The Time We Were Not In Love Casts Send Their Love

SBS released adorable certification shots of Oh Ha Na’s family sending their love & appreciation to the viewers who’re endlessly supporting this drama. 1+1 couple (Ha Ji Won & Lee Jin Wook) who hold the drama’s poster had very rough journey but in the end these two best friends are reborn as lovers.


Shin Jung Geun and Seo Joo Hee are as adorable as the characters they play. They show great examples to their two children Oh Ha Na & Oh Dae Bok about how a great marriage should be. A very supported parents who never want to see their children getting hurt but even when they hurt them, they would never hate them back. Amazing parents who provide plenty of laughter to the viewers.

Last but not least, Lee Joo Seung is also sending his cute love. His character Oh Dae Bok went from an unemployed guy who didn’t know his life direction to a mature man who works hard to make his woman proud of him. His love story is pure & sweet 🙂

The Time We Were Not In Love‘s final two episodes will be broadcast tonight & tomorrow. For all the casts, thank you for continuing to give your best despite messy behind the scenes stuffs. Hopefully viewers will enjoy the last two episodes and it’ll tie all loose ends nicely.

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