The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 1 Brief Recap


Episode 1 Brief Recap

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Oh Ha Na (BGM: How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding): The 17 year old me pictured a 20 yo me. The 20 yo me pictured a 30 yo me. And now it’s been a while since I’ve hit 30. I keep looking back… at the 17 yo and 20 yo me and the reality sinks even more. The wrinkles I can see although I don’t want to see. 

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She’s frustrated getting reminded she’s getting older and about her single status almost all the time. After she woke up from another upsetting dream of a high school student called her an ahjumma, marketing team leader Oh Ha Na totally forget today is her special day as she rushes out to resolve home shopping show disaster because the actress they chose suddenly disappeared. She worked her hardest to launch this new shoe collection, even battling it out with the upper management for six months but the broadcasting station refuses to cooperate although she desperately begs because if she fails to launch it on time, she’ll get fired. So how will she sell those thousands new shoes? Special promotion! Hopefully there’ll be stores who can help them to sell these shoes.

Her junior reminds her about the special present under her desk, sent by her romantic boyfriend, Ho Jun. But instead of thanking him for the lovely birthday present, she calls her boyfriend asking a favor to sell those shoes. Shoes shoes shoes… she has nothing else on her mind right now except those shoes. Well, then she asks to meet up later this afternoon but he nervously can’t answer her simple question, excusing himself to hang up her call.

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Ha Na then checks her messages… She receives unique birthday video messages from her friends, two of them promoting their businesses, another one promises to protect her no matter what happens and her bff Choi Won who sincerely congratulates her 34th birthday cheering her up that for him she’s always be the 17yo Oh Ha Na.

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His message reminds her of their sweet 17yo memories when Choi Won was late and he had to buy her sandwiches. His endless talk about the story of male & female leads who landed in a deserted land full of beasts and cannibals. Oh Ha Na thought about Robinson Crusoe’s book but he fought back there’s no woman in that book. He thought about the possibility of plane crashes which gave him an idea to learn some basic survival skills in case they’re stranded in deserted island. Oh Ha Na suggested him to use his time to study & improve his grades instead of thinking about these kind of ideas.

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Later that day, they became representative of their class to what I assume would determine which class would do the cleaning today. Choi Won won the first game (rock, paper, scissor) then he suggested the second final game the leap horse game. A decision he regretted because the women weren’t taking it easy. Especially when their ace arrived. Of course they won! 🙂 Girls power!

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They really had fun times at school. It put a smile on Oh Ha Na’s face as the flashback fades and we return to present time. She’s touched with Choi Won’s simple birthday message but he keeps teasing her with his age attack advising that 34yo woman and man are different. How different? Well she has to experience it herself, naturally as her body may become weaker hence ginseng, vitamin c, and exercises are good for her. She proudly believes she’s fine although he keeps attacking her because she will marry the perfect man soon. But he’ll stay single as he has always been in the past 3 years. Anyway she finally gets to the point, the reason she called was to ask him buying eye cream from the duty free store for her. Then she expresses her sadness that her boyfriend only wrote a simple Happy birthday on the birthday card while she expected “I Love You” written on it. Is she being too sensitive? Or maybe their relationship has cooled off? He think of two scenarios: her boyfriend is ready to propose or he’s a player.

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At work he meets with newbie Lee So Eun [Maggie] (Cho Soo Hyun) who nervously looks at the other flight attendants preparing for the flight. She’s honored to be on the same team with senior flight attendant Choi Mi Hyang (Jin Kyung) whom she highly regarded as her teacher but unfortunately she hates to be called a teacher. The nervous newbie’s first day isn’t going too well, she can’t even do the evacuation procedure correctly and is almost got sexually harassed by a passenger (cameo by Tony Hong). Thankfully Choi Won helps her.

Oh Ha Na carries bags of shoes to the mall where her boyfriend works, thinking he already talked to the upper management as he promised. But he hasn’t done it, he’s busy buying new necklace. Mistakenly she thinks he’s going to propose to her so she puts on her make up & so happy when he calls wanting to meet up.

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But what happens next is beyond her wildest dream. He kneels down announcing he’s getting married… not to her… but another woman whom now 3 months pregnant with his baby.

