for her mother – but she rarely visited and contact her. Disappointed, she’s also being ostracized by her school friends. The scars on her heart are too big. And now she’s repaying back everything her mom did to her.

Eun Soo throws water to her sister then a cat-fight! Byung Sik is furious!

Eun Soo begs her sister for not saying that she threw Seul Gi away.

Chae Rin who found out from Tae Won’s mother about his working place – decided to wait for him while she’s in that area and coincidentally, they meet. Soon afterwards, Seul Gi sends a message asking if he went home. He texts back that he’ll call her soon. She sends another message explaining what she’ll do tonight.

As he goes to the bathroom, his phone rings and Chae Rin helps herself picking his phone. It’s Eun Soo who calls. She’s curious if Chae Rin is the woman he’s dating, and she replies yes. She promptly passes on the message to Tae Won.

About Joo Ha, she survived her first day back at work but she came home with a picture of her student who committed suicide 100 days ago. She’s really distressed with that incident, Gwang Mo remembered that day – because that student called Joo Ha with a simple message “Teacher, I’m going to die. Goodbye”.

Then Joo Ha innocently told her that if she felt that what she’s worth, then, go ahead. Nobody at that time realized it was the student’s cry for help.

Hyun Soo reminds Gwang Mo that he hasn’t properly ended his relationship with Joo Ha. That’s true and now he’s confused plus worried because Joo Ha keeps repeating her favorite phrase “this must be love”. Other women would already cussed him out, but Joo Ha is different.

Joo Has was the one who wanted to get married first – he genuinely didn’t want to hurt her. He believes that the evil grasshopper is the problem – it wasn’t him who wanted to run away. And he also thinks that he’s too nice.


Because Hyun Soo is visibly drunk, he piggy-backs her. It looks like he’s done this several times already as he questions if she gained weight etc.

Joo Ha wants to know what happened with Hyun Soo who’s crawling the stairs to go to her room before kicking Gwang Mo who teases her about her body.

Chae Rin brought ice cream for Tae Won’s family who look really happy to see her. Tae Won’s mother believed Tae Won treated her badly, like what his father did to her. Tae Hee is worried with Tae Won’s indecisiveness – he’s been divorced for quite a while now and yet he’s not looking for any woman. He doesn’t have the guts and he may forever loyal to Eun Soo.

She elegantly serves the ice cream to Yeo Sa who’s delighted with her kind attention. But Tae Hee goes straight to the point, asking what happened earlier. Chae Rin stutters explaining that she met him but couldn’t talk to him.

Yeo Sa is frustrated because his son hasn’t been able to move on – it’s been four long years. But she’s determined to make this relationship work – no matter what. Chae Rin is perfect for them, they’re not going to lose her.

Chae Rin explains that Seul Gi’s mother called and it seemed like Tae Won was going to meet her. She’s only here because Yeo Sa asked her to buy an ice cream.

Yeo Sa wants a confirmation from Tae Hee if Tae Woon and Eun Soo still meet each other. But Tae Hee thinks they haven’t seen each other after the divorce.

Straight away, Eun Soo asks if Tae Won’s getting married to a woman who his mother really likes; and if he likes her. He’s still not 100% sure he likes her because it’s been a long time since he felt that. He tells her Chae Rin’s good quality and he believes he’ll be faithful – everything will be all right in the long run. Moreover, he’s grateful that she accepts Seul Gi.

This prompts Eun Soo to blame this woman about Seul Gi’s persistence to move out. Hence, she wants Tae Won to keep his promise because if he takes her now, it will destroy her relationship with Seul Gi who didn’t want to listen to her mother anymore. Seul Gi has closed herself, she’s too stubborn.

Tae Won explains that the only reason Seul Gi is doing this because she wants to run away from her friends who mocked her. He assures Eun Soo that Seul Gi will be fine. She’s not an object. And although Eun Soo has a full custody, but she can’t do this.

