Thrice the Married Woman Official Posters

Just few hours before this drama’s press conference, SBS released 3 official posters of the upcoming weekend drama Thrice the Married Woman (The Woman who Married Three Times). All 3 pictures have already been revealed as the background / header on the drama’s official website.


A silhouette sole cut of the bride – a symbolic representation of the main heroine of this drama who will work on her marriage, and from her life experience, she’ll know which man she’ll marry for the third time (for the last time).


The bride and her two grooms. The bride confidently is looking straight. The two men both hold the flower bouquet, as if they don’t want to let the bride go. Both of them are in deep thoughts, one is looking down, and the other man is on his knees.



Exciting two love triangles – two sisters, two very different love triangles.

cr: Nate

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