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She quickly leaves but he begs her to curse him instead of giving this scary silent treatment so she walks back to step on his right and left shoes with her sharp heels. Then furiously asking who’s the other woman.

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She’s Yoon Min Ji, the future ace of the design team who developed a concept about twenties, the age bracket when women are most beautiful (according to her). As she is presenting her ordinary design shoes, her fiancee Ho Jun proudly supports her fresh unique design. But Oh Ha Na doesn’t like it because it’s too flashy for average women in their twenties, production cost for glitter shoes are too expensive and she simply doesn’t like it. She gives a sharp glare to her ex-boyfriend.

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Choi Won and his team finished their shift. When he asks Mi Hyang about the promised dinner, she has more important thing to do. Today is MBLAQ Mir’s birthday so noona has to go out. What about Choi Won? Lee So Eun who overheard their conversation, starts her first attempt to have dinner date by first thanking him for what he did earlier. But her effort proves fruitless because Choi Won receives a call from Oh Ha Na’s mother inviting him for dinner.

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As he walks to her house, he meets Oh Ha Na who’s drinking outside. She gets up then telling him a story they’ve been telling each other since they were young. They’re currently on the place on the way to Venice. With a sad puppy face, she continues… there’s worst turbulence after the plane was hit with a strong wind (they accidentally hug each other) before crashing & landed on a deserted island. They then live on that empty deserted island forever. 

Of course he remembers this story. But what happened with her? Did something happen with Ho Jun? Before answering his questions, she is blaming him for making smart & pretty Oh Ha Na meeting a jerk man and getting dumped by him.

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Flashback to almost 2 decades ago when Oh Ha Na’s bff Kang Na Young telling her it’s the worst keep secret that Choi Won likes her. She didn’t believe it, he only bought her sandwiches because he lost the bet. They were always together because they lived in the same neighborhood & went to the same school. And she didn’t like him. Na Young who liked Choi Won was pleased with her answer, asking Ha Na to help her to pass on a present to him. Which she did later that night. But Choi Won was dealing with his own feeling of confusion and he thought that present was from Ha Na. It was the day he told her the same story about plane to Venice which landed on a deserted island. But although only both of them survived & live in that island until they die, he would never love her. He couldn’t reply her question why he could never love her. So she screamed out as he cowardly escaped to his house that she would never love him either.

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That words she said becomes a curse. Why can’t he love her? She’s not asking him to love her, but it feels like something is wrong with her hence he can’t love her. Is it because she’s picky? It makes her feel unwanted.

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Ha Na’s brother Oh Dae Bok overheard their conversation and found out about Ho Jun’s wedding. He tells the family when Choi Won think there’s something wrong with her. Obviously they want to hear what really happened but after watching Ha Na walks like someone who lost her soul, they can’t ask anything to her.

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Ha Na is working her hardest trying to sell the shoes then waiting tirelessly outside Yeon Jung’s house for days, hoping she can meet her. But all her efforts were in vain.

Finally the big day comes. Ha Na can’t avoid to see her ex-boyfriend’s wedding invitation plastered on the wall while her work colleagues’ secretly private messaging each other discussing should they go to the wedding or not. Ha Na tells them to go, she’ll join them later. When she arrives, she is looking at the building in front of her contemplating whether she should attend the wedding or not. Thankfully Choi Won comes to her rescue. But she tells him to get lost. She’s playing hard to get, the type Choi Won likes as he pretends to be her boyfriend for a day.

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She clearly doesn’t want to meet her ex-boyfriend so she excuses herself to offer her congratulation to the bride first who’s shocked to see. The other work colleagues who were with her, left them alone, before one of them notifies a horrified groom who screams out in the bathroom with his father-in-law and Choi Won overheard his annoyance.

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While Ha Na tries to be calm when Min Ji apologizes for taking Ho Jun away from her. She honestly can’t congratulate them. Then she talks about the shoe presentation Min Ji did, giving her advice she couldn’t give that time. Because if she can go back to her twenties, she would choose a pair of sturdy practical reliable shoes which will withstand anything rather than fancy party shoes.

