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Today is D-4 to the premiere of SBS newest weekend drama Thrice the Married Woman (The Woman who Married Three Times). SBS has revamped its official website with 2 new background pictures; and hmmm based on the “depressing” pictures below; maybe this drama will explore the turmoil and hardship of marriage?

I enjoy writer Kim Soo Hyun’s previous works (especially her “sharp” lines & quotes), so I’m very excited and highly anticipated another “marriage” theme drama after Goddess of Marriage. Hopefully the characters in this drama are strong-willed people who know what and for who they’re fighting for. No wishy-washy characters like the male leads in GoM.


The heroine of this drama Eun Soo (Lee Ji Ah) will divorce her first husband chaebol Jung Tae Won (Song Chang Eui) – because of his mother. Then she will marry chaebol Kim Joon Goo (Ha Suk Jin). I’m praying to KdramaGods that neither Jung Tae Won nor Joon Goo will mirror Kim Ji Hoon’s character (Tae Wook) in GoM. Tae Wook, a possessive husband who couldn’t protect his own wife in front of his family. Although he really loved her, but his indecisiveness  has caused their marriage to fall apart.

I still have no idea who’s this drama’s OTP though, will it be Lee Ji Ah and Song Chang Eui (Woon-Soo couple) or Lee Ji Ah and Ha Suk Jin (Goo-Soo couple)? Will the heroine re-marry her ex-husband or will she re-marry her chaebol second husband?


Beside the love triangle between Eun Soo, Tae Won and Joon Goo, I’m also looking forward to the second love triangle between Eun Soo’s older sister workaholic Hyun Soo (Uhm Ji Won), Park Joo Ha (Seo Yeong Hee) and veterinarian An Gwang Mo (Jo Han Sun).  Hyun Soo has one-side crush to Gwang Mo who is pushed by his parents to marry Park Joo Ha. Another complicated love triangle. But I believe eonni Hyun Soo will get her happy ending with Gwang Mo. =)


Thrice the Married Woman premieres this Saturday and the drama’s press conference will be held today.

Pic cr: SBS

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