Flashback to four years ago – exactly on Eun Soo’s birthday. Tae Won had some issue at work. Hence he couldn’t make it to Eun Soo’s birthday dinner to sort out this issue and had dinner with his manager.

After going around and around talking about not wanting to break her sweet son’s heart, Yeo Sa told Eun Soo to end everything – Tae Hee straightened it up: she should get out from this house. Yeo Sa insulted Eun Soo about her family again, in which Eun Soo proudly explained that although his family may not have much, both his sister and her graduated from college. Yeo Sa believed people can easily send their kids to college nowadays. Eun Soo was working as a model for home shopping network – she’s not qualified to be with Tae Won.

Eun Soo challenged if there’s such a law which said that a poor person can’t marry a rich person? She’s not ashamed of her family and her jobs – so she can’t accept their insults. Moreover, Tae Won never had any issue with her family’s financial position as well. If they wanted her to end the marriage, then, they had to convince Tae Won. She’d give up when he gave up.


Later that night, Tae Won picked Eun Soo up and the first thing she asked was her birthday present. She believed the smallest the present, the more expensive it would be. She was expecting a five carat diamond ring; but he bought her boots. Maybe he didn’t know about the rumor that when people buy shoes for their partner, they might break up. Hm… Tae Won thought that the partner would run away. Eun Soo cheerfully told him she’d run away to Ukraine.

Back to the present world – Eun Soo just arrives home and is welcomed by Aunt Bo Sal who asks about her father. She assures her that he has cold and is doing better.

Joon Goo knows that Eun Soo’s family is uncomfortable with him and although he thought it would get better, but apparently, it hasn’t.

Eun Soo truthfully tells him that she went there because of Seul Gi – her father is not ill. She had to go and had to use her father as an excuse; unfortunately it didn’t end well.

Joon Goo noticed that Seul Gi didn’t like him from the beginning, and it’s not entirely his fault. Eun Soo wants him to take the first step because Seul Gi would be estranged with a man who took her mother away from her. Joon Goo blames both Seul Gi who’s not sociable and Eun Soo who he feels like was observing them. He never had children, so he doesn’t know how to treat Seul Gi. But obviously, Eun Soo would have to observe their interaction before she decided to marry him.

She also tells him about her meeting with Tae Won, she knows she can’t lie to her husband.

The next day, while Eun Soo is at the golf range with her mother-in-law, Joon Goo calls. He’s been reflecting about what happened and realized he hasn’t been mindful about Seul Gi – he left everything to Eun Soo to take care about this herself. Although she had a hard time to visit Seul Gi, he didn’t do anything to protect her. He kept thinking everything will be okay after they have a baby because they’ll bring Seul Gi to live with them. He apologizes for his insensitiveness. He then thanks her for being honest with him.

Yeo Sa barges in to Eun Soo’s place and starts unleashing her anger to Sun Sim who tries to calm her down. She finally calms down after Sun Sim yells asking her stop cursing.

Trembling, Sun Sim reports everything to Hyun Soo who advises her mom to forget about it. She believed Tae Won and Eun Soo met to discuss about Seul Gi.

Hyun Soo decides to meet Tae Won. Straight away she asks if he’s an idiot for meeting Eun Soo – although he knows what kind of woman his mother is. Why did he tell his mom about his meeting with Eun Soo? (Hm… Chae Rin was the one who told his family). Hyun Soo explains that Seul Gi’s grandmother is the only reason why Eun Soo can’t let Seul Gi go with him, but honestly, her family also don’t have any good reason to hold on to Seul Gi. So she believes Eun Soo will agree to let Seul Gi go – so please give her more time. It will become a bigger problem if Eun Soo’s in-laws know about this. She asks him to protect Eun Soo and her family.

