Top 5 Most Popular Middle-Aged Stars

These top 5 most popular middle-aged stars are all my favorite stars, so I’m happy for whoever topped this poll. They’re all in their 40s, but their charisma, acting and personality make them even more popular as they’re growing older and have their own family.

So who came first?

Actor Lee Bum Soo is crowned the best middle-aged star. 30% out of 3104 people voted him in the poll conducted by Showbiz Korea on their Facebook account. He has recently completed rom-com drama Prime Minister and I, had a fantastic chemistry with his co-star Yoona who’s 20 years younger than him and earned him more teenage fans in Korea & abroad. I have been really fond of his acting ever since I saw him in History of Salaryman and I’m currently watching Giant to catch up with one of his most acclaimed drama project.

Lee Byung Hun came in the second place with 19% of the votes. He’s perfect in all genres, be it action, comedy, melodrama, historical; his acting always left deep impression. He also has a strong presence both in Korea & abroad (Hollywood) and has strong fans power to bring people to watch him on the screen. He got married last year with actress Lee Min Jung.

The third place went to one of Korea’s most beloved star Jang Dong Gun who scored 14% votes. He debuted when he was 20 years old, and has been working in the entertainment business for 22 years now. People adore him for his gentle & kind image plus his chameleon acting.

Actor Ji Jin Hee received 10% of the votes. He’s currently acting in SBS Drama One Warm Word, a drama which drives me crazy ^-^ I first saw him in Dae Jang Geum, and fall in with with his charm.

Family man Lee Jong Hyuk came in the fifth place with 9% of the votes. He’s a great actor and has a great singing voice as well. I love his drama characters, but most of all, I fall in love with him because of Appa Eodiga. On this variety show, we could see that he’s such a great & witty dad to his two sons.

Showbiz Korea : TOP 5 Most Popular Middle-Aged Stars

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