Three kind of posters for KBS2 “Blood” released

KBS2 new drama Blood starring Ahn Jae Hyun, Ku Hye SunJi Jin Hee, revealed three posters today. We’ve already seen the picture from the last poster (below) on the official website – the black background kinda gives indication this drama will take us to a rollercoaster ride of fantasy, thriller, melodrama. But don’t worry, there’ll be a sprinkle of rom-com as well based on the first poster below

 photo KBS_Blood_Poster_bc1_zps2bffe19e.jpg

Romantic comedy ~ Ahn Jae Hyun & Ku Hye Sun’s couple poster showing their mischievous look. They drink red liquid (blood) from the drip. The hero is used to this liquid obviously, but it’s not the case for the heroine. Ku Hye Sun looks a bit nervous so she tightly holds his white coat. It’s her first taste of this red liquid.

 photo KBS_Blood_Poster_bc2_zpse88e2fed.jpg

Thriller ~ a contrast between white and red gives this poster of Ahn Jae Hyun & Ji Jin Hee a thrilling atmosphere. Their gazes are intense, their pupils are expressed in red giving a clue there’ll be a (bloody) conflict between these two men. Ahn Jae Hyun’s left eye and Ji Jin Hee’s right eye are different – perhaps because one of them is a vampire? The message written is “you and I, we can change the world”, Chief of TaeMin hospital Lee Jae Wook‘s message. But what’s his hidden agenda?

 photo KBS_Blood_Poster_bc3_zps710b1f34.jpg

Melo, Thriller, Fantasy ~ A poster of the main characters. In the middle is Park Ji Sang who got infected with a vampire virus showing his “two” sides. Doctor Park Ji Sang & “vampire” Park Ji Sang. On his left is doctor Yoo Ri Ta and on his right is doctor Lee Jae Wook, their eyes show the determination & ambition as they look straight ahead. On the other hand, doctor Park Ji Sang looks away.

Blood is a fantasy medical drama about terminally ill patients at the nation’s best hospital TaeMin hospital and the story about the vampire surgeon who’s struggling to honor & bring justice to these patients. It’ll premiere next Monday on KBS2 10PM.

credit: StarMT, StarDaily

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