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Choi Won is agitated when Ho Jun lies to his FIL, saying that other woman was chasing him. He drags the broom before punching him in front of everyone and shocked Oh Ha Na. Ho Jun reverses the situation by blaming him for taking revenge as Ha Na’s boyfriend.

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Min Ji isn’t helping either, she also blames Ha Na who comes to her wedding not to congratulate them but to ruin it. When Ha Na politely apologizes, furious Choi Won screams out she shouldn’t apologize. He calms down when she asks him to be quiet but the damage has been done.

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He can’t even apologize to Ha Na who’s already too upset. Choi Won follows her, counts one… two… when she stops. Then as he counts three, he quickly dashes to stand behind Ha Na as she turns back to see if he’s there. He smiles as she turns to see him standing behind her, but she doesn’t want to see his smile. She expresses her frustration because he embarrassed her in front of a wedding party that she didn’t want to attend. In front of her work colleagues who were talking behind her back because she lost her guy to a younger woman. She never asked him to avenge for her. What did he do that? He confronts her that she should never cry in front of him because of that guy! She should never come to the wedding!

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Fine! She will never cry because of a man in front of him. She’ll never go to you again. Don’t worry about it, Choi Won. He challenges her to keep her words and act like a 34yo woman.

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Albeit upset, she thanks him for relieving her stress so she invites him to eat spicy chicken feet. Awww…

The spicy addict Oh Ha Na believe they must eat spicy food if they’re with someone they don’t want to talk too, because if that person can’t stand spicy food, they can’t talk like Choi Won. 😀

He then gives her a nice set of eye cream, hoping she’ll meet a good man soon. She’s touched with his warm wishes recalling the good beginning she had with Ho Jun. But it’s time for her to forget him. She makes a wish next time she’ll meet a really really good man. She won’t care about his appearance as long as he’s a nice man.

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She abruptly put her hand on his shoulder and their eyes meet. Dugeun dugeun… When asked what kind of woman he wants to meet, he sheepishly answers Suzy… or IU 😀 She wakes him up from his dream ^^

Then he proposes a bet… whoever marry before 35 will receive 500k money. But she challenges him for 5million won! He looks scared but no, he doesn’t have to. He’s popular (according to himself!).

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Flashback to their high school days where he was very popular, he even won popularity votes. But he wasn’t happy in winning the votes. He waited outside Ha Na’s house in the pouring rain to say that the days he love her, will never come!

First Impression

The Time We Were Not In Love is a brand new SBS weekender premiered last weekend. Adapted from Taiwanese drama In Time With You which I only managed to watch 6 episodes before I went on vacation this month, this drama is billed as a romantic comedy drama about two long-time bestfriends in their 30s who bet who’ll get married before they turn 35 without the woman realizing her bff is madly in love with her since they were young. On a quick glimpse, I noticed the male lead’s occupation is different. Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) is a senior flight attendant while Li Da Ren (Bolin Chen) works in the airport as a check-in & ticketing agent. While the female lead’s occupation is similar – Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin) and Oh Ha Na (Ha Ji Won) both works as a manager in the shoes company.

For viewers who haven’t watched the original version, the pilot episode introduces the main characters and the fun sweet times the OTP had when they were high school students. Solid episode although I wish they’ll tone down Oh Ha Na’s excessive aegyo. Sometimes when she’s with Choi Won, she acts like a 17yo Oh Ha Na trapped in a 34yo body. I like how comfortable she is with her bff but like Choi Won said, she needs to act her age if she wants to find a nice man as she wished for. Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook’s chemistry are sizzling hot, they’re on the way to be my fav OTP of the year.

Because I haven’t finished watching In Time With You, I don’t know if Li Da Ren became some sort of jerk to protect his bff. I was surprised to see Choi Won punched Ho Jun on his wedding day because I thought Li Da Ren is a sweet kind-hearted considerate man who would think of Cheng You Qing’s feeling before he acts. I thought where did considerate Choi Won go? But his explanation made sense. He taught Oh Ha Na to move on. Ho Jun was wrong for dating two women at the same time, leaving Ha Na heartbroken. And Ha Na should erase this guy from her mind forever because he doesn’t deserve her and stop whinging & crying about him because he doesn’t worth her precious time. Move on, Ha Na! Your soulmate is right in front of you. 😀

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