She then orders Eun Soo to give up Seul Gi ASAP because her claims are not strong enough and she can’t let her family got insulted again. Eun Soo thinks eonni is dreaming, because she didn’t know what happened. So Hyun Soo explains what happened – Eun Soo believes Tae Won is not a blabbermouth so he’s not the one who told his mother about their meeting. Soon afterwards, she receives a message from Tae Won who apologizes and tells her that he has nothing to say.

Gwang Mo is cooking dinner for Joo Ha. Insensitive Joo Ha bickers that it’s tasteless although he argues that he followed the recipe.

Then, he advises her to throw away all her affection to him because she’ll get hurt sooner or later. But she pretends she didn’t hear it – and thankfully Hyun Soo, Joo Joo and Boo Boo are now home.

Seul Gi drew a nice picture of her and her grandparents; much to their delight. She tells them to hang the picture on their room, and look at it when they miss her. There’s a deeper meaning behind this picture, she doesn’t want to see them sad. Grandpa is thankful to her kind thought.

Joon Goo’s family has finished watching a concert and as they mingle with the other guests, one lady (Professor Ha) asks her to help with her fashion business. Although she doesn’t have much power, and rarely go out unless it’s really necessary but she’ll attend her fashion show if she invites her. Professor Ha starts complementing Eun Soo as she asks her mother-in-law to allow her to become a model for her fashion show. She apologizes and explains that it’s not possible.

Gwang Mo is asking Hyun Soo to send Joo Ha home. Why does she live at Hyun Soo and suffocate her? Hyun Soo explains she hates people like him, people who do everything they like and ask someone else to take care their own mess.

Joo Ha is currently bleeding and staying at her best friend’s place is the best way out for her; if she goes home, her family will torture her. Gwang Mo is really irresponsible here. Does he think getting rid of Joo Ha after what he did to her is the best way out? He should do whatever she wants!

Gwang Mo cutely tells Hyun Soo that his first wish is to live next to Hyun Soo without being scolded. Then he wants to travel all around the world, living freely, looking at women and get their phone numbers.

Then, he asks Hyun Soo what should he do if Joo Ha asks him to sleep with her.

Drunk Tae Won arrives home to his worried whinging mother. He yells asking why she went to Seul Gi’s maternal grandparents.

Obviously it’s because of Chae Rin who was waiting for his proposal. Tae Won may not understand her feeling as she saw the man she loves is being dragged around by his ex-wife. He then tells his family that he’s not getting married as he doesn’t need a thoughtless woman who made rash decision like that. He doesn’t even like her. So how can he live with her?

He orders his family to give up and don’t embarrassed him in front of Eun Soo’s family again.

Everything happened because of her. Eun Soo and him divorced because of her. Seul Gi is hurt because of her. And he had to send away people he love because of her!

Mom understands everything is her fault – she’s willing to take all the blame.

He repeatedly punch his chest, threatens that everything will end if it stops (beating). He just wants to die now – so please don’t make him feel like this again.

Tae Hee tells mom to be patient. Mom insists that although they wait for 50 years, they won’t be able to find a woman like Chae Rin.

Aunt Bo Sal thanks Joon Goo’s family for taking her to that nice concert – she really enjoyed it and had butterflies on her stomach. Joon Goo’s father teases her that butterflies would warm her hardened heart.

Joon Goo praises his gracious elegant wife – she asks if she’s Virgin Mary. Joon Goo kisses her then tells her that he can’t do this to Virgin Mary.

Joon Goo’s mother tells her husband about Professor Ho’s request – but the reason why they didn’t allow it is to prevent gossip. They will start talking about Eun Soo’s gentleness and prettiness before gossiping about her around their small circle. Joon Goo’s father believe they’re just jealous.

Tearfully Eun Soo calls her mother apologizing that everything happened because of her. Her mother tells her it’s okay, she’s not worried about her ex-mother-in-law who’s in different species with normal people like them. Mom wants her husband to comfort Eun Soo, but he’s scared Joon Goo and his family will catch them talking to her. So they hang up.

The next morning, Eun Soo asks Chae Rin to meet